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Found 2 results

  1. I haven’t seen anyone do this before. So. Here’s how I fit all of my reloading gear into the guest room closet: I have been loading in the garage on a spacious workbench for ten years. I do a lot of welding and fab work so grinding dust and clutter and the humidity of a southern climate have always been concerns. I decided to move my 650 / bulletfeeder / all the upgrades setup into the house. I built a very solid but ultra light and compact frame from 1” square tubing and a leftover section of angle iron. Two solidly braced legs and two 3” screws lagging it into the wall studs. Ford blue engine paint matches the Dillon halfway decently (it’s a shade darker) and a red oak stairway plank from Home Depot got coated in polyurethane as the tabletop. My old bench was six legs made with 4x4 lumber and long drywall screws and is not nearly as solid as this. Nothing flinches if you hang off the handle anymore: the old bench had some flex I didn’t notice until now. Additionally I screwed a power strip to the wall next to the door that powers up my lighting and everything else with one flick. Added cheap compact shelving from HD that suited my space. Added wall storage for grip trainers and my USPSA belt rigs. A 24” LED light provides a shocking amount of light in such a small, reflective space. Table is 20” x 18” and the top is 36” from the floor. I’d prefer it to be 2” higher for my 6 foot tall height... but this gives me six inches between the top of the ceiling and the casefeeder. I leave it permanently full now: I can walk in and just resume pulling the handle at any time. I’m trying to load ~50 rounds a day, which is 3-5 minutes of work work with the bulletfeeder added... so I’m never in need of ammo before a match. Ford Blue engine paint from Autozone: Welded up and primed painted: Lagged into two wall studs: Table top installed, no organization on the shelves: Press freshly bolted down. Cords and unorganized mess: Cabled all the cords together neatly, starting to figure out where I want to store things: Finished. Aerosols and such on the door. Belts hung on the wall. A cleaner cardboard box to store tumbled brass on the floor, and the primer catcher kit bolted on to route spent primers into my trash bucket under the bench:
  2. I'm going to be purchasing a Dillon 550B. This will be my first reloading press. Instead of reinventing the wheel I figured I'd ask more experienced reloaders for advice on a reloading bench setup. I have enclosed photos of my 3 car garage, which holds 3 vehicles, so I can't take a bay. Currently I have my workbench in the space between the two car portion and the one car portion. Initially I was going to bolt the 550B to my workbench. Drawbacks to this is that everything will be visible when I have the garage doors up (often, as I live in the desert), dust/dirt from being in the garage, loss of workbench space and collateral damage to equipment while working on other projects. Along the wall is a row of storage shelves and a closet which is hiding rakes, shovels, brooms, etc now. I was thinking of building a small dedicated reloading bench in the closet and adding shelves to the back wall. The closet's interior dimensions are 36" wide, 24" deep and 93" high. Advantages: everything in one spot, can keep door closed/locked, don't have to put everything away between sessions, cleaner, more protected. Disadvantages: more cramped, although I can put the tumbler on the workbench when in use. Do you guys think a table 36" wide x 24" deep is doable? I'm right handed, should the press (when I get it) go in the middle or to one side? Any other thoughts at this point? Again, this is all new to me, so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for your help! Trvlngnrs
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