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Found 5 results

  1. I started this sport a little late in life at 49, and now 5 years into it, I can see why they set the age for senior at 55. I can definitely feel old age starting to creep up… Honestly, I always thought it would be great to make Master I but never really thought it would be possible. Last year I made production A class and spent a day and a half with Shannon Smith, and I think reaching Master just may be possible. Although, the recent updates to the classifier high hit factors really hurts… I know it’s generally not recommended, but I’ve started shooting classifiers a lot in practice. Since Master is my goal, it seems to make sense to use classifiers as a benchmark to test myself against and learn from. Not to mention I really stink at classifiers in general… My early live fire training was focused on a lot of field course work. This was really helpful with transitioning from running/moving to accurate shooting modes and seemed to make me fairly successful in matches overall, but I perform poorly in classifiers. Long story short… I need help. I’ve really put a lot of work into getting where I’m at today and improvements seem to be harder to come by. I’ve currently got several issues I’m dealing that I’ll detail in my next post. It really boils down to pride. B class was good, and I’m was super happy when I made A class, but “Master” really sound nice. Master.. master.. maaaasteerr Yea… You guys have been an extremely valuable resource over the years, and I know I’ll benefit greatly from your feedback. I know we all love talking about the sport we love, but detailed replies take a lot of time, so let me go ahead and say how much I appreciate all the help.
  2. I recently was invited to a USPSA shoot by a friend who wanted to start also. We both currently shoot competitively, but not through any of the sanctioned organizations. Almost everyone in our club is fairly new to the sport. Almost everyone has a Class of "U". My class is listed as G... I did poorly on my first shoot (17 out of 30) but last night i placed 5th overall, and had a successful shoot i was told by the RO at our club. I am confused on the class determinations as i am the only one in our group with a G.
  3. With PCC HHF on classifiers taken from open how will anyone make M or Gm? Wont they have to be adjusted down?
  4. Hi all, I recently commented in another thread about a classifier calculator I'm working on that's now online and usable (https://azshooters.org/). It works great, but I have a couple questions: 1) Does anyone know what the USPSA thinks of this sort of thing being available? Obviously they're unofficial and shouldn't be taken as gospel, but are they held in good standing or contempt by the USPSA organization? 2) What about publishing High-Hit-Factor data for the different classifiers/divisions. They're easy to calculate, but as far as I know neither the USPSA nor anyone else I've found has done so in a web app (though another thread had someone doing it by hand in a spreadsheet). I have derived all of these, but am hesitant to simply throw up a page that says "hey, here's all the 100% hit factors for all the classifiers simply because nobody else *has*. Are there any concerns about doing this? I imagine some folks would find it convenient for calculating things on their own (at the range with no internet and/or no smartphone). As far as my app goes, let me know what you all think and what sort of features you'd like to see in a tool like this. Cheers, Jake EDIT: For the record, all the data displayed by my app is publicly accessible already- nothing here would otherwise require a USPSA login to get, and I have no insider information... it just takes a lot of wandering around to put it all together.
  5. I recently was looking on USPSA and found a member has shot 26 classifiers on the same day. I thought there was a limit.
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