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Found 8 results

  1. I just got my replacement LabRadar after the first one arrived damaged, not from shipping but from lack of quality control at the factory. I've not had must time on it but first impressions is that it has a big learning curve. 'Read the manual' and watch videos before you try it out. This is not intuitive and it takes many rounds of trial and error to get it right. -I've found that a USB battery pack is sufficient to power it in case you don't have 2A batteries. -You need to have the gun barrel about 4 inches away from either side and it must be mid device, not higher than center or lower, almost exactly in the middle. -Adding new strings require you to turn off the device and back on. Not sure if this is by design or a defective unit. I've heard that they are coming out with firmware updates for connection to a mobile app. Does anyone have the inside track on whether it will have Bluetooth connectivity or USB. Release date? Is anyone using this for IDPA or USPSA matches? I'd like to hear more about how it compares to other Chronos.
  2. This program will run on Microsoft Office as a macro file. So you will need Office installed. The program imports the CSV file on your SD card and gives it the correct formatting. Then it will adjust the size and insert frames and color. There is also a option for fonts and adding Load data text. The program has also a auto update function for future releases. For downloads, go to: Download MagnetoSpeed Tools YouTube video: https://youtu.be/yIZn7-xzUiM
  3. Has anyone tried the new Caldwell Precision Chronograph G2 - and if so, what did you think of it?
  4. I'm wracked with indecision and am attempting to pawn it off on y'all. I have a CED Millenium chronograph. It's the first gen with the silver brain box. I have the carry case and infrared screens too. Last week, I think one or both of the sensors failed. When I plug in either sensor, the display shuts off. New sensors are available for $37 each, but I can't be positive this will fix the problem. For a little more money I could just buy a Pro Chrono. I'd like a Labradar, but it is cost prohibitive and I'm not interested in spending as much as I have in this unit, even though I've had it a while. It seems most on this forum favor the Pro Chrono and I'm leaning toward it, despite hating the fact I'm giving up the infrared capability. What say you?
  5. Charge weights are noted to the hundreths because I drop ten charges on the scale and take an average. Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.0 gr Solo1000 OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 968,946,948,971,944,961,948,967,992,945 Average = 959 fps PF = 124.6 ES = 48 fps SD = 15.68 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.23 gr Solo1000 OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 994,1004,1029,983,996,976,984,994,1013,1024 Average = 999.7 fps PF = 129.9 ES = 53 fps SD = 17.67 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 3.20 gr Clays OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 976,989,992,968,997,976,977,986,967,992 Average = 982 fps PF = 127.6 ES = 48 fps SD = 10.58 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 60 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 3.35 gr Clays OAL: 1.105" Primer: Federal 987,1012,985,998,993,996,984,962,995,996 Average = 990.8 fps PF = 128.8 ES = 28 fps SD = 12.92 (I tested 3.5gr clays in between the 3.2 and 3.35 charges, and it showed pressure signs on the primers that matched the sudden jump from 129PF to 135.5! I'd estimate that 3.35 - 3.40 would be the fastest I'd go with that powder under a 130gr lead or coated. Clays showed very little smoke under a moly-coated bullet, almost as clean as Solo and certainly less smoky than WST.) Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.10 gr WST OAL: 1.110" Primer: Winchester 1027,1033,1032,1053,1048,1020,1013,1063,1036,1041 Average = 1036.6 fps PF = 134.75 ES = 36 fps SD = 15.18 (Same load as above. Glock 34 factory barrel, back to back:) 1006,1014,1051,1043,977,1054,1054,1036,1034 Average = 1029.88 fps PF = 133.88 ES = 48 fps SD = 26.11 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 135 gr BBI Powder: 3.60 gr WST OAL: 1.130" Primer: Winchester 928,932,913,921,948,937,935,929,919,949 Average = 931.1 fps PF = 125.7 ES = 36 fps SD = 11.77 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 135 gr BBI Powder: 3.80 gr WST OAL: 1.130" Primer: Winchester 983,974,994,957,1000,993,998,989,966,988,975,976 Average = 982.75 fps PF = 132.67 ES = 26 fps SD = 13.33 I hope that helps a few of you. The 135gr BBI coated RN bullet and 3.8gr of WST is going to be my new match load, once I test it to see if it's accurate through my barrel, and my girl's stock M&P barrel. Now that Solo1000 is scarce and I don't want to burn through my stash of it without very good reason, I'm pretty happy with WST and plan to use it until my 8 pound jug is done. That said... stay tuned for a side-by-side comparison with Ramshot Competition. I have 8 pounds of that which arrived last night. My plan is to work a load up that shoots to the same power factor as the WST load, and compare them side by side for accuracy, felt recoil, and cleanliness (lack of smoke).
  6. I was wrapping up the 8th string (10 shots per) while doing some load testing and was just a bit too low : The good news was that it was pretty much centered horizontally. The bad news was that I hadn't recorded any of my results . FYI -- 9mm that destroyed the circuit board & the display.
  7. Just saw this and was wondering what the rest of you thought of the Caldwell Ballistic Chronograph. It seems to be a decent solution for getting chronograph data into your hands. Not sure how well the chrono works, but the idea of connecting it to your smartphone via the headphone jack appears to be a good idea.
  8. I have a Competition Electronics Pro Chrono. I've used it over the course of a year now and have noted (as expected) that on sunny days readings can be problimatic. Sometimes I get crazy high velocity readings that are obviously wrong or 'ERR'. This occurs mostly at lower sun angles rather than at high angles. Overall I've determined to not take my chrono to the range on a sunny day unless I plan to take readings from 12 noon to no later than 3pm. This is winter time gulf coast. Before 12 sun is a tad low yet. Overcast days all is peachy and wonderful. So I got to thinking, how bout faking 'overcast' with a light cotton white sheet? Just maybe drap it over the posts on the chrony, a bit of duct tape applied just so to hold things in place or something more exotic after initial testing....I might have to try a old grey tee-shirt instead, or maybe double up the fabric .. who knows. Anyone tried that and can chime in? I'd like to use my chrono and expect reliable repeatable results on sunny days before or after the above mentioned hours. Problem will become worse as the season changes toward summer.. insofar as time of day goes. In any event I plan to experiment soon. Will post a followup at some point. Edit, Some monkey mistakenly used coarse for course.
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