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Found 8 results

  1. I have been attempting to meter 3.3gn of Bullseye for 38spl. I have screwed the adjusting bolt all the way in and it still won't drop a charge smaller than 5.x to 6.x. I have the small powder bar assembly (20062) in place and it is supposed to throw from 3.0gn to 20 gn. The extra small is supposed to throw < than 3gn. As I said, I have run the adjusting bolt all the out and all the way in (threw numerous test drops) and it never gets near 3.x gn. The rod (9700), spring (144043) and the stripper wing nut (13799) assembly are all adjusted according to instructions as is the small powder bar assembly (20062) What's up?? (RL 550B) Thanks
  2. I've been thinking of using BE-86 instead of Bullseye and was wondering how much BE-86 fills the case at normal loadings - say, around 5.5 grains or so. I'd like a powder that fills about half the case but Bullseye, my normal powder, has so little volume that you could almost triple charge a case if you wanted.
  3. This is the data reduction so far. Data at 180gr bullets with long shot deserves repeating. Temp was about 50 degrees. Glock g35 40sw 5.85"LWD barrel freedom 40SW reman 180gr, 980 fps (14fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4.6gr longshot, 1.1" OAL, 805 fps (52 fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4gr longshot, 1.15" OAL, 1070 fps (22fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr long shot, 1.13-1.17 OAL, 802 fps (37 fps std Dev) 165gr fn-fml 4.5gr longshot, 1.05" OAL, 786 fps (54fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr BullsEye, 1.1" OAL, 1095 fps (34fps std dev) Glock 21SF 45ACP LWD 6.61" threaded barrel with Comp 185gr berry plated hollow back, 10gr power pistol, 1226 fps 230gr lead bullet, 8.5gr LongShot, 1.21" OAL, 1151fps
  4. I made it out to the range today and did some chronograph runs. For some reason the chronograph wasn't picking up every shot so I'll just post a summary. If anyone wants to see the specifics for any of the loads I'll gladly post it. All bullets were Blue Bullet 125g and all were loaded to 1.135 OAL. Accuracy test: They all hit the berm behind the chrono . I was just testing to see if they would make USPSA Production minor power factor. All rounds were shot using S&W M&P Pro 9mm with factory barrel. Red Dot (3.8g) Avg velocity: 1058 Std Dev: 8.2 Avg PF: 132 (I liked the feel of this load shooting a few rounds off hand after doing chronograph run) 800-X (4.5g) Avg velocity: 946 Std Dev: 25.2! Avg PF: 118 Not sure what was going on with this powder. Velocities ranged from 900 to 974. I guess my RCBS chargemaster did not dispense it very consistently. Bullseye (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1072 Std Dev: 11.8 Avg PF: 134 Titegroup (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1076 Std Dev: 18.2 Avg PF: 134
  5. So I have been itching to get into uspsa limited and am getting things in order for a new xdm 5.25 in 40. I am completely new to loading 40 but have lots of experience in loading 9mm and 45. Because of my previous loading experience I have piles of bullseye and tightgroup in my stockpile. I know these are not the best powders for 40 but do any other fellow xdm 40 owners have any loads or suggestions for me besides find some new powders. I plan to use bayou or and casting 180 grain projectiles on my square deal b.
  6. Hey everyone, I just thought I would post a couple of loads I made tonight and make sure you all think they will be safe/what I am going for before I go shoot them tomorrow. I am new to reloading (approx. 1 year) and this is my first real go at loading for .40 cal (or major for that matter). Gun is a stock Glock 35 (I am aware of potential leading issues, I plan on checking every 5-10 rounds for leading issues). All brass is mixed headstamp. All OAL's are 1.125. Load 1: 3.9 gr IMR Hi Skor 700X 180 gr Badman Hard Cast Flat point Federal Small pistol primer Load 2: 3.5 gr 700X 180gr Badman Flat point Fed SPP Load 3: 4.5 gr Bullseye 180 gr Badman Flat Point Fed SPP Load 4: 4.8 gr Bullseye 180 gr Badman Flat point Fed SPP Does anything seem glaringly wrong? I wouldn't be offended if there was, like I said I am very new to this. I don't really want to blow up my new gun either (or especially blow up my hand).... Thank you all for the help! ::Edited to finish, accidentally posted early.
  7. Hi All, I am Hank from the Southern California area. Got into competitive shooting in September of 2012 when I shot my first IDPA match. About 5,000 rounds into my shooting career, and will have a lot more to learn. Hope to share knowledge and information with you guys and to learn something from you guys. I will be posting videos of me shooting so you guys can critique and help me improve. And on the rare occasion I do something worth learning from...I hope it helps you in your shooting career.
  8. Hello, I am an IPSC shooter in Ontario, Canada. I shoot production using a Shadow. I just purchased a Dillon XL 650 and am starting to load 9mm. The used press came with Bullseye powder and winchester primers. I have looked in several loading manuals and the data for 124 fmj rn projectiles using Bullseye is varied. I have loaded approximately 400rds so far using 4.3g of Bullseye coal is 1.12. I fired 20rds out of a 92A1 and they functioned well. I don't own a chronograph. What do you suggest I do next? Play with powder weights vs accuracy? Buy a chronograph? Here is a picture of my setup.
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