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Found 5 results

  1. For a right handed shooter what is the advantages of a left sided charge, rear charge (ar style) or right sided charge receiver? I have heard a lot of the top RFRO shooters use the LHC. Thanks Majja
  2. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get feedback on a custom build order I am about to submit to JP Enterprises. I have weighed the cost vs. benefit of building my own rifle, and decided (for a number of reasons) that I want JP to build mine. Their designs, craftsmanship, etc all fall in line with exactly the rifle I am looking for, so I really won't need to change a thing when I finally get it. My Build: JP-15 Upper/Lower Platform, Matte Black Anodized in .223 Wylde -18" Supermatch, 1:8 twist, light contour, black Teflon finish -Standard JP TRE-2 Comp, blended, black -Handguard: JP MK III Signature Tube, 15.5" Extra Long -Low Profile JP Adjustable Gas, black -JP Thermal Dissipator, black -TI-7 Adjustable Stock -Low Mass JP Carrier, black -JP Silent Captured Spring, std. weight -Comp Trigger, JP 3-3.5 lb. -Magpul MIAD grip, black -US Flag Lasermark (yup, it's happening) -2 inch rail for front sight, 12:00 position I actually called JP with a rough idea of what I was trying to build, and they were super helpful in helping me put together a solid build. Unfortunately, their CMT hours are hard for me to reach during a normal workday, so I figured you all could help. I am debating the Mk 3 Rapid Config tube instead of the signature, but it is really hard to tell from the website photos how aggressive the knurling is? I know the Mk 2 and prior were smooth aluminum, but the new Rapids are definitely textured. Just wondering if anyone runs this tube and how rough it really is? The weight savings of 3 ounces is worth considering (and no backplates needed for rail attachments). Also, does anyone have an 18" light bbl JP with (relatively) similar arrangements? The JP rifle builder does not specify the total build weight, which seems strange, but I actually put together a spreadsheet and came up with about 7.8 lbs (Signature tube), or 7.6 lbs (Rapid tube). Anyways, I know that was probably a boring read, but I am super pumped about submitting this order and want it to be perfect! Regards, Al
  3. Hey everyone! First, let me say I wasn't sure exactly where the right place to put this topic is, so to the moderators if this is in the wrong section of the forum please move it wherever it should be. Now, the reason I'm posting this thread is to discuss an idea that I've had for a while now. For years I've loved the idea of a race gun - lightweight, fast, powerful, accurate. Tuned machines that combine form and function to produce masterpieces of engineering and art. In addition, for nearly as long I've had a passion for AR-type and similar platforms, but in particular I really honestly am enthralled with the relatively recent trend of manufacturers releasing pistol versions of their well-known rifles and carbines. I recently acquired a new Sig Sauer P516 AR pistol, chambered in 5.56 with 7.5" barrel, and it has quickly and without question established itself as my current favorite gun. The reason I'm explaining all of this is because I only recently had a laughably strange thought, that has snowballed into a serious curiosity... Would it be possible to build an Open division race gun out of a pistol-caliber carbine-based pistol? I have one specific in mind - The new Sig MPX-P, a new proprietary platform developed by Sig, modular in design and available in a pistol variant. Here are some of the most important specs of the platform, if you're interested in reading about it more thoroughly please head over to Sig's product page (I would post a link but can't yet); - Chambered in 9mm, .40S&W or .357SIG - 8 inch barrel - 10, 20, and 30 round mags available - Side-folding stock with AR buffer tube and pistol stabilizing brace is removable (and would be removed for my purposes) Now, a quick disclaimer before I get laughed off the forum - I'm not insane. I am in NO WAY expecting a giant six or seven pound rifle-pistol to be competitive with and stand a chance of beating a highly-tuned, featherweight 2011. If winning was my goal, I'd be thinking about an STI or similar, a traditional more compact handgun. All I want to accomplish with this build would be to simply have some fun, do something differently than everyone else, and end up with a unique, enjoyable oddball of a pistol for my collection. As for more specifically which competitions set of Open Division regulations I wanted to frame my build within, another long-time favorite came to mind - Action Pistol/The Bianchi Cup. Much to my delight, after reading through the official rulebook for AP, I found there are nearly no limitations set on Open Division pistols. In fact the gist of my understanding of regulations for AP Open is "If it's safe, and it shoots at least a 9mm or bigger, you're good to go.". Not only that but I've always loved the brute, raw functionality of the open division guns - with raw blocks of metal on either side of the barrel shroud as barricade wings, tubular red dots, compensators, grip tape plastered all over the gun. That's the style in which I would like to modify an MPX. So, with everything I've just said, I'd like to hear from the experienced AP Open division shooters about this idea. When commenting, PLEASE keep in mind that I am NOT thinking I can slap a red dot and a couple wings on the the rails of this massive "pistol" and have even the slimmest chance at beating a race gun that's been designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up, three times over, to win an Open Division title in AP. All I really need to know is if I've missed anything that would specifically bar the use of such a pistol-caliber carbine-pistol as the MPX-P? Everything I was able to get my hands on regarding the rules of the various divisions in AP/Bianchi would seem to imply that in the Open Division, truly anything that's safe is allowed to run. Is that a correct understanding? Lastly, before anyone says it, I know I'd have significant problems with finding a workable holster for the platform, just set aside that concern for now. Please post comments, thoughts, questions, etc. - Constructive criticism is always welcome, as long as it is constructive. Thank you all in advance!
  4. I searched and I'm sure the answer is spread around this website in a dozen threads, but is there one consolidated threat listing every competitive modification possible on a Glock 34 for USPSA Production? Is there an agreed upon Glock 34 Production "parts list" that is broken out for new shooters build out? I've been shooting USPSA for a year now and just made A Class, so I'm looking to improve my gun a bit. I don't expect a gun modification to push me to the next bracket, I just want to ensure that I am using the most competitive gear. Ideally, I'd like to take every advantage I can with a Glock 34 so I know that when I'm shooting, the only thing hold me back is ...my own shooting - and not the gun. So far, the only modifications I've made on my Glock 34 (gen 3) is new sights (black front and rear), and a home triggerjob (http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?p=1287081#post1287081). I'd like to use grip tape instead of stippling, but otherwise I am open to any Production legal suggestions.
  5. So, I have decided finally to build up the STI Single Stack frame that's been hiding in my safe for a number of years. It's going to be a basic build, in .40 S&W, blue, with which to compete and/or carry. So, I've accumulated a few parts in the recent past: slide stop, pins and springs and the like.but I'm ready to complete the project. I'm looking for best places pick up the rest of the parts, slide, barrel, trigger etc. Where would you go? Feel free to post links in your replies.
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