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Found 3 results

  1. I just got finished with a DIY holster modification, and I thought I'd share since I've lurked a long time and just now potentially have something useful to share. I've always wished I could have a dropped/offset Safariland ALS holster with a tek-lok. There are some aftermarket hangers out there, but they are a bit pricey. Today I noticed that I had a spare tek-lok and a Safariland mid ride UBL from an old duty holster. I also had a brand new Safariland 7TS "concealment" ALS holster (The one that comes with the paddle and the close in belt attachment) that my wife got me as a gift a while back. Seeing all three in the same space got my wheels to turning. Before I knew it, I had drilled holes and attached the tek-lok to the UBL. It worked like a champ, and gave lots of extra functionality to the holster. So, why bother with a mod like this? 1. The UBL is super strong but is meant for Police duty belts that are 2" to 2 1/2" wide. This mod allows you to use a 1.5" or 1.75" EDC belt. This also allows attaching the holster to a CR Speed type competition belt as well if retention is desired, which is becoming popular in 3-Gun. 2. I can now choose between clipping the holster on with the tek-lok only, or running the belt through both the UBL and the tek-lok for extra stability. The clip on function is nice at the range for switching out a concealment holster with this holster since I wear a belt with a cobra buckle. 3. For owners of the US Grunt Gear war belts, you could do this mod to attach a Safarland holster to that belt without using a G-Code molle adapter. I've never owned one of those buy I've eyeballed them longingly on their website before. I put the holster on in both configurations with my EDC cobra belt and I was extremely happy with how stable it was during the draw, even with just the tek-lok holding it on. With the new tek-lok's retention tab I don't see it coming off unexpectedly. This could also be done to the Safariland low ride UBL, and I really think it could be made to work on the high ride UBL since the tek-lok has a lot of holes to work with. Pics or it didn't happen: http://i.imgur.com/clm3t1vm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/skfnN1Am.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vBhCOlam.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Ys4nLKTm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DGLeclYm.jpg
  2. Hello, I've been searching for the past week for a good DOH holster in order to shoot production uspsa at my local club. The only company I can find that seems to make this is blade tech yet I cannot see where they make it specifically for the railed version of my gun (92a1). I've also read that ready tactical makes a good doh but I haven't read anywhere that they make one for my pistol. Can anyone please point me towards some literature concerning this or at least a doh holster that fits? PS: I'm well aware that there are better weapon choices for competition, I am shooting what I have until I can acquire a cz shadow target. Thanks
  3. I tried searching for existing threads on this matter, but I couldn't find an answer. So I use both the Blade-Tech velcro inner/outer belt with Tek-Lok magazine pouches and I really love the setup, but I'm having issues between the inner and outer belt where the magazine pouches meet. They entire left side of my outer belt is loose because the mag pouches take up a good amount of what used to be the velcro outer belt and now it just slides up and down when I go for reloads(extremely annoying). I understand most if not all people use adhesive velcro strips(?) to remedy the problem, but I wanted to know exactly what kind of adhesive velcro I should buy. I googled around and see a lot of different choices, but my main concern is a good adhesive that will last long(enough) and not peel after a few times of taking the belts on and off. Reviews after reviews for all the products I looked at seem to point at the adhesive not holding up to anything heavy duty even though the description of the adhesive is "industrial strength". Basically, I'm looking for first hand experiences of what worked for you and what didn't(brands or companies that worked). Is there another way to remedy this issue besides adhesive velcro? Thanks all!
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