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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone been able to get their 170 MBX mags to run reliably? Not having a open 170 mag kinda stinks. Heard of the "squeeze" but have not heard if this was a final resolution for a trust worthy big stick. Info appreciated.
  2. So I had a thought, that doesn't directly affect me but might help someone else. So we have all seen the 22 round Glock 40 caliber magazines. And from what I have read on here, people get 26 rounds of .40 cal in them with the Taylor Freelance Supercap mag extensions, which is more than the 24 that most people get with the TF +8 basepads. With those same basepads, people seem to be getting 28 rounds of 9mm. Now, the real question: I have seen people modify/tune/adjust other companies .40 caliber magazines to run 9mm reliably by bending in the feed lips in to the same spacing as 9mm. Could you do this with a .40 Glock magazine set up with a Supercap and a 9mm follower and feasibly get 30 rounds of 9mm in a 170mm magazine? Or am I talking crazy talk? I have heard mixed reviews of the SJC big sticks that are chop shop 33 rounders. This would be a way to get similar capacity for less money and potentially better reliability. If I am talking crazy talk feel free to tell me so. ::ETA:: If anyone has one of the 22 round .40 cal mags, have you (or can you now for the sake of argument) seen how many rounds of 9mm it will take? Even better would be if you have the Supercap!
  3. We have all heard the rumors, 31 rounds in a big stick. WTH. When I started reading a while back, 29 rounds of 9mm major was pushing it. Then it was "30 is doable if you are loading 38sc". Now I have read someones post, next to a gorgeous blaster, touting 31 rounds. WTH. I have a friend that believes 32 is possible, that one has yet to be seen by this guy, but I am willing to try. -why not. So today, I took 32 dummy 38sc rounds and loaded them into a brand new SV big stick, without a spring/follower in the mag, just to see how much room would be left for them. EEEERRRR-none. So i am 99.99% that 32 is a pipe dream without a gauge, CNC machine, and a magicians wand with fairy dust sprinkled on my thumbs. However, 31 left some wiggle room. Now I have to wonder, just what would be necessary to cram that last round in the mag. Now, I realize that this would be a spring waster, maybe a couple of uses before its off to spring steel heaven. But I would like to have a 31 round mag in my bag at the next level 2+ match. Yes, I understand that it may never make a difference. --So here is where I am at now: --STI tube (tuned) with Dawson base pad and grams spring (tuned) with follower and a spacer. 29 +1 9mm. Reliable With the same tube and base pad, 29+1 38sc. Reliable. --SVI tube (tuned) with grams spring (tuned) and follower, SVI base pad, 30+1 in both 9/38. Reliable Same tube and base pad, SVI spring and follower, 29+1 and 30+1 (dependent on the Follower used). Reliable I have tried a couple of spring and follower combos with little to no advancement. I would like to hear opinions on the Bolen and Taran lines of springs/followers/base pads for the STI/SVI tubes. My intention for this thread is to get an idea of what you are using, how you are tuning, and possibly stumble onto the answer that I am looking for. Hopefully there are others who will get something out of it also. -- List equipment used -- List capacity achieved, and if necessary, how to achieve it -- Tell us about reliability
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