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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I’m hoping someone can offer some help. I’ve been trying to develop a minor load for my G34 using VV N320. So far I’ve tried BBI 135s and 147s, and Xtreme 147 HPs. I’m using mixed brass and Winchester SPP. So far I have only been testing for accuracy, and haven’t chrono’d any of the loads. For some reason, I haven’t gotten very consistent results. The first time out at the range, I tested the Xtreme 147s and BBI 135s using N320. For the Xtremes, I also loaded one batch using CFE Pistol. I shot 5 shot groups, rested on a bag, at about 20 yards. I first shot a control group using factory new Freedom Munitions 147 gr RN. The group measured 2.23”. Here are the results for my reloads: Xtreme 147 HP, 3.4 gr N320, 1.135” - 2.39” group Xtreme 147 HP, 3.9 gr CFE, 1.135” - 2.46” group BBI 135, 3.6 gr N320, 1.130” - 1.79” group (the 5th shot wasn’t on the paper, so I think this was a fluke with the 4 shots being 1.79”) The next time out at the range I tested BBI 147s, using 3.4 gr N320, at OALs 1.120-1.160” at 0.010” increments. Same shooting setup, except this time I decided on 10 shot groups to hopefully get more conclusive results. The best group I managed was about 4” at 1.140” OAL, but the rest were in the 6-7” range. In addition to shooting groups I’ve shot all the loads for feel. I decided that I preferred the feel of the BBI 135s so I decided to focus on those. This time I loaded 10 rounds each at 3 different powder charges (3.5, 3.6, and 3.7 gr N320) and 6 OALs (1.110-1.160” in 0.010” increments). 3.5 gr - Best group was 2.14” at 1.160” OAL. Not bad at all! However, all other OALs were over 4” groups. 3.6 gr - All groups were 4” or more. 3.7 gr - All groups were 4” or more. At 1.110” OAL, the groups were horrible! Only 4 shots made it on the paper. I've shot good groups with the Xtremes, so I was starting to think my gun just didn’t like BBIs until today when I shot that one good group. I guess I could just switch over to the Xtreme 135s, but I’d like to get these BBIs to work. Maybe I can confirm the 3.5 gr at 1.160” makes PF, and just go with it?? However, I noticed another slight problem with this load. It will not pass the plunk test in my barrel. It takes slight pressure to chamber the last 0.020-0.030” and some force/wiggling to get it back out. OALs shorter than about 1.130” plunk just fine. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?? I tried attaching pictures of the groups but the "Insert image from URL" isn't working. Thanks!
  2. So after so many recommendations to try coated bullets I am thinking of trying .45 200 SWC. I will be shooting them through NY Ruger SR1911 and my Glock 41. So I am concerned about leading in the Glock? So I have it narrowed down to ACME, Blue and Blacks? So what is the most accurate and consistent? Right now I have the following powders: W231, Bullseye, Unique, power pistol.thank you
  3. So I ordered some black bullets international, 9mm 125gr and 40sw 180gr. I just got them a few days ago as I wanted to try the Hitek coated bullets. I know a lot of people here use jacketed bullets but would really like to get some input from you guys using lead and in general from everyone who buys bullets and expects them to weigh out correctly....heres the deal. I started weighing the 9mm which are supposed to be 125gr. They are weighing out to 121, 122, 123 and barely 124gr...I've got maybe a handful or less of actual 125gr. So I email them, and here is their response....."Different lots of lead have slight variations in density and create this issue. Our 125s have been running around 123.6 +/- 1.2 grains for normal lead bullet variation. This is typical of a lead bullet." I don't really care for the response because I started weighing the 40sw 180gr bullets and they are all weighing 180gr......so if their lead batches are different why do these 40sw weigh what they are supposed to? What do you guys think of that response? I've only been loading for about 18months and only loading lead for the past 6 months with the same 9mm lead bullets from Rocky Mountain Reloading....their bullets did all mostly weight 125gr. ​I completely understand the deal with different lead batches and their contents and how they might weigh differently, but why would you advertise and sell a bullet that is supposed to be 125gr and have them actually weigh less. I mean are other companies that are selling lead bullets doing the same thing? Shouldn't the company making lead bullets figure out how to make their batches consistent weight? As I said I've only been loading lead for the past six months and that was with the 3k of 125gr I bought from Rocky Mountain Reloading. I ran out which is why I bought some BBI bullets to try out as I wanted less smoke and they had an excellent price. But I was looking at a handful of different lead vendors and settled on Black Bullets International because of their price and the fact that shipping was included compared to Bayou who charges more for shipping. So i guess what I'm asking is if I order from a place like Bayou or some other place making lead bullets am I going to get the same BS that I am currently experiencing from BBI? I want my bullets to be a solid consistent weight, so my loads will shoot the same. If I load 1 or 2 grs less with powder that completely changes the way my ammo shoots/feels, wouldn't the same thing happen with bullets that don't weigh what they're supposed to? Black Bullets International said "I" could ship back the bullets if I wasn't happy with the fact that they are not weighing 125gr....Really disappointed in this company right now. I was excited to try the coated bullets at the great price, but this is putting a bad taste in my mouth with BBI
  4. My go to load for 9mm has been 147gr BBI with VV N320, and in my opinion it has been an excellent combination. This weekend I shot some of these 9mm loads and noticed alot of smoke, sometimes completely obscuring my view of the target. I wasn't the only one who noticed, a couple of other shooters asked what powder I was using. They were shocked to here it was N320. My typical reloading schedule goes like this: I normally shoot 3-6k rounds per year depending on my work and family schedule. My normal reloading schedule usually consists of loading 3-5k of one load, to stock up, then switch the reloader over. For instance, I loaded ~6k rounds of this 147 BBI (moly) with 3.2gr of N320 back in 2013, then I switched over to 45 acp. I only loaded and shot mostly 45acp in 2014, I would dip into the 9mm stash as needed for different matches. So currently, I am finishing loading up ~3-4k of 45acp next month and will be switching the loader back over to 9mm for the 2015 year, which I have a stock of ~3k BBI (HiTek) & ~3k SNS (HiTek) to get loaded. So, to get to the point. I have been slowly working through my 2013 stash of 9mm and I am down to under 1000 rounds. Do you think the age of the reload is causing the smoking? I don't ever remember having any smoking issues with this load over the past couple of years. Is my schedule of reloading potentially causing this issue? Should I quit loading in bulk?
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