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Found 19 results

  1. *Found a formula error and fixed Reloading Cost-2020.xlsxSo, I first made this spreadsheet back in the mid 2000's when I started reloading. I've been on a layover for the past 4 days so I decided to update it and see what's changed in the decade and half plus since I first made it. I updated it a little when the great ammo/reloading supply shortage of the mid 2000's hit, but haven't touched it since. I figured I might as well share it with others as well. I've seen several threads along the lines of "Is reloading worth it", "what's reloading cost", etc, etc over the ye
  2. I had a request for a single caliber version so here it is. You can just swap out the number in the 1 remaining field for whatever you want to find cost to reloading that single caliber. FYI, it was easy to edit the original, just delated all the fields for calibers I didn't want, and the only formula I had to fix was the Avg cost per round at the bottom. I went to just add this to the original post, but there didn't seem to be a way to edit the post any longer. Can you only edit a post for a defined period of time? ReloadingCost - Single Calber-
  3. No, I do not yet reload - research has pointed my to Redding as where I want to start but that's a 2019 goal. Secondly, the practice I am referencing is me working to gain basic personal skills with a HK P30 9mm; I've like to explore the competition beginers route one day, but not today. So that said, I've used mainly AE 124, with a bit of 124 Precision Delta at times - sorta local and the owner is a great Landcruiser guy. I'm interested in trying some ASYM 147 remanf and Wilson Combat 135 remanf - any user feedback on these? Very pleased to find this site. It's been a great in
  4. I have an AR-15 running the following setup: 12.5" Midlength gas Triarc TRACK barrel Silencerco Omega (dedicated suppressed) RCA low mass BCG SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block A5 buffer tube A5 buffer (reduced weight using KAK aluminum weights) Tubbs flatwire spring Function is consistent and 100% reliable with any one single type of ammunition, BUT I am having issues with ammo sensitivity when changing from different loads. In previous builds using similar components (but 16" mid and non-suppressed) I have had a wide band of reliabil
  5. Hey guys I’m new and I don’t reload pistols yet, anyways I was wondering where do y’all get ammo from? I’ve seen bite the bullet, Ventura, and freedom munitions but I was wondering what y’all guys prefer. MB
  6. I'm trying to find reloaded ammo for sale in .40. I'm looking for something that is tuned down to meed the requirements of powerfactor for that load. I would reload but due to the lack of time and knowledge of how to reload are the things that are holding me back. Does anyone know of any place to buy?
  7. Hey guys, I just built a new 3 gun rifle and have been testing different factory ammo to see what my barrel likes. Honestly, I've tried looking to see what my JP 18in 1/8 twist barrel likes and came up short. Compared to my armalite 3 gun which loved the 69gr hpbt from freedom (easily sub moa @ 100yards) this JP barrel doesn't group as tight with that load. I just wanted to see what everyone else with this barrel had luck with. I tested some ammo this past weekend at 50 yards since the 100 yard lanes were packed with the following ammo: 69gr HPBT from freedom (~.75 inch group), AE 55gr 223 b
  8. I am looking into purchasing the Seekins SP10 308 18" rifle for competition use. Looking to use it just a few times a year. Shot range will be from bay type shooting out to 800 yards. I currently reload all my own ammunition for other calibers but not set up for the 308 yet. I am looking to purchase about a 1000 rounds for break in, practice and competition. I do not know the twist rate of the match grade barrel at this time as they don't advertise it. So i need a few things from this group before I pick it up. 1. Ammo recommendations for brand and bullet weight for general accuracy, econ
  9. I started breaking in my new CK Arms Hardcore .40 S&W, using a variety of commercial ammo. I thought the reliability I observed with the ammunition might be useful to others, so I'm sharing these data below. One box per manufacturer was sampled. Interestingly, where FTFs were observed, the first instance experienced within the first three rounds fired from that box. From each box, I sampled the ammo OAL, expecting the longest to feed most reliably. The results didn't support that assumption. I sampled six rounds from each box of 50. MBX 140MM magazines were used.
  10. How long can your ammo be in a stock 2?
  11. I understand this topic has been brought up before but ive already eliminated most of the comments people have suggested, Loading 147 gr polymer heads with N320 3.3 gr which used to work flawlessly in an M&P Pro. I now am getting about 1/5 rounds tumbling in the Shadow 2. Crimp is not removing any polymer off the heads. Tried reducing the powder. can anyone help me with this as i am stuck. Note: i would like to stick to 147 gr heads
  12. First, thanks for all the great posts, this forum was one of the best sources of info that pointed me in the right direction - I have been shooting a 9mm XMD 5.25 since the fall and am really happy with it. Of course this means more shooting, a range membership and finding the money for all that ammo :-) I had an issue with Freedom Munitions taking a very long time to ship 'in stock' ammo and was hoping they would be a good source for what looks like quality, reloaded ammo. It is hard for me to go back to what was pretty bad customer service Any other suggestions for a source of inexpensive,
  13. Looking for recipes. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Somebody said that it can be used for loading pistol ammo. Just trying to use what I have. Have different grains of bullets. Anything would help.
  14. Looking for minor load. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Now just trying to make use of it.
  15. I am a long time fan of the 1911. I make custom holsters, gun belts and do custom work. Currently working on a new Citadel CS45 and will need some help. Thank you Triggersmith
  16. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/2900125383/winchester-win3gun-target-ammunition-12-gauge-2-3-4-1-oz-7-1-2-shot I couldn't tell by digging around. It doesn't appear particularly suited to the matches I've been -- 1-1/8 oz helps drop plates from longer distances, and it doesn't have to be going particularly fast. Did they just shove something in the wad and slap a SKU on it, or is there some analysis I'm missing? The slugs and handgun ammo at least seem to have some bells and whistles, but why should anyone buy this instead of the bulk pack du jour? I figured I'd at least give it a fair read
  17. I am new to 3 gun and am looking for advice on shotgun ammunition. I have an SLP MK1 12 gauge. Any good brands, bad brands, shot size, anything that you have found will be helpful.
  18. I have a friend that has a 1948 Winchester Model 94. The caliber is 32 SW. Here's the question. With my early 1900's Colt 38 auto, I have to be very careful to not use modern (plus or super) ammo. The gun can't take the pressures. With this gun, are there ammo issues he needs to watch? Thanks
  19. Hey guys! New to forum. Wondering what ammo you guys like for .308 at 3 gun matches. (Heavy Optics) Not asking for BEST as we would get comments about situations and which one my gun likes best. But I need a starting point to figure out which one my gun DOES like best. 155gr? 168gr? 178gr? Hornady? Sierra? Nosler? Which and Why? Oh, not sure if it helps, but it's a 20 inch stainless barrel, (Heavy) 1:10 twist. Thanks for the advice in advance!
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