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Found 8 results

  1. After shooting 500 rounds trough my brand new Trojan 9mm tonight was training time. I never hit all A's at 25 meters speed shooting (1 shot, 2 seconds) but now I did... unbelievable what a gun. Gun had Dawson tool less guide rod, mag release, Xtreme kit (hammer, sear, disco), G10 grips, Dawson magwell and some polishing. Best trigger ever. I am in love. Going to shoot Classic IPSC with it here in the Netherlands, Regards, Henk
  2. I have my third USPSA competition coming up in a few weeks and would like some specific advice how I can improve my scores. Here are links to my scores from my last match. Name is David Crosley ii and I shoot Production Minor with a Glock 19 g4. Main page for Nov. Match score https://practiscore.com/results.php?uuid=8991ACBB-2118-4DB4-A3A4-EFCF030739D5 Overall score in Production I placed 19th out of 25 :/ Overall combined I placed 57th out of 80 Combined Class leader score was 7th out of 23 (U class) To make it easier to find me on the individual stage scores I've listed my placement below. Production score: Combined score: Stage 1- 17th/35 55th/80 Stage 2- 17th/35 52nd/80 Stage 3- 17th/35 52nd/80 Stage 4- 15th/35 50th/80 Stage 5- 21st/35 66th/80 Stage 6- 19th/35 61st/80 I still don't fully understand the scoring system and am just trying to find out what I should try to improve on. Speed? Accuracy? Both? Any feedback from you experienced shooters would be highly appreciated.
  3. I use to use a 180 gr jacketed truncated cone in 40 caliber. When I switched to a 180 gr jacketed hollow points the accuracy improved. Both bullets were the same brand Zero's. So now I was thinking of doing the same with 45 acp loads only in 230 gr. Anybody have any oponions on this does the accuracy improve when you use a hollow point.
  4. Just curious what people consider acceptable accuracy from handgun reloads (group size and distance) for USPSA, multigun, and IDPA type matches? Do you try and ring everything you can get out of a load or do you call it good enough at a certain point? I am just starting to reload for use in competition and am trying to maximize my time. Thanks.
  5. I have a ProChrono Digital chronograph. Like everyone, I'm trying to get the most accurate bullet velocity measurement of my hand loaded ammunition. I shoot in USPSA's Production division. Is the distance from the end of the gun barrel to the chronograph critical? It seems like lots of people walk up to a Chrono and estimate that they are 10 feet from the unit and start shooting (controlled shooting under an RO of course). Does it make any difference between shooting at 8, 10 or 12 feet from the chrono? Is it worthwhile to measure 10 feet with a tape measure? Does the path of the bullet through the chronograph make a difference? I usually shoot towards the top of the two arches on a ProChrono Digital. I do that to avoid hitting the chrono, but recently got to thinking that shooting high might be affecting the accuracy of the chrono. Is it more accurate to shoot right down the center of the chrono's tunnel?
  6. So, for those of you that shoot 3-Gun matches with shots out to 300-400 yards , how accurate are your rifles/loads or what would you consider acceptable accuracy? 0.5MOA, 1 MOA, 2 MOA, 3+
  7. In the owners manual for the above bolt rifle FNH states the trigger can be adjusted. But they give no instructions about it or even how to remove the barreled action for cleaning. FNH USA states the trigger can be adjusted from 3 to 5 lbs and is factory set at 3.5 lbs. Mine is at 4.7 lbs. and groups are at 2 to 3 inches at 100 yards. I have only 75 rounds through the rifle so will not go into accuracy except to say I wish I had bought a Ruger as my friends's shot minute of angle right out of the box. The rifle is a duplicate of the Winchester Model 70. I used Winchester's manual from the Winchester site. Browning, Winchester and FNH USA are basically the same company. Phones for all are answered in Arnold, Missouri. The trigger adjustment screws for the FNH are covered with some kind of plastic glue. It is a hard plastic like substance. It did not pry off easily so I left it alone. Do I have a used rifle? I called both FNH USA and Winchester and they are off for Good Friday. Does anyone own this rifle and have you adjusted the trigger? Have you seen this "glue" on your rifle? Any info would be appreciated, Except for the accuracy and the trigger I like the rifle. Is that an oxcymoron? Like saying, except for the taste I like dirt.
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