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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, it has been fairly dead in here for a while so lets get this going. I'd like to hear from match directors, but anyone's opinion is more than welcome!! Why does a D.Q. cause all of your match results to be "erased"? Why doesn't one get credit for the stages completed up to the point they D.Q.? Yes I know that they have done something deemed "unsafe", and need to stop shooting for the day to ponder on what they did, but they had been deemed to be safe on all stages leading up to the D.Q. Why don't they get the credit for the stages completed safely and successfully? There are all sorts of ways people D.Q.. Break the 180, fire a shot while reloading, launch one out of the berm, drop a loaded gun, drop an unloaded gun in some cases, un-bag in an inappropriate area....etc. BUT there are plenty of other ways which aren't really too much of the shooters fault. Being tripped by uneven fault lines, being tripped by a rope fault line, being tripped by a big rock in the middle of a stage that the staff knew was a trip hazard and even painted the rock orange and ending up breaking the 180 or dropping a gun, holster being ripped off belt by a piece of loose trim on a prop car, pistol pulled out of holster by a parachute harness, rifle sling getting caught on a jagged wall prop, dump barrel falls over dropping shotgun onto ground, stairway breaks causing a fall and 180 violation......and I could go on after these many years, but I think you get the idea. Many of these D.Q.s are really the result of bad stage design, bad prop maintenance, but it does result in all the shooters scores to be erased from the results. WHY?? In many forms of racing, you get the credit for the amount you complete. There have been several F1 races over the years that 3rd place was decided by the number of laps completed....and yet that car never went the entire 500 miles, due to the field being eliminated by crashes, debris on the track etc. In NASCAR, on a race where a 20 car pile up happens, they still figure out the points awarded all the way down to last place, even though at least 20 of the field didn't complete the race. Why don't we get the same credit applied? I can see the results now with the shooters name on all stages safely completed, a D.Q. on the stage not completed "safely" and then a D.N.F on the stages not completed due to the D.Q. Thoughts???
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