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Found 4 results

  1. My wife posed the question "is this all there is to life" after she got home from work. Is work,eat, hobbies, love, and sleep... Life ? Can I help her find a better balance, or show her that none of it matters. Would she be happy lying on a beach, or would she ask me yet again "is this all there is to life". Brian Enos asked "what is the most important thing" on another topic. It may be the same question ,or at least what is important. Would selling everything, and traveling the world make her happy...can I give her happiness? Should you be content with what you have? If I'm content can I want more ? Don't feel you have to stay on topic... I'm not even sure what the topic really is! Is this all there is to life ?
  2. Just a page I thought worth reading. Sorry for any mistakes I was to lazy to go to my computer and spent more energy typing it on my iPad. The Great Learning In all things, uncertainty exist becuse of not knowing. Things stick in your mind becuse of being in doubt. When the principle is clarified , nothing sticks in your mind . This is called consummating knowledge and perfecting things. Since there is no longer anything sticking in your mind all your tasks become easy to do. For this reason ,the practice of all the arts is for the purpouse of clearing away what is on your mind. In the beginning, you do not know anything ,so paradoxically you do not have any questions on your mind. Then when you get into studies ,ther is something in your mood. And you are obstructed by that. This makes everything dificult to do. When what you have studied leaves your mind entirely , and practice also disappears ,then ,when your preform whatever art you are engaged in ,you accomplish the techniques easily without being inhibited by concern over what you have learned and yet without deviating from what you have learned. This is spontaneously conforming to learning without being consciously aware of doing so. The science of the art of war can be understood through this. To learn all the sword strokes ,the physical postures ,and the focus of the eyes ,to thoroughly learn all there is to learn and practice it ,is the spirit of consummating knowledge. Then,when you have succeeded in learning ,when everything you have learned disappears from your conscious mind and you become innocent,this is the spirit of perfecting things. When you have built up achievement in cultivation of learning and practice ,even as your hands ,feet and body act ,this does not hang on your mind. You are detached from learning yet do not deviate from your from your learning. Whatever you do ,your action is free. At this time, you do not even know where your own mind is; neither the celestial devil nor outsiders can spy into your heart . The learning is for the purpouse of reaching this state. Once you have learned this successfully , learning disappears. This is the ultimate sense and the progressive transcendentalism of all the Zen arts. Forgetting learning ,relinquish mind, harmonizing without any self -conscious knowledge thereof, is the ultimate consummation of the Way. This stage is a matter of entering from learning into no learning. The Book of Family Traditions On the Art of War , Yagyu Munenori
  3. caspian38

    The Book

    One book... One quote. What book changed your way of thinking! If you where trapped on a ..... Which book would you take if you had only one choice. ( no porn or survival books ) What should the rest of us read that we might have missed! Here is the catch, you get one pick and a reasonably (small) quote. The idea is to share what book the rest of us need to read, but not make it overwhelming down the road. Starting with the title might help. If it's hard to find ,and you know where to find it ,point us in the direction. This is not about quantity it's about quality!
  4. camocarmen

    Zen: the Test

    Helped set-up a major match last month. When I asked the "chief" what he wanted me to do, he said, "Well, that bay needs to be raked." It was a good upper body work-out and gosh did I have a lot of solitary mediation time. What I learned: When you volunteer and are tasked with something that is not easy, feel honored that your positive, can-do attitude is recognized
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