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Found 3 results

  1. I'm starting to put my gun together for the next season, and I want to shoot in carry optics. I have a glock 34, and before I take a dremel to it I'd like to know if an accelerator / *thumb rest [generic]* cut is legal for carry optics. The rules are kind of vague. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe they mean that anything goes for stippling anywhere on the gun. Can someone please clarify before I have an illegal CO frame on my hands? Thanks
  2. OK, In the last few weeks I have had a lot of shooters ask me about shooting a long gun from the anywhere other then the shoulder was DQ'able? So I started looking, what I have found is that in 3GN rules it is a DQ per rule - 2 2. .8 8 Discharging or “Burning” the last round(s) to empty the chamber, unload a firearm or to load a different projectile is admissible, but it must be pointed and done so at a legal target or in a safe direction. Long guns must be fired from the shoulder while “burning” a round if done in a direction other than a legal target for intended firearm being handled. Competitors’ failing to keep long guns shouldered while “burning” any round(s) in a direction other than a legal target is considered a Negligent Discharge and will result in a match DQ. (Rule 2.2.3, 2.2.6 And while it says "Long guns must be fired from the shoulder while "BURNING" a round..." it never says anywhere else that during the COF you must have a long gun shouldered to shoot in the rules? But in USPSA/IPSC it is not, and there are no specific rules on this subject, so as long as you don't toss one over the berm shooting like Jesse the Body Venture with your PCC 9mm at the local USPSA match no harm no DQ. So the question I have is this, Should we have statement in the Rules (all thee sports) about this, should we make all long gun shots be from the shoulder? And I admit I was under the impression that it was a DQ today in all three sports for any shot fired from a long gun not shouldered, I appear to be wrong on this. I have checked with DNROI and IPSC Long Gun Rules head, and they have confirmed in these two rule sets it is not a DQ to fire from the "Hip" or not shouldered. With PCC becoming a thing in USPSA I am thinking maybe we should have this be a rule.
  3. What's the next step in dealing with the habitual non-resetter? We seem to have exhausted the polite route of asking them to get up and tape/reset steel. Does anyone have any luck in changing the habits of the worst squad members? Can you impose a procedural under 10.1.1 if it is written in the stage briefing? 10.1.1 Procedural penalties are imposed when a competitor fails to comply with procedures specified in a written stage briefing. The Range Officer imposing the procedural penalties must clearly record the number of penalties, and the reason why they were imposed,on the competitor’s score sheet.
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