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Found 3 results

  1. I bought a 327 TRR8 about 6 weeks ago and have noticed that (for me) it doesn't have enough weight out front for smooth swings and good follow through. I called Smith and Wesson today to see if I could buy: 1. a 6" barrel and shroud. Not available. 2. a stainless steel shroud (what JM says he uses for better follow through.) Not available. 3. a 327R8 steel shroud. No can do. Says it won't fit. I was told that S&W doesn't put the shroud on the Thunder Ranch model.(TRR8) Done out of house? Also that S&W will not change an SKU. Then the guy told me that Brownells and Midway carry the shrouds and I shrouds go there to buy one... I thought it sounded like bull, but, I checked. Nothing doing. He also said the gun doesn't need to go back to Smith for fitting, but any S&W certified armorer could do it. Have things changed that much? I wonder? Has anybody heard of a vendor selling that kind of factory stuff? I am very suspicious. I think he didn't feel like talking and wanted me off the phone. Great customer service...
  2. Hello Everyone, I just got done doing a informal Non-Scientific experiment to see what would get me the best results using the Stainless Steel Pin Method of cleaning Brass and Walnut/Corncob. I used Range brass , mostly 9mm fir my test. And I did not I first started with Corn Cob and Walnut combinations using Nufinish and all the other similar products out there. I was able to get to a 80 Percent of a new finish using 50/50 split of Walnut and Corncob Nu-Finish car wax for 2 Hours. The insides where not real Clean. But that does not mater to me very much. Next I tried my new Frankford Arsenal wet Tumbler with10lbs of Pins and 8 Lbs of brass. Using Dawn and Lemonshine and let it go for 1.5 hours. That came out at about 90 percent clean. Then for my last comparison I used the Cleaning solution that came with the Tumbler for 1.5 hours.. WOW>>>>> That came out like new at 100 percent. So I tried it again using that solution on some really bad brass that was 45cal. Again I compared it to some brand new Starline Brass. This is what I'm going with. So I know that other people will other results and this is not the "do all" for everyone but it works well for me. If you want super Clean/Shiny Brass the Wet/Stainless Steel Pin method is most probably your best bet. But just my opinion of course. Jan
  3. Hello all, I'm in the development stages of setting up a humongous brass tumbler A LA 4 CuFt Kobalt concrete mixer from Lowes. I ran my first batch tonight, approx 6000 9mm cases. Clean as a whistle in just two hours with 30lbs of SSM, 2TBSP dish soap and 3 gallons of water. I ran into two problems with the overall process I would consider 'Major'. First: Media separation. It needs to be done underwater in order to remove the media from the brass. I found that a simple 32oz cup to scoop the brass into the media separator took forever, especially once 75% of the brass was out of the mixer and into the containment device leaving mostly media to contend with while trying to find the remainder of the brass. Possible solution: I guarantee I'll need a humongous funnel and possibly a test sieve. Empty mixer into sieve, strain media and repeat using clean water in the mixer. Second: Drying. I currently have the brass sitting on a towel on the vasement floor with a heat buster fan circulating lots more air than necessary, along with a dehumidifier to keep the humidity level @ 40%. Possible solution: self-stacking wire totes or oven racks placed directly in front of a large fan or in the oven. I am afraid I just embarked on a 'learning experience', but If I can figure out how to make at least one of the two steps above work reasonably well I will be able to do an entire years worth of brass cleaning in mere hours with extremely consistent results. What say you, volume shooters? Steve
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