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Found 29 results

  1. I bought a SP-01 Tactical for USPSA and would like to change out the stock sights. I've been using TruGlo Fiber Optic sights on my Glock and like that set-up but they don't make them for CZ's. Also not sure if I will like the blacked out comp rear. Does anyone offer Fiber Optic front and rears that will fit my gun? Thanks in advance, Bruce
  2. Hey guys! I just wanted to get your opinion on this new Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Compact Red Sight 2 I found on Bereli. Its on sale for 149.99 and figured I couldn't pass it up. But I'm not so sure about it and would love a second (and third and forth...) opinion. Is it worth it? is it a good price? Good quality? Are there better options out there? Please let me know. Thanks in advance SigSauerRedDot.webp
  3. Andy9

    P09 22 Kadet kit sights

    Hi, I recently got a P09 and a Kadet kit for my son so he can shoot with me at IDPA and USPSA events. So far, Great!! But i want to get a fiber optic and not sure what is compatible as the rear sight looks to have a slightly different cut on the slide. It sits further forward and want to make sure that if i swap out the front, that it will match the rear. Any suggestions on where to look.
  4. Folks: I am going to change the rear sight on my 2011. I need to know if you drive it out left to right or right to left when looking at it from the hammer. Thanks much, Machine
  5. So, the day before a two-match weekend, I decided to fiddle with the rear sight on my S2. I noticed that the blade was not centered on the dovetail and figured it had moved at some point between my last range session and when I noticed it. So, I bust out the mic and the MGW sight pusher and get to centering. Saturday, match 1. Missing lots of A zones and grabbing up some hardcover and NS all to the 9 o'clock. Go home wondering what the heck I was doing - I shadow of doubt has infiltrated my mind. When I miss, it is normally 6 o'clock; any other direction 9/3 is only when I swing through targets. Well, Sunday, match 2, rolls on up. Same thing! Bookout Boogie is the classifier and I am taking what I feel are very controlled shots and boy let me tell you, I earned lots of hardcover Ms that stage. Last two stages I just stop caring about what I am or am not doing and run the gun and do decently well - they were hoser stages so didn't matter much. The doubt in my mind had been really putting the brakes on everything up to that point. HIt the range late Sunday afternoon and shoot some sandbag rested groups and sure enough, 9 o'clock is still happening. Make an adjustment with the MGW and all is right with the world again. Shoot some standing 25 yard bulls and tear up the ten ring. Let this be a lesson. Don't fiddle without verification and don't trust that center on the dovetail is actually true POI center!
  6. I'm currently at a block in my shooting, caused by an inability to have the sights return to target automatically after recoil without any input from myself. This is crucial to shooting good split times. When I shoot, the gun usually ends up tilted upwards slightly. I use a standard thumbs forwards grip. My grip strength is pretty weak, I struggle to close a #1 CoC gripper, and that's something I'm working on. However, to my knowledge, having the gun recoil back on target has little to do with the strength of the grip, but rather how the gun is gripped. I use a CZ Shadow, which is a pretty big gun. I recently acquired a Sig P210 which is a bit smaller, and found the recoil more consistent on that. My hands aren't exactly small, so I don't think it's a physical limitation. Does anyone have any suggestions or idea as to what I'm doing wrong?
  7. I'd like to hear about people's experience co-witnessing sights on a Glock 34 MOS with a DeltaPoint Pro. Are you using Dawson Precision Co-Witness sights? How well does it work? I shot my first match with a red dot today. My eye kept going to my original red fiber optic front sight, so I removed it mid-match and started wondering about getting co-witness sights. I know the open guys don't bother.
  8. does anyone run in the open division without a dot and just run with a compensator magwell and iron sights?? if you do please post a pic of your gun
  9. What is the best Fiber Optic front sight? I have a 4th Gen Glock 35 that I use in Production USPSA and SSP IDPA. I have heard Dawson Precision brought up. Is that the best one?
  10. I picked up a Easyhit Shotgun Sight and would like to remove the Hi Viz sight (see attached) on my Benelli M2. I do not have the "key" that comes with the Hi Viz sight(?). Any hacks on how I can get the lightpipe out without the key?
  11. I have a Magnum Research imported IMI Manufactured Baby Eagle. It's a 9mm, frame mounted safety, no rail - I can provide full S/N if necessary, but it starts 13####. I've said all that in the hopes that someone can help me find replacement parts. Which Tanfo/EAA/CZ parts are compatible? I'm specifically looking for sights, trigger components and perhaps even a barrel. Current one has the old polygonal rifling, I know it isn't shot out - but it does have some damage to the feed ramp that can probably be smoothed out. Most of the threads I've been able to find all relate to the baby eagle II or to slide safety designs, so I'm wondering if the much older style still uses many of the same parts. Thanks.
  12. LegionShooter

    G17L sights

    So I got a good deal a new Gen 3 G17L a couple weeks ago and decided to use it for fun in Limited Minor. The POI was high of POA using off the shelf 115gr even with the rear sight bottomed out. I worked up a few loads, chrono'd them, and settled on one. Threw in 13lb recoil and 5lb striker springs and went back to the range. Now I'm about 3-4 inches high at 10yds with the factory rear sight bottomed out. I'd planned on changing the sights anyway, but anyone have any ideas why the gun would be high even with factory ammo? I've never had the factory adjustable sights on a Glock before, is this common?
  13. We have formed a new USPSA club at West Shore Sportsmen's Association in Lewisberry, PA (across the river from Harrisburg). We are planning on running matches on the third Saturday of the month from March to November weather permitting. We will run a five or six stage match using five bays. We would like to run two classifiers a month with four field courses mixed in. Our match capacity is probably going to be about 75 shooters - with five bays running that means 15 shooter squads. If the two classifier idea causes a backup we might have to drop it to one. See you in 2016! facebook.com/WestShorePracticalShooters/ facebook.com/WestShoreSportsmensAssociation/
  14. RickyH

    CZ 75 p01 sites

    I want to put heinie straight 8 or I dot on my cz 75 p01. Has anyone done it?
  15. I just picked up a used Gen 4 Glock 34 MOS that I'll mostly be using at the informal multi-gun competitions / shoots locally. I plan on running an RMR on it and likely swapping the sights out with suppressor height sights for cowitnessing. Who makes a holster that would work (clear the RMR, sight channel large enough for the suppressor sights, good enough retention for running and gunning, and preferably dropped / offset)?
  16. Anyone running the new Vortex razor gen II knows how big the turret covers are. Pretty damn huge. I love the optic and I'll be keeping it but Im going to have to replace my offset sights because I very nearly cant see them anymore. Ive been using the Express Threat Interdiction low profile sights and they have worked very well for me. Now I need something a bit taller to get my line of sight out past those big ass turrets. Magpuls any good? YHM? What are you gents running an ow do you lke them?
  17. A friend recommended that I experiment with different sight set-ups and I have moved towards a wider/deeper rear notch. I have found that calling shots is much easier. The problem is, the notch on a traditional Bomar style sight can be widened, but it is very difficult to make deeper as a result of running into the top of the sight assembly. The sight I currently have has been milled to allow for a deeper notch. Generally, it seems that most people purchase tall fixed rear sights and then start cutting from there. Maybe I am missing something, but why doesn't someone just make a taller rear sight blade? This would allow for a bigger rear notch without modifying the Bomar style sight assembly. The front sight would obviously have to be taller to accommodate the height of the rear sight blade.
  18. OK, After taking a year break from shooting single stack and shooting production, limited and some open, I am back to the 1911. And I find that the sights used when I started shooting USPSA are just not tight enough. I really want to find a "tighter" sight picture, something like a .110 rear notch and .100/,090 front with a fiber. I have looked at Novak, Warren, Heine/Nighthawk for options and the best that is out there is a .125 rear with a .110 front... who makes "custom" sights or just sights that are tighter?
  19. RickyH

    CZ p-01 compact

    Looking for some straight 8 sites for my cz P 01 compact
  20. I have a standard SP-01 that I have put a lot of work into and love dearly. The only problem is that with some ammo it seems to shoot pretty high at 15 plus yards. I shot a steel match this weekend with it and went over the targets more times than I'd like to admit. I'd love one of those HAJO sights they make for the shadows, but of course the cuts in the slide are different. Does anyone make a rear adjustable sight for the standard CZ models? If not, is it possible and around how much will it cost to put a Shadow cut on the slide? And If I'm going to all that trouble anyways of recutting the slide, would it be better to get Novak cuts or something else more standard?
  21. I can't seem to find anywhere, how IDPA views the Advantage tactical sights. Advantage Tactical appears to think they're legal, especially since several high profile shooters have used them in competition when they came out. I'm trying them out now, due to some low light eye problems I seem to have. They definitely look like they are designed for self defense, so they appear to match the spirit of the rules. I'm having second thoughts about long term use though, after hearing some other recent rulings of different items up to interpretation and the fact that the rules here require a little interpretation. I'm no expert shooter (quite the opposite), but I may want to even graduate up to a sanctioned event some day and would hate to be DQ'ed, especially after slapping down that much cash (entry fees). This is what I found in the rule book: under non-allowed stuff; Sights of non-standard configuration (ghost rings, Bo-Mar ribs, etc.). Sights may be changed to another notch and post type but slides may not be machined to accept different style sights in SSP. They appear to be "notch and post", but are they considered a non-standard configuration (like ghost rings and Mo-Mar ribs)?. Is it an "etc"? I could definitely see where they could be, but then there are the speed sights and XS sights, which are also rather non-conventional but also reportedly allowed (at least on their web sights.. Thanks, in advance for your analysis.
  22. Just replaced some aftermarket tritium sights on my P-01 that were shooting about 2 inches low at 7-8 yards. I purchased and had a gunsmith install these (not sure about the weird links to CZC right now): 1) https://02b665f.netsolstores.com/CZ-Tactical-Rear-Sight.aspx (part #10100, Tactical Rear Sight Standard Dovetail, states on the 75 it will require the 6.5mm front sight, perhaps this assumes the full size 75 and not the compact?) 2) https://02b665f.netsolstores.com/CZ-Fiber-Optic-Front-Sight-6.5mm-0.100-with-1.0mm-FibreRod.aspx (part #10409, FO front sight 6.5mm-0.100 with 1.0mm fiber rod) After installing the new sights I'm still getting POI 2 inches low from POA at 7-8 yards. I'm guessing I got the wrong front sight? Any insight here? I assuming I should purchase a new front sight at the height to 6.0mm or even 5.5mm height. I prefer the POI just above the POA for the game we play. I searched the forum for a post I recall reading a few months ago on that concept, but I wasn't able to find it. Thanks in advance for humoring me...
  23. A post I just read got me thinking about the Sevigny competition sights I use in my G34. The fiber optic rods come in just about every color imaginable. I ended up choosing Green because I feel it is the brightest for me. The red didn't work at all ( I couldn't see it ) I'm red/green color blind, blue wasn't that bright, orange just looked wrong. So, what color fiber optic do you use and why?
  24. I was wondering what sight/hammer combo you guys are running for your competition/target SP01s. I’m looking to replace my SP01 sights with the CGW drift (or CZC comp rear) sights but wasn’t sure which hammers would clear the slight overhang. I’m modding this SP01 to stay in production class so my choices are the KIT3 from CGW and the competition hammers from CZC – which I believe has a low and standard height option? Thanks guys, Chris
  25. I went to the range today for a short training session. I ran into a couple of members shooting what was left over from yesterday's USPSA match. Melanie let me shoot her 38 special at 6 steel targets. The trigger pull was very long but smooth. I had to really to concentrate on the front sight and the trigger pull. That's when I had my A ha moment! I saw the sights lift. I switched back to my G34 and again I saw the sights lift. I'm considering getting a revolver for dry fire. Where do I go from here? How do I expand on my breakthrough from today?
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