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Found 12 results

  1. My search skills are failing me: At some point I had seen a link to animated GIFs of how single and double action 75s work. For the life of me, I cant find the link. If anyone could share again it would be appreciated. Why im looking: With the last round in the chamber and the magazine follower pressing up on the slide lock, my last trigger pull in Single Action wont break. If I apply downward pressure on the slide release lever (round chambered, not locked back) it applies a slight amount of pressure to the trigger bar and Single Action Breaks. The Firearm: CZ SP-01 with a Manual Safety CGW 75115 Production Legal Kit (Self Installed) What I HAVE done: Installed the 75117 Kit I was having an issue where the Double Action would not break, I found a post on here showing where to "heavy polish" a few .001s off the disco wing... problem solved. Fixed a "light strike" issue by learning the importance of properly seating my primers while reloading. Searched the carpet of my living room with a magnet for springs that did not want to stay put. What I HAVE NOT done: Called David at CGW Taken the gun to an actual professional at the LGS I've really loved my SP-01 and installing the Production Legal Kit was a blast. I know the Single Action breaking is related to the trigger bar, im just not sure where. I'm not above actually bringing it to a professional, I just want to take a stab at tuning it myself first. If anyone has any pointers, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  2. Hello. I have a DAA PDR-PRO holster (left handed, CZ SP-01 Shadow) purchased in 2014. I want to use it on a Safariland belt using the ELS hooks. Is there a mounting kit, hanger, or something out there for this? Thanks,
  3. I bought a new SP-01 safety model. This will be replacing my M&P 9 pro for 3 gun. When converting to SAO, is it all in the trigger or do I need to change the hammer too? I'm also going to remove the FPB if this makes a difference. For those of you who have built these guns, what all did you do?
  4. I started shooting 3 gun last year. I put together a nice M&P 9 Pro. No matter how much I shoot it though, I still shoot heavier guns better. This will be for 3 gun, some steel challenge, and maybe action pistol at my local clubs. I have no real desire to shoot IDPA or USPSA. I've narrowed it down to a few different guns. I have large hands so I like the Stock 2. I already own 4 CZ's, so the SP-01 Shadow is a real option. And Kneelingatlas now has me looking at the Tactical Sport. Here's where I'm at. With a Witness or the TS, I'm starting all over. Mags, holsters, etc. With a SP-01 Shadow, I already own a Tactical. So I'm already well stocked with CZ mags. I have holsters, mag carriers, etc. I'm also thinking of buying a stock SP-01 safety model and just upgrading it over time. I could convert it to SAO, change the sights, and I know it would also do more than I need it to do. So I'm looking at $650 on the low end up to $1175 for the TS. As much as I'd like to go all in on the TS, I don't know if that's actually the best route for me. HELP.
  5. Got my CGW trigger kit in yesterday and spent the afternoon installing it. I also polished all of the interfaces in my SP-01. Don't have a trigger gauge but it is MUCH better! I will caution that if you do a kit, be careful when reassembling the sear cage. Those springs fly easy and are hard to find. I'll order a couple spares for the future. It was not as much of a hassle as I thought it might be. Easy instructions on this forum and on CZ Firearms forum. THIS was a great resource in disassembly and reassembly. 10x bushing waiting on my Dawson sights to get here.
  6. I thought I would share the CZ 75 (pre armorer's manual that I've found. There is some useful information there in case one wants to do some gunsmithing by themselves. Click the DB link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yphvmphe1e09w6y/cz_75_armourer_manual.pdf?dl=0
  7. What's the lightest pull you've achieved? DA/SA and do you have to use certain primers to maintain 100% reliability. Along with how you did it.
  8. Hoping someone can give me a direction to look at with a pair of issues I'm having. This is for an SP01 tactical, so it's got a decocker. I picked up 'the full Monty' more or less from CGW, and while David's offered to have me send it in for review at no charge, I'm not at that point yet. One main problem: after light polishing and 'many' parts replaced in one go, my SA pull and break is quite nice at 2.6# but DA (with 11.5# hammer spring) increased to 7.8#, or ~9# with the 13# hammer spring. Previously, I was at: 13# hammer spring was at DA 8#, SA 3.75# with extended firing pin, reduced rate firing pin spring, reduced weight FPB spring, polished FPB and FPB 'bore.' 11.5# with the above gave DA of 6.5#, SA 3.6# (effectively the same, Wheeler pull gauge) So in effect, I've gained 1.5# of pull somewhere in the latest changes. Changes made since the 'better' pull #s. Reach reduction kit - 85C hammer with Allen screws for over-travel and DA pre-travel reduction Short reset kit + disconnector CGW Race Hammer CGW Hammer and trigger pins Reduced rate trigger return spring Extended mag release general thorough polish, no angles changed nor significant metal removal, tooling marks remain I may well have managed to re-use the OE TRS and FP lifter. Don't ask, working late, tired, was taking some side by side pics of both OE + CGWs, then wife called, came back later and went with 'has no wear marks' and put back together..) If anyone has a clear picture showing the differences to visually identify between the OE firing pin lifter and CGWs, I'd greatly appreciate it.. Open to thoughts or suggestions. Will swap out the lifters tonight, although I'm hard pressed to see that account for that type of increase in DA pull. Pic of most of the parts: Mostly back together (now fully together). I did wind up taking the sear cage fully down, and had some 'fun' sorting that, but don't believe anything's out of place there..
  9. shws

    SP-01 bump fire

    Alright I have a CZ 75 SP-01 shadow target. I was at a match today with it. We were running a stage that was strong hand only. When I was at my second to last target the gun was bump firing (I guess). First 2 rounds then 3. The SO and I went to a safe bay and checked it. The SO was unable to replicate it, I was only able to do it with the gun in just my strong hand(right). After the match i took it to my local gunsmith and neither one of us could replicate it again. He left it off at, it was probably how I was holding the gun caused it to bump fire. Little background maybe 1k rounds through it. Today was the first day I shot it after my gunsmith installed a Cajun gun works type 1 disco. Any ideas on what could be going on? Anyone have this issue, any suggestions?
  10. basman

    Trigger Lubrication

    I have read several posts about using grease or oil on the trigger. is there a spot recommend to place a drop of oil, or a dab of grease, without taking the Sear cage out etc? Thanks, jeff
  11. RickyH


    What is a good OAL for a cz that does not have the barrel reamed?
  12. I picked up an SP-01 Accu Shadow from CZC as my first traditional DA pistol (been shooting 1911s and S&W M&Ps up to now). Learning the DA first shot will take some doing. I'm wondering if folks typically run these pistols in Production (hammer down) or Iron Sighted Pistol (cocked & locked) when running them in Steel Challenge. I'm leaning toward Production and the associated learning curve since that's where this pistol would play in USPSA.
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