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Found 17 results

  1. Iv read and read on here, everyone has different situations. at this point someone just tell me what to do. S&W M&P Pro 9 CORE model. inconsistent light primer strikes. Apex 3.5lb trigger, 11lb recoil spring, glock 6lb striker spring iv used S&B, magtech, fed, win, usc and pmc. all 115gr all light primer strikes. just got some Jesse james going to give it a shot. Anyone have any pointers?
  2. Okay today was the first day I have been able to set up a stage at home and take a stab at running my new 625JM with alpha X and a moonclip server. Man I am rusty and am in need of some help on either setting up some stages here at home or setting up some classifiers that will really help me improve my skills. It was definitely humbling to go from shooting a 6” STI Eagle and running the stage as I would for limited vs trying to run a 4” 6 shot. Wow! It definitely takes a lot of skill and practice. So help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I recently acquired a S&W 625 .45acp revolver. I'm sure it was owned by a competitive shooter because the trigger has a stop installed on the rear surface and there is a ball detent in the top of the crane which securely locks the cylinder in place. The problem is when the trigger is pulled quickly for rapid fire the cylinder often jumps two chambers rather than just one. It cycles normally in slow fire and single action. Upon initial examination I determined the hammer block had been removed. I understand this is a common but by no means safe procedure to speed up the action of the revolver. I replaced the hammer block but it made no difference to the skipping problem when in rapid fire. All this testing has been done with a empty pistol. I'm not about to risk life and limb with a mistimed revolver. Returning it to S&W is an option but I'm comfortable replacing parts on the gun if I know where to start.
  4. i recently bought a smith & wesson sd40 ve and did not really like the plastic guide rod, i have always had metal guide rods before so i purchased a aftermarket stainless steel quide rod with 15lb recoil spring. i know the oem spring is 18lbs but i figured if i used a lower grain rd like a wwb 165gr fmj it may lessen the recoil and get back on target by cycling faster. am i correct in my assumptions? if not what ammo do you think i should use with that setup? or should i just switch the oem spring onto the steel rod?
  5. Searched come up empty handed. Searched the forum couldn't find anything. Throwing around the idea of perhaps modifying the takedown or building something to replace an assy pin. Anyone ever done such thing? Weld, solder, drill and tap? Limited gun. Also, I'm a virgin to the game havent even been to my first match. Background in trap and skeet, got boring.
  6. Hey guys, Looking for some help with an impulse purchase. I picked up a 686-7 in 38 super yesterday. I'd never seen/heard of one. It did not come with any accessories. I rushed down to Dillon and picked up some Starline 38 Super +p brass. The brass rocks forward and back in the chambers. The extractor does not catch the (admittedly small) case rims. The cylinder does not appear to be cut for moon clips. 1. Does this model require moon clips to run? 2. Is it unusual that the cylinder doesn't appear to be cut for clips? 3. Is there a particular style of moon clip that I need? 4. I've never slugged a barrel before. Does anybody else have this model (or another S&W 38 super barrel?) and have slugged theirs? Should I be using .355, .356, .357, or even .358 projectiles? Does anybody have a favorite?
  7. I am looking for recommendations for loading blocks for Safariland Comp 3 speed loaders and S&W L frame revolvers. I have a Safariland L frame loading block as well as a five star neither will load the Comp 3s as they do not allow the cartridges to spread on the bottom. Recommendations appreciated.
  8. Shot my first ever steel challenge match tonight. Better yet, used a S&W Victory .22LR that I'd just picked up from the FFL an hour before. Put 50 rounds through it before the match to get used to it, gave it a quick bore snake and shot the match. Ended up 11 of 24 overall and on one stage was #3 overall. No malfunctions with the weapon - just the shooter. Had one stage where I just humped the poodle three different times out of five (other than that I'd have been in the top 8). Others where I was shooting high, just not used to POA on this one yet. Two things: 1) I'm addicted. I love the fast pace and "best of" format. 2) This pistol will become a rimfire carry optics entry. Waiting on the Vortex Venom and 3 additional mags to come in.
  9. Hi - I have a CORE M&P pistol in .40 and I'm looking for a Magazine Well. I am new to the competitive side and have gotten some TT magazine extenders and would like to get a magwell to put on my handgun as well. My challenge is either my google-fu is week, or finding a Maxwell online is hard. Add to that when I do find them, there seems to be what to my eye from the picture 'look identical' yet one says 'IDPA Box' and one says 'Limited 10'. I'm not doing IDPA or USPA type shooting, just local range competition. I don't know if I'll ever do the IDPA/USPA but the gun I'm putting this on is optic enabled so if I understand it right that would be 'open' class gun. So if it could later be used in an 'open' class at the official guys that'd be nice, but I don't have any plans to do that. I've sent emails to a couple shooting vendors asking 'what's the difference' and 'do you have one that fits M&P?' but haven't gotten a response so I thought I'd ask here and see if I could get some feedback.
  10. Here is the problem, I am using N320 with 124 gr FMJ. The gun is an M&p Pro. c.o.l = 29.05 mm N320 = 3.8 gr The bullets are crimped well enough however the gun is not cycling, most of the cases end up stove piping or remaining attached to the ejector and being put back into battery again. Basic problem is there is not enough force to cycle the gun properly, please help me solve this, i do not think more powder is the solution. Someone suggested shortening the rounds however i do not know by how much. is 1mm too much? Too little? is this even the solution? Please help
  11. I use a S&W M&P Pro and was wondering what OAL using Montana Gold bullets you all find works well in that gun. These are the various weights I load: 115 gr. CMJ 124 gr. CMJ 147 gr. CMJ 147 gr. HP Any suggestions are welcomed!
  12. I recently picked up the M&P Shield in 9mm, and love it. Also started loading and shooting bayou bullets as love them as well. The pistol is reliable and the bullts are accurate with no leading and little smoke. 124 gr bayou bullet Starline case CCI SP primer Power pistol powder (going to try longshot and bluedot when I can find it) Anyway I got in touch with apex tactical to find out if their Forward Set Sear and Trigger kit will work in the Shield. It will not but was told they maybe working on it with R&D. Apparently they have gotten a number of requests for this, so if there is anyone out there that would be interested in this product from them please contact themand let them know!
  13. Does anyone have this problem also? It's fairly level on POI from about 10 yards or closer - but soon as you get out beyond that point, I have to cover the target with the front site at about a 12 o'clock hold. I've confirmed this with other shooters. Yet, the shortest sight I can find is .145" Is this indicative of my pistol or have others experienced this?
  14. I am looking to buy a new (or at least manufactured after Dec. 12th 2012) M&P Pro 5 inch in 9mm. Anyone seen any not on gunbroker. It's not that common of a gun at Cabelas or Bass Pro (and it would probably be overpriced) I might just have to order one and get it shipped to my FFL. Thanks for your help!
  15. Announcing the 2013 Komen Shoot for the Cure South Kent Sportsman's Club Dorr, MI, 49323 June 28, 29, 30 Match Sponsors STI, S&W stage sponsors C-More ,Brownells ,Comp Tac More to come 8 Steel Challenge stages, pink plates, yes pink Application available at SKSC.org Flights available Sat and Sun, 9:00 am, 1:00 PM $50 for the first gun, $30 for each gun after that, Shirts included Lunch available, donation suggested Last year we had 125 + shooters and donated close to $5000 to the SW Michigan Susan Komen organization Feel free to contact me at dvzdvc@yahoo.com with any question, or is you would like to become a sponsor, work the match, shoot the match, or just stop by to watch
  16. Well 1/15/2013 worked my loads up and got a pretty good grouping at 15 yards 6 shot sub 1 inch on my STI uspsa 1911 and my S&W 625 Fresh back from Clark custom guns. Need to get more bullets. First part of my practice with my m&p went great. times not the fastest but all Center . faster but not as acurate.Need more dry fire. Yes i know i need to lose weight also. going to get more video so i can really watch my draw and my presentation. More and practice. Hard to do with the temp outside at -10 degrees. I love the idea of being able to log on here whats up. Local IDPA match list Jan 20, 2013, Feb 17, 2013 Mar 17, 2013 and Apr 14, 2013 all indoor matches. Goals: gym 3 days a week Pool 2 times a week shooting at least 2 live fire sessions and 3 dryfire a week.
  17. I really wish I had started shooting revolvers sooner. I sold most of my guns when I went overseas for school and now that I'm back am rebuilding a collection of "basic" guns of which a .22 pistol is mandatory. Because everyone that I know has a Buckmark or a Mark II/III I decided that I would be different. I got a revolver, a class of gun I was heretofore utterly unexposed to. Searching for a suitable gun I came across this guy, a secondhand 617, and it is hands down the best handling .22 pistol I've ever shot. It is a laser on the range. Suffice to say, I appreciate revolvers now. I have seen the light. My next purchase is definitely going to be a 686.
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