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Found 11 results

  1. Does anyone know if the RCI monotube for the versamax fits the v3? Also, does anyone know of a titanium monotube option? I'd prefer titanium over steel for weight savings but not if cost is outrageous.
  2. Any experience with a Carry Commander?
  3. I apologize if this has already been ask. Is it possible to reload 22-250 on my Dillon RL550B? Can RCBS dies be used on this loader? I don't see that Dillon makes dies in that caliber. Thanks.
  4. I'm considering a 1911 and have held a few including the Ruger, Springfield and a couple of Remingtons? Any Remington owners here? Why did you choose it?
  5. Just starting to get serious with a rifle build. I was on the fence of getting a Ruger precision rifle or a Rem 700 but have decided to get a Rem 700 sps tactical aac in 308 with threaded barrel & use one of the Magpul 700 hunter stocks with it. Rifle will primarily be used for mid range tactical / hunting rifle. Has anyone used one of these stocks & if so what are your thoughts? I googled several reviews but most of the reviews were just of people's initial thoughts after taking the stock out of the box & attaching the rifle to the stock, not many reviews after actual use of it at the range or hunting.
  6. I know this issue has been addressed to some extent in the past but after searching thru the posts, I can't find a satisfactory answer. The reason I'm asking is that I mistakenly bought 1k of these at a gun show thinking they were 5 1/2 primers. Anyway, the box carries a warning not to use these in 40S&W or 357Sig as they are high pressure rounds. So for that reason, I have yet to crack the box. But there is no warning about using them for 9mm, which if I remember correctly, has about the same SAAMI pressure specs that 40S&W has. So if they are fine for 9mm, why are they not recommended for 40S&W? I'm missing something here. For what it's worth, I don't load for maximum velocities since I'm only using these for target shooting. I'd say my loads would only qualify me for minor power factor if I was competing. Thanks for any insights.
  7. I want to start shooting USPSA-inspired rimfire 2-gun (rifle/pistol) and I was thinking about buying a Remington 597. I prefer this firearm over the venerable Ruger 10/22 (which I already own) because the stock fits me a great deal better, because I appreciate the 20" barrel, I prefer the stock iron sights (which I would use), the balance of the 597 over the 10/22 and the 597 is considerably less expensive so it can be "used" without concern. But will the 597 feed reliably enough to be competitive? I know the 597's mags were a real issue from day 1 -- they are no match for the Ruger's rotary mags. But I have been reading on-line that newer mags (10 rounders), aftermarket mags from Keep Shooting and newer versions of the 597 are as reliable as the 10/22. Can anyone here shed some insight or any other 597 insights? Thanks much.
  8. I just got a Versa Max Tactical and want 9+1 capacity. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Cheapest way? Thanks in advance!
  9. For anybody who has a Versa Max Tactical choke tube, can you please post the dimensions? Just length and diameter of widest portion is best. The more precise, the better (ie. use calipers). Thanks!
  10. So I am finding that I need a taller comb on the stock of my Versamax than the lager of the two provided to get a proper cheek weld. Does anyone know if one is made? Or some aftermarket Comb that may fit the Versamax?
  11. I have an 11-87 and an 870. The 11-87 has a +5 Choate tube and the 870 has a +3 Choate tube. I can put the +5 tube on the 870, but not the +3 on the 11-87. The 11-87 threads don't seem to match with the short tube and I can only turn it down one rotation before it stops. Has anybody seen or heard of this before?
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