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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone make a replacement rear sight for the Walther Q5 match. The OEM sight leaves much to be desired for as far as sight picture and notch depth goes. I'd really like a Dawson rear for it however for some god forsaken reason the Q5 match does not use a PPQ dovetail cut. Taken from the owners manual "The dovetail cut for the rear sight is a 12mm x 2mm x 70° LPA cut. The height of the front sight is 0.21” (5.3 mm)." is this dovetail cut similar to any other common rear sight that I can possibly modify?
  2. Well, shooting a match today, I notice about half way through that the rear sight is sliding laterally in the dovetail... Screw it, finish the match, go home to fix it. In case anyone runs into the problem in the future, let me give some help... You're going to need a flat head screwdriver. Optional is a punch to remove the pin from the front of the rear sight. A 1.5 metric (what I used) Allen key. Grease, and a sweet high tech smithing block to drive the pin out without hitting the table. You don't need to take the top of the sight off... I did because, well I did, who cares. There is a spring in there so use caution and do not lose it or you're sight is worthless until it is replaced. Unscrew the elevation screw (on top of the sight). If you want to get the elevation close again, mark the sight. Luckily I scratched mine with the screwdriver so the mark happened to land in the right place... Yay. It will help if you press down on the rear of the sight to take pressure off the screw and detent. Mine was installed by Hercules. Eventually you will get this... Notice the spring in front of (toward barrel) the screw. Also, screw is directional, there is a fat side and a smaller side (at least mine was). If it falls out, put the larger diameter coil back into the sight. You will see two small Allen screws... Yay! You have arrived at the reason your sight is not fastened anymore. We have several options. I prefer not to use locktite on tiny screws like these. So, loosen the screws and slide the sight out, grab a non marring punch and a hammer if need be. Then get some vibratite, and put a bit on the dovetail or on the sight, and drive that sucker back in. The vibratite (or green locktite) should help hold the sight even without fasteners (I did this to my front sight as well). Tighten the allens, don't get all western on these suckers or you will strip them. Just tight enough with the short end of the Allen key Lastly, grab some aeroshel or other suitable grease and get it on the elevation screw, and on the detent area. Trust me, it's not going to make the elevation screw turn like butter once you get the sight elevation set. But I've had mine apart twice and the first time, I did not grease it, it was a bastard to get out again. Set elevation, you're done. Go confirm at the range.
  3. I have a CZ75 SP-01 Shadow from Automatic Accuracy and I like the rear sight that came with it. I like how the bevel on the top edge of the sight directs your eyes to the slot. Here's a picture of it on my CZ: I also have a CZ75 SP01 (Not Shadow) that I would like to get the same rear sight for. I realize the Shadow and the SP-01 have different rear sight notch locations and take different sights, but I like the bevel on the Shadow sight shown above. Here's a picture of my SP-01 with the CZ Custom rear sight. It is very similar except for not having the bevel along the top edge of the sight. Does anyone know what rear sight is on my Shadow (top pictures? Does anyone know if the same rear sight is available for a CZ75 SP01?
  4. I am about to start my next and hopefully best project. I would like recommendations as to what width is best for the rear sight blade ( 110, 125, 140 ) notch/opening and corresponding front sight width. The gun will be utilized for USPSA competition. I have relatively good corrected vision but I am 59 yoa and have tired eyes. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
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