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Found 5 results

  1. I watched he reveal last night on shooters mindset show. Considering this instead of a custom open build. I dont even know where to start with questions. What do do you guys think? From Facebook Ordering for the Special Release of the first 28 Honcho Guns opens at 12:00pm eastern time. To order send us an email with your contact information and which model you’d like to order. The first 28 time stamped emails received after 12:00pm EST will be accepted. These special editions include “Red Carpet Service” where you will be able to follow along with your build with an inside look via pictures, videos and interviews with Honcho himself. Here is what each of the models include: Honcho 3Gun $4,850 Complete Pistol with 9mm Barrel Stainless or Aluminum EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Viper 6moa RMR Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9/38SC 3-140mm 40cal 2-140mm 9/38SC Custom Patriot Case A Whole Lot of Awesomeness Honcho Race Ready $6,850 Complete Pistol with 38SC Barrel Stainless EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel 9mm Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Razor with Side Mount Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9mm 3-140mm 40cal 3-140mm 9mm Custom Dual Layer Patriot Case Everything You Need to Kick Butt
  2. Flat-Topped w/Serrations only Flat-Topped w/Serrations and Lightening Holes
  3. Wondering which steel grip should I get for my next 2011 build? We currently have three popular steel grips in the market today (i.e. SV Infinity (SV), Phoenix Trinity (PT) and CK Arms (CK)). Please help me decide and provide some feedback? I handled the aggressive SV and PT grips last month from the 2015 Nationals sponsored shooters. Unfortunately, I was not able to try and shoot it so I can't really tell the difference. One thing I noticed was that the PT was almost the same feel with STI Polymer Grip in terms of circumference. Now, with the new introduction of CK steel grip at a very reasonable price, I can't decide which one to get for my next build. I have some pictures of the three main grip players taken from social media for comparison purposes. The pictures would show that the CK's grip surface pattern is noticeably different from the two others (i.e. micro pockets). Please provide constructive feedback. As always, thanks for your help!
  4. Anyone try the PT slide stop thumb rest? Ive given the Shooting Sports Innovations model a try for a match, seemed nice but was wondering the angle of the PT one being more aggressive may fit my hand a little different. Second, how is the finish on the PT slide stop?
  5. I would like to share the art work of 1911 Speed Shop in Riverside Ca ... Jimmy Vidanes heres: me and jimmy planning the cuts 10627697_10204157838284714_594687664_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr just a semi tri top w/ a french cut: 10587237_10204165597358686_1022342022_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr Pre-Titanium Grip : 10712262_10204375460285128_2081207620_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr 10676587_10204375460045122_413372266_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr Custom 1911 Speed Shop Comp: 10720512_10204400279625596_1787453154_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr 1911 Speed Shop Hollowed out comp w/ 1911 Speed Shop 45degree Cut 10712169_10204400279345589_1558026986_o by rippspeed1, on Flickr
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