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Found 16 results

  1. Hey All, So I picked up an X5 Legion to give carry optics. So far I have been pretty happy with it, and I love the weight of it, but I found the grip dug into the the base of my thumb, which drove me nuts. I realized that all of my favorite guns have wide grips with narrow beaver tails, Tanfo, CZ, 2011. I was afraid to start cutting on the fancy legion grip, so I used part of my $200 rebate to get a standard polymer X5 grip, to modify. The modification was a little rough, because I rushed a bit, but I think it feels 100 times better now. I also realized that Sig does offer a similar narrow beavertail grip the for the XCompact, but its grip diameter is smaller and it doesn't have the same magwell, which we need for competition. Don't even think it would work with the 5" barrel anyway, but I handled one at a local gun shop, and it similarly feels way better than the standard X grips. Question is, would this grip modification be legal for Carry Optics (or Production)? I want to be sure before modifying my actual X5 Legion grip in the same way. XCompact Grip:
  2. Have 14 round P320, 40 cal magazines with Taran extended base pads (140 mm). With springs that came with base pads and factory followers, I can reliably load and reload on 19 rounds. This week, I received Grams follower/spring kits that are supposed to add 1 additional round (20). The Grams will only allow me to load 18 rounds (with much difficulty). I bent my Lula loading to 18. I have chamfered and smoothed the edges of the base pads as well as the follower. This allowed me to increase capacity from 16 to 18 rounds. Have emailed and called Grams Engineering for assistance and am awaiting their call. Anyone else had similar issues? Any advice?
  3. I'm thinking about getting into CO Division, and am curious on what's been working best for people in terms of slide length. As a long time Master in Open and Limited, I'm very familiar with the two primary benefits of a longer slide in other those divisions....longer sight radius (for iron sights), and more muzzle velocity with a longer barrel (advantage for making major PF). But for a minor gun with a red dot, neither of these are really a factor. It could also be argued that, at least to some extent, a longer slide provides more static weight in the dust cover to mitigate muzzle movement in recoil... but this is offset somewhat by also having more reciprocating mass in the longer slide, as well as more heft to slow down transitions. So many variables to consider here, that it's probably best to leave this factor out. So what do the CO shooters among us prefer, and why? Full length slide, or commander/carry length slide?
  4. I need to know the difference in weight between a complete Sig Sauer P320 XCarry slide assembly and a complete original P320 Compact/Carry slide assembly. Your data is most appreciated.
  5. leam

    SIG P320 striker force?

    All the cool kids use Federal primers for their competition loads. Federals seem to use softer metal and easier to ignite. Sadly, finding them is almost impossible. What's the level of force behind the P320 striker? Can it reliably ignite heavier primers? Does trigger action work like Bruce Gray's affect this?
  6. When I decided to run the P320 for the first time in limited division I reached out to Max Michel for advise on a holster and hanger since at this time the P320 was still new and there was not much on the market. He recommended the DAA PDR Pro which I quickly ordered and have been running for 2 years now. Do I regret this purchase... nope, am I ready to move on YUP. Really it is just the hanger I can no longer stand, after 2 years of use and abuse I have issues with the rig coming loose. So I have been looking around mostly for new hanger options and some holsters as well. I know many shooters love the Boss Style hangers which can also be purchased from companies like RHT and Springer Precision. Would like to hear from those using these if they have any reservations with this style hanger. I have always went in other directions as I like having the ability to adjust the holster higher and lower. Another popular choice is the Race master which I have been told time and time again to consider. Have you ever seen a piece of gear that you know is awesome but is way beyond your current skill level? Well that is why I never pull the trigger, just do not feel like I am at the Race Master holster level yet. I have also never seen anyone run this holster with the P320 but they do offer the insert for it. A friend of mine sent me a link to the Safariland USPSA Hanger It seems to offer all adjustments I look for but with a steep price! Any other popular hangers that I am missing? For holsters I will most likely just cut down the forward facing holster profile to aid in a quicker draw (see below example) I saw this Blade Tech Holster but I cant help but feel like weapon retention is just not there when doing things like picking up brass, digging in my range bag etc. I have seen a few custom kydex holster from companies so I may go that route. If you know of any good "mom and pop" holster fabricators let me know. I would rather give my cash to someone that takes pride in their work and actually talks to the customer rather than ordering from a website.
  7. Anyone know any options for extended base pads that will work on a 10 round mag. I live in one of those 10 round mag states, need some for carry optics.
  8. So I usually get .355 125gr rn from the blue bullets. My barrel slugs at .3555 and accuracy is acceptable. I'd like to try out some .356 since the general consensus is to shoot lead that a thousandth larger than what your barrel slugs at and see if they do any better. As the blue bullets don't offer a .356 (aside from bulk special order profiles) I'm curious as to where you guys & gals get your poly coated bullets at. Hi-tek coatings smoke too much for my liking so I'd like to stay away from them if at all possible. Much appreciated guys
  9. andersonj55126

    P320 X Carry

    X Carry maybe a good option for Carry Optics division since site radius is not important. Shorter and lighter slide might track better and it seems the grip is the same as the XFIVE minus the magwell.
  10. I have a P320 X-Five coming my way and I was wondering if anyone here may already have some recipes. Looking for any load recipes for use in Production, Carry Optics, Steel and 3-Gun. I will be loading in 9mm using 124gr JHP/CMJ projectiles with either CFE Pistol or Titegroup powders. I'd appreciate any help or recommendations. Thanks!
  11. Hello all, New USPSA member here from SW Ohio. Just joined this morning after observing the match this past Sunday with Sarge. I've been shooting for a year now, but wanted more than just the basic range day. Ran across USPSA by accident and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. After seeing it in action this weekend and talking to several people at the match, I'm all in. Have my new gun, ordered gear and now it's a waiting game. Plus I need to practice, practice, practice - my draw, first target acquisition, dry fire drills, etc so I don't make a complete ass of myself at my first match (hopefully next month). Thanks for a great forum, and I look forward to a lot of learning and sharing.
  12. I have 2 FCUs and 4 caliber kits. Just recently got a 9mm Full Size kit and it's driving me nuts. All of my kits run fantastic, never a hiccup. But this 9F will fail to extract a fired case about every 3rd or 4th mag. Now before anyone starts with the questions lets answer the common ones. Completely cleaned and lubed? Yes. Tried different mags? Yes (7) Inspected the extractor? Yes, even lightly polished the top and bottom to prevent binding. Limp wristing? NO. Doesn't happen with any of the other calibers / kits. Tried different ammo? Yes including 3 factory loads and 5 different hand loads. New extractor? Yes, swapped with my 9mm compact. No change. So what's left? Send it back to Sig? Yea, I already have the RA and the Fedex shipping label. But 2 hour drive to the Fedex hub. (the only place you can ship a firearm) Remove my fiber optic sites and replace with the factory sites. Pack up a complete gun, including one of my FCUs so now I'm down to one. Then 4 to 6 week wait for repair. There goes 1/3 of the shooting season. But I can't depend on it for competition the way it is, so I guess that's what I'm going to have to do. Sorry for the long post but I just needed to vent my tale of woe. Thanks for reading. I'll up date this when I can, and if you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks, Jim.
  13. I received a new Caliber Exchange Kit last Friday. Not my first. However in this latest kit there was a new style Med. Grip frame with a "fence" molded into the slide release area, and a replacement slide release lever with instillation instructions. This new lever is about 1/2 the size of the old levers on my FCUs. I haven't installed it yet because I don't have a problem with the old levers. I've herd of people resting there thumb on the old lever causing the slide to not lock open after the last round but, it just hasn't happened to me. It appears that with this new grip and lever combination it would be almost impossible to manually lock the slide open during "show clear" but I suppose you could just hold the slide back and just release it at "slid forward". I guess I may try it on one of my FCUs but that means I would only be able to use it with the new grip too. Any body else seen this yet and have any thoughts? Jim.
  14. Has anyone used the stock Sig 320, 21 round magazine. I saw that Taylor freelance and Springer has a aftermarket base pad.The sig seems like a better buy
  15. usa259

    P320 OAL?

    In reading in the 40 S&W reloading section, some are loading out to a length of 1.180 or more. I was thinking the target OAL was 1.130. I'm finding that my loads over the 1.130, like the 1.135 are not passing the plunk test in the barrel. I don't know how to tell if the 1.135 are not passing because they are to long or the bell in the case mouth is not tapered ever so slightly causing it to fail... Thoughts?
  16. usa259

    P320 Grip Size?

    The basic question I have is, how do I know I have the correct grip size? My P320 came with a medium grip and I was wondering if its right for me. I think it is right, but from my tennis experience, I tried a larger grip and gained control in my very poor tennis game... In this line of thinking I ordered, back-ordered, a larger grip to try; shoot it and see.... I'm anticipating being able to get more of my week hand palm on the grip... I've learned a lot from you all from stance and grip modernization, training, gun mods, and load info. Have any of you tried different grips? What did you find?
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