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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, Hoping someone can chime in and help steer me in the right direction here...Shot a little indoor match last night (4 stages) and had several light strikes/hammer falls on each stage. This is my match gun, barely has 1K rounds through it. I have never had this happen with this pistol (practice gun was a different story) so i want to get this squared away before my next match. Here is my current set up: Ammo: Blue Bullets 125g Winchester small pistol primers Vectan BA 9.5 powder OAL @ 1.125 +/- Mixed range brass Pistol: Stock barrel reamed to SAMI spec by Patriot Defense PD BOLO (fitted with the help of PD) 10lb recoil spring 15.5 PD hammer spring PD optimized trigger return spring PD optimized sear spring PD optimized firing pin spring Extreme firing pin (polished) Extreme one piece sear (polished) Extended firing pin block Stock plunger (polished) Stock plunger spring Titan hammer (base and holes polished as instructed) All applicable internals polished for smoother action/lighter trigger pulls, but nothing too crazy (I do not have trigger pull weights to disclose unfortunately) I case gauge every single round i load before matches as well as practice, and this time was no different. I'm not concerned about crazy light trigger pull weights, etc. I set this gun up with the intention of 100% reliability at matches. This is the first and only time she has behaved this way so my initial reaction was a bad/hard batch of primers but I'm not fully bought into that idea yet... I haven't changed a single thing over the past several matches where she ran 100% with this exact set up (ammo included) Thanks in advance for any help/advice you fellow shooters can offer. -Chase
  2. Hello everyone, been creeping this forum for a long time, first post here... So, I recently built a ZEV slide gen 3 glock 19 and took it out to shoot for the first time yesterday. My results are 40% light strikes with occasional failure for the slide to go back fully into battery. When it did shoot, it shot extremely well, however after calling ZEV tech with my issues, they said I definitely should not be having those issues with my spring weights (striker = 4 lb wolff, Recoil = 13 lb ISMI), but to put a few hundred more rounds down range to break it in, they said the slide tolerances are extremely tight.. Here are my internals: ZEV Dragonfly Slide ZEV Skeletonized LW Striker Wolff 4 lb striker spring ZEV Safety Plunger ZEV Match Barrel Glock OEM Gen 3 frame Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger Bar/Shoe ZEV Captured Guide rod w/ 13 lb ISMI spring Wolff XP Trigger Return Spring I was shooting this crap the range sold called "Hot Shot 115 grain", I'm wondering if maybe the crappy ammo coupled with the tight tolerances are causing my issues? Anyone have similar problems?? Total round count in this build is ~130 rounds. For what it's worth, my G34 has a DK Customs trigger kit w/ IDP LW Striker, 4 lb spring and 13 lb ISMI with zero light strikes..
  3. seanc

    off center light hits

    My wife was shooting here sp01 the other day and brought me back to rounds that failed to go off. I will post a pic when I find them, but both had very light hit that was also very off center. Very odd, its almost like the hammer fell out of battery but the gun will not let the hammer fall unless the slide is fully forward.
  4. RickyH

    CZ Sp-01

    Will a extended firing pin help with light strike I think I have it because of high primers every once in awhile. I can pull the trigger a second time and it will go off
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