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Found 3 results

  1. My search ability is failing me, I'm sure this is somewhere but I can find it. I want to build a rig to test spring recoil weights for Glocks and M&P but need to know what lengths they need to be tested at. Thanks in advance for the help y'all.
  2. Hey all, I have been looking and searching and cant find much of anyone that really calls out which version of this mag release they use. I have a new STI eagle I plan to use for three gun and as a back up limited gun. I'm having some over insertion issues with the stock mag release so I'm going to order one of Dawson's Posi-lock ones. I have smaller sized hands and do have to shift my hand to reach the stock mag release. What do most people use out there. I have read some people that got the extended one and felt it was too long and found their mags dropping all the time. I would think if you chose to put a mag button on the end it would only stick out further and get in the way more. My though as of right now is to get the drilled and tapped one that is IDPA length, try it as is, and if I decide I want it a little longer still get a button to put on it. What do you all think? Which buttons do you all prefer if you do like using a button? Stock length .......... 0.165" IDPA length ........... 0.190" Extended length .... 0.265" With button ........... ????? Thanks, Eli
  3. I haven't shot a three gun match but I'm prepared. I got it all. Including a 22' JM pro. I've been reading all the shotgun threads because I see that the shotgun can be the make it break or it weapon for most matches. I've seen three matches and it's plain to see that the guys that have the shotgun loading down do better. My question is, is barrel length that important and why? I love my shorty JM Pro. I've been shooting trap and skeet with it for practice. I can hit flying birds pretty far out there with full choke with the 22' barrel. I got a 28' ported barrel so it's better for long distance trap and skeet. I also orderd up a new Nordic tube that will give me 13+1 with the 28'. If I understand the rules for tac optics I can start with 8+1 load as many as I can and start the stage as long as the ports are covered. I've read the threads on how to do this. It seems like the trend is moving towards longer barrels. I also don't understand why a ported barel would move you to open. With a shotty how much difference could ports make? Is it that much of an advantage? In short what is the difference between a short barrel and a longer one for three gun? Can 6' really be that different?
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