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Found 13 results

  1. Sunday, April 28th, 2019....IPSC 66 (also known as the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club in Romulus, Michigan) will be hosting our first ever Southeast Michigan Lo Cap Championship for Single Stack, Production, L10 and Revolver Divisions only. 9 stages, 230+ rounds in a 1 day format for a $60 match fee of American Funds (just an FYI to our many Canadian competitors). This is our normal shooting weekend so nothing special has to be planned for by those that try to make out match every month. For those $60, you will get a the above mentioned 9 level III stages, 230+ rounds, plaques for all recognized divisions and most classes and entry into the gun giveaway raffle that we have. We are looking to give away 2 1911's and 2 polymer guns to by random draw to any competitor that pays their match fee. (if you DQ at the match, you are out of the drawing...…..). We are only planning on having up to about 96-100 shooters maximum, so look at practicescore to enter your info and send your check with match entry fee to me (info is on practiscore…...or you can call me or email if you have further questions...). If this goes well (and we think that it will, then in October we will have the High Cap Championship for Limited, Open, Carry Optics and PCC) then we can start making this an annual type of event to kick off the outdoor season and possibly end the outdoor seasons here in Michigan. We look forward to seeing you out on the range as we host our monthly matches this year. Clear sights and crisp triggers to all. Roy Neal
  2. Online Registration and squadding will open at 7pm 9-17-2018 for the September 23rd WCRHC USPSA Match. Non club member is $25 and normal discounts apply. Please Register at Practiscore.com then squad. When you squad, select the squad, then say yes to the pop up window, THEN click the "select Squad" button at the bottom of the page (Many people are forgetting to hit this last button). The match is our normal 9 stages and 250-275rds. Payment/ Registration verification window will open by 8:30am and close promptly at 9:30am. Shooters meeting at ~9:45am and We should be shooting at 10:00am. Any issues please contact me at wcrhc.ipsc66.stats@gmail.com. Remember if the match is full PLEASE use the waitlist. NOTE: The road has been completed and as of yesterday was SMOOTH!!! Oh Yeah, Improved parking also!! PLEASE observe the 10mph speed limit until it has a chance to settle in. Also, the 2 gun match on September 30th is cancelled as we need to tear down the equipment from the original 9 bays in preparation for an October 1st berm reconstruction. We hope to have the facility completed and ready for Steel Challenge on October 6th. I will notify if anything changes. We appreciate the support of Club Members and all Competitors who have helped us get to this point. Thanks, Geoff (Stats)
  3. The first outdoor match of the season for the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters club (IPSC 66) is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, April 22nd. The match will be our typical 9 level III stages (all field courses) and 254 rounds if you don't miss. Cost of the match will remain the same as last year ($25 for non members and $20 for members). Sign up is via practicscore and goes live today. We can only take 100 competitors as a max, so please sign up if you can attend. Taking a slot and not showing up hurts fellow shooters who want to attend. If you don't show up and do not make arrangements with us prior to the match, we expect payment for the match fee at the next match you attend. If you don't want to pay the fee from the previous match then you will not be allowed to shoot till that debt is paid. Please remember to be kind when you park and not try to take up multiple parking slots. We have extra parking in the grass lot on the right hand side of the entrance road before you make the turn into our main parking lot. Range check in (you do have to do this in order to shoot) begins at 8:30am. Please do not hassle the staff before then to check in and pay. Give them some time to get things set up for you. Competitors are allowed to walk stages provided they give the staff room to finish hanging targets and they do not move any of the props (including barrels, walls, tables, chairs ect.....). It looks like winter may finally break this week and be half way decent for this time of year. The 5th weekend of the month, we also have a 2gun match at our club. (pistol and rifle only). Only room for 60 competitors as it is 6 stages/300 rounds. Cost for that is the same $25 for non members/$20 for members. That will also be through practiscore starting next Monday after the pistol match. We look forward to seeing you out on the range!!!
  4. June 22-24th, 2018 Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club (IPSC66) (www.ipsc66.org) will be throwing our 2nd Berm Fund Racer Match. 12 level III stages........300+ rounds..........full catered BBQ lunch by the same place that did our last Berm Fund match where guys were licking the plates like starving wolves. Staff shoots Friday, competitors shoot either Saturday or Sunday....only 250 competitors allowed into the match because even though this is a level I match, our prize table is going to be $40,000. We are giving away 60 guns by random draw at the match. 8 for the staff, 2 as raffle pistols and 50 to the competitors. That means 1 in every 5 competitors walks away with a brand new firearm just for attending. Plenty of other SWAG will be available as we want to show our appreciation to the competitors who come out and support our club by attending our matches. I am working with one of the large Detroit Metro Airport hotels to see about blocking off a bunch of rooms for that weekend. Keep in touch with us as the match dates get closer so you can take advantage of that offer. Match will start around 8:30am in the morning and we want everyone to be off the range by 4:30ish.......we will have dedicated staff on each bay, scores done by practiscore will be up and available each day. Plaques will be awarded for each class winner provided enough competitors in each class. For the Division winners we are working with Brazen Sports to do a custom engraved watch as their prize just to be a little different. Many of the industry leaders are our friends and will be offering support to our prize table. SV Infinity, Sig Arms, Glock, Springfield Armory, FNH USA, CK Arms, Phoenix Trinity, Akai Custom, Armor Express, Nitro Ears, Weaponshield and many more including TechwearUSA will be helping support this match. The Motor City Showgirls might show up and lend a helping hand again this year which I know will break so many hearts. For those of you who attended our crazy first Berm Fund Racer match in 2015, you will be delighted to see what your match $$ helped purchase. The Dog pond is no more and that entire area is now 3 large pistol bays that we will be using in this match. Proceeds from this match will be used towards redoing our inner bays and towards the addition of a new 200 yard rifle/3 gun bay that we want to construct. I look forward to another great event as I am hoping to have over 20+ plus GM's attend this match. Many of the top shooters you have only seen on TV or magazines will be attending and available to shoot with. So get your applications in quickly as this match will sell out. Fund Racer Berm Match Application.docx
  5. At this point we ARE going to have our 2nd annual chili match on Sunday, November 26 the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club (IPSC66) or www.ipsc66org. We will be having 6 fun stages instead of our usual 9 for a round count of 160 rounds. We are only looking for 60 competitors to keep it 10 to a squad as a max. What makes this match fun is that we are offering cash rewards if you bring a pot of chili to share with your fellow competitors for after the match (bring your crock pot or large container that can be warmed up on a stop top for example). Your fellow competitors will be your judges as we sample each chili and warm up by eating like ravenous wolves. First Place is $50, 2nd place is $35 and 3rd place is $20 and they are paid in cash after the votes are tallied up. So bring your ancient family secret recipe and let's have some fun. Costs are the same-$25 for non members, $20 for members and all standard discounts apply. Start time is normal at 10am. Sign is also the normal via the google group invite that Geoff (Mr. Robot here on the forum) sends out on Monday the 20th. Dress for the weather and everything should be fine. We had a great time last year and look forward to doing this again...........although this time I expect my chili recipe to win. 2nd place last year was not what I wanted!!!!!! If you have questions, get in touch with me asap about this match. Stay tuned for our announcement of our big match for next summer (june 22-24th of 2018)............ Thank you again to all the shooters who have come out and participated at our club this year. It has been a blast......we hope to see you next season after a hopefully short and warm winter. Roy
  6. Just about to head off to the planning meeting for next week's monthly match at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club (June 25th). We should be back to our regular program of 9 field courses with a round count of 225-250 rounds. Cost of the match is $25 for non members and $20 for members. The google group invitation should go out to everyone to register on practicescore on Monday the 19th sometime in the morning so be on the lookout in your email. I am betting that we have a large waiting list for this match as many of our regular friends will be planning on coming to this match. We will be using the new big 3 bays for field courses for this match so this should be interesting to say the least. I would plan on some long shots where you have to aim on each of these so just be aware that they are not going to be hoser stages. Registration/check in starts at 8:30 (not before...give my staff some time to set up a bit please) and goes till 9:15am so that we can move things around if we have to on the nooks, so please be on time. This way we get to start on time and get you done as quickly as possible. Parking is still an issue so please remember to park on the grassy hill on the right side before you get to the main parking lot. It will be a bit warm so please remember to bring drinks with you to stay hydrated. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will post the final round count next week here and on our website (www.ipsc66.org). We look forward to seeing you out on the range. Roy
  7. It is the right time to announce the details on our monthly match that we are putting on May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend). As in the past few years, we are having our special classifier match this weekend as it allows our set up crew a bit of a break as many of our members are shooting the Ohio Sectional on Saturday the 27 and will not be available for set up. This means that we will have 6 classifiers and 3 field courses as usual. Cost of the match is up a bit due to the costs of the classifiers. Non members cost is $30 and members cost is $25. If you are a member and you set up on Saturday and RO on Sunday, then the cost is $10 instead of the usual $5 due to the extra costs of the classifiers. Not a big deal but please do keep that in mind. So if you are trying to get classified in a new Division (lots of Carry Optics guns being built in the area I hear....) or you are just trying to move up, we look forward to seeing you at our place as we are giving you 6 opportunities to crash or burn down the stage. The big news is that we are finally able to use the new big 3 bays (bays, 10, 11 and 12). These bigger bays are allowing us to run some different classifiers than we have been able to run in the past due to the added size of the bays. It is also allowing us to run a much bigger field course in bay 11 and turn bays 4&5 into 1 big bay to run a wide field course in it as well. The match staff met last night for a dinner planning session and we planned out a match that is 9 stages and 172 rounds if you don't miss which is not a bad round count for a classifier match. Its down 50-75 rounds from our normal size so this should go pretty quick as well. We are limited to just under 100 competitors as we just don't have the match staff to go any bigger than this. The google group match invitation will go out to let you register in practicescore next Monday the 22nd when Geoff gets up after working 3rd shift so please show some patience. The match staff and most members will already be squadded so be sure to get your selections in quickly. Reminder-don't be shy about thanking the match staff for setting up this match and running it for your enjoyment. A little appreciation goes a long way. A friendly pat on the back or a handshake really does make the difference to my guys. The effort they put in to put on a great match for folks is on par with any major match in the country and they do it 7-8 times per year. As always, we look forward to seeing you out on the range. Please be on time as registration check in starts at 8:30 and closes by 9:15am so we can get all the other pre match stuff done. Parking is a bit tighter due to losing 30-40 spaces due to the bigger bays, so please remember to park on the grass field on the right side of the entrance road before you make the right hand turn into our main parking lot. Parking on the South side of the parking lot is not encouraged due to the drainage/mud issues. We have had some folks with some cars that sit a bit lower than others get stuck in the mud and have to be pulled/pushed out of the muck by friends after the match. For new shooters or folks that are new to our range, the parking lot is not a place to handle firearms. We have many designated safety area's with signs and tables set up around the facility. Please use those to bag/unbag your firearm and do not use your car. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave and not be allowed to shoot this match. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact myself or Geoff S. (Mr. Robot here on the forum). Safe travels and thank you for showing interest in our matches.
  8. Due to some constant requests of folks in the area, the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters club (IPSC 66)) in Romulus, Michigan will be hosting a level I RO class on Saturday July 29th starting at 9am in our clubhouse. Sunday the 30th will be the practical portion of the class out on the range. Range Master Instructor Gary Johnson will be the instructor for the class. Cost of the class is $40 for USPSA member. If you are not a member but have always wanted to take this class to get to know our rules better, please feel free to contact me about this. We can accept your membership application and payment at the class for USPSA. Seating is limited as there is only really room for 20 or so folks. My direct email is rlneal@ihghm.com for this.....................
  9. Online Registration and Squadding is open for the October 23rd WCRHC Mulligan Match. Please register at the provided link then SQUAD! Tis match will have 9 stages and each competitor will have 1 Mulligan to use on a stage of their choosing. You must declare your Mulligan prior to scoring! This will slow the match down a bit se we are limiting the number the shooters allowed so register quick! The Payment/Registration Verification windows will open Sunday at 8:30 am and close promptly at 9:30am. Shooters meeting at ~9:45am and we should be shooting by 10am. Any issues please contact me at wcrhc.ipsc66.stats@gmail.com . Remember that if the match is full, please use the waitlist as we usually have a few last minute drops. https://practiscore.com/wcrhc-10-23-2016-mulligan-match-ipsc66/register Thanks, Geoff - Stats
  10. Online registration and squadding is open for the September 25th WCRHC Match. Please register at the provided link (Supplied below) then squad. When you squad, Select the squad, then say yes to the pop up window, THEN click the "select squad" button at the bottom of the web page (Many people are missing that last step). This match is 9 stages and ~251 rounds. Payment/Registration verification window will open by 8:30 am and will close promptly at 9:30am. Shooters meeting at ~9:45am and we should be shooting at 10:00am. Any issues please contact me at wcrhc.ipsc66.stats@gmail.com. Remember if the match is full, please use the waitlist. https://practiscore.com/wcrhc-ipsc66-september-25th-match/register Thanks, Geoff - Stats
  11. Online Registration and squadding is open for the August 28th WCRHC match. Please register at the provided link (Supplied below) then squad! When you squad, Select the squad, then say YES to the popup window, then click the "select squad" button at the bottom of the page (many people are missing this last step and not being locked into their squad). The match is 9 courses of fire and ~250rds. Payment/Registration verification window will open by 8:30am and close promptly at 09:30am. Shooters meeting ~9:45am and we should be shooting by 10:00am. If you have any issues please contact me at wcrhc.ipsc66.stats@gmail.com. Remember, if the match is full please use the waitlist feature. https://practiscore.com/wcrhc-ipsc66-august-28th-match/register Thanks, Geoff (Stats)
  12. Hello to all, We have concluded our planning meeting for the September match to be held on 09-28-2014 at WCRHC in Romulus MI. We will be hosting 9 stages including 1 classifier. The round count is around 235. After this month, only the October match remains for our club this year. We are in discussions for what we will want to do in October and it may be an interesting final match for the year. Details will be posted here as well as our site - IPSC66.org I hope to see everyone there next weekend. Thanks for your support, Geoff Siembor and the WCRHC Crew
  13. Hello All, The 4th Sunday of July is nearly here and we have completed our pre-match meeting. WCRHC will be running 9 stages including 1 classifier. The round count will be approximately 235. Registration will be in the main clubhouse and opens at 8:30am and will close at 9:30am. The shooters meeting will be at 9:45am and we will try to be shooting by 10:00am. Please be registered by 9:30am so I will have time to prepare the 10 Nooks for electronic scoring prior to 10am. Setup will be on Saturday the 26th of July at 2:00pm and we are usually done within 3 hours. As always the setup crew will receive a discount on match fees and can also get work hours in for their club membership if applicable. You may notice a new range building which was delivered this week but it will not be ready for our use in time for the July match. Hopefully next month! We will have water available on the range in coolers like last month, and the clubhouse should be functional during the match. Remember the 2014 Michigan Sectional in Oak Hill is the second weekend of August and there are still spots available (See address below). http://oakhillgunclubmichigan.com/ Also be sure to check in on our Website for updates and information. http://ipsc66.org/ I hope to see everyone there on the 27th of July, Geoff Siembor (Stats) and the rest of the WCRHC crew
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