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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my new FGW build by Bobby Keigans! It's an IDPA ESP legal gun that will serve double duty as my USPSA Limited blaster. It is a 5" 40SW KKM bushing barrel on a CK Arms light rail frame. It also features the brand new CKA Aluminum grips that have been hard anodized black. It got here on Saturday and I put about 150 rounds of factory ammo through it. Then I ran about 150 rounds of my Major PF reloads through it. I was expecting to be shooting major for the first 1000 rounds but a friend brought some 200gr 650fps Minor PF loads for me to try out from a sponsor and much to my surprise they worked great. Decided to have him load up enough for me to shoot our local match on Sunday. I ended up placing my highest ever, 4th overall.That's over 500 flawless rounds through a SUPER tight gun. Every time someone tried to rack the slide, they double checked that the safety was off because it was so tight haha. The slide runs like butter now, looking forward to how it feels after 1000 rounds. Below is the build sheet for those who are interested.
  2. I apologize up front if this has been discussed at length, if so please close this and point me in the right direction. I'm new to the 2012 platform and I have a lightened 6" FGW, fluted barrel, tr-top, slide cutouts etc... I find that it's very light compared to and Edge for example. And people have commented that It has much more muzzle flip than their 5" Edge/Infinity etc... How would you recommend I load for it and what spring weight. Some folks have told me 165g at major, a fast powder and 15lb spring will make it shoot flatter. I've been using 180g bullets and IMR 7625 for major. If the heavier guns shoot flatter than the lighter guns, what' the reason for all the extra work to have them lightened?
  3. Let me start by saying this- NONE of what you are about to read could have been possible without the help of Bobby Keigans and the Freedom Gunworks team. I put them through the ringer with constant emails (most containing idiot questions), and seriously crazy deadlines. Bobby did nothing at all but help and push to get this done, and I am eternally grateful to him and his staff. Two years ago, my neighbor was on patrol and his vehicle was hit by an IED. It messed him up pretty good. He fought with the Army for 18 months to stay in and finish his chosen career. That should tell you everything you need to know about him and his character as a man. When he lost his fight to stay, he came home. Me being me, I introduced him to USPSA here in North Florida. The bug bit him really hard, and he began taking it seriously. Over the summer, the pain became too much and he finally opted for back surgery. It put him out of commission for a few months. His wife came to me about 2 months ago about getting him a 2011 style pistol, as his motivation was to get back to shooting. I found one on here and promptly bought it. It's an Armscor Medallion 1911A2. I had a tight budget to work with, but I figured this would be a great start to 2011 style shooting for him without breaking my bank. The next thing I did was contact Bobby at Freedom Gunworks. We came up with a color scheme for the gun, and the FGW team went to work. We picked it up yesterday, and was blown away. FGW did a top tier job. We plan to unveil it to my neighbor tomorrow and have it running for him in time for this weekends local match. This also happens to coincide with his birthday. Normally, I would keep this to myself, but I felt that this time credit needed to be spread and made public. Bobby, thanks a ton for making this happen for a vet that gave more than he was asked to give. It's people like you that make our sport as great as it is. Here's the almost finished product. The guys at VZ made some killer grip panels that go on tomorrow.
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