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Found 3 results

  1. I have an older Winchester Sx2 Practical that is marked 3" on the receiver and came with the 22" cantilever mount barrel. I bought a 26" FN SLP barrel but it does not fit into the receiver. After looking at a bunch of pictures I discovered that some barrels ave a locator pin at the 12 o'clock position on the barrel extension and some do not. My receiver does not have the cut out for the pin. Does anyone know what barrel fits in my receiver (one with out the slot for the locator pin)? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, New to the forum, I chose this one to post as it had the most comprehensive responses for this issue, but it was back in 2013: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/181004-fn-slp-mark-1-new-jam-nightmare-1-bronze-piston/ I bought this gun for general home defense, but to also use whenever I do 3-Gun or skeet/trap (which isn't often). I brought it with me for skeet/trap for my bachelor party this weekend and upon firing it jammed. I was incredibly discouraged. I made a video on the issue here: https://youtu.be/4stL6OVZcdw Now, if you watch the video you're probably cringing when I try to pull the shell out, but when your $1100 gun isn't working you tend to get a little frustrated. FN Shipped me 2 pistons, 1 for heavy (>1.5oz) and 1 for light (<1.5oz) loads. I have the light load piston installed as the shells are cheap 1oz bulk birdshot. I found that many people fixed this issue by ordering the Browning Gold Piston. I went to order it right away, but it looks like this product is discontinued. I then went to look for alternative pistons that could possibly work, but couldn't really find anything solid. The only ones I found were these 2: 1. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/b111605102 2. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/B1126524FN However, both of these say in the description that they WILL NOT work with 18" SLP shotguns... I also ready that the Sure Cycle System could possibly fix this issue, but I don't think it's this part, I think the issue is the piston. I'm also reading that reaching out to FN Customer Service is pointless, so before I turn there I'd like to see if anyone on this forum could possibly help me. I'm really stumped here, really could use some help as this is incredibly painful. Thank you all!
  3. I've got an FN SLP, standard 18" model that I am breaking in for tac/HD classes and training. It was built in 2007, but is new and just being broken in. It came with the 2 gas pistons; black base (>/= 1.5oz) and red base (<1.5oz). So far I have only used the lighter load red base piston. I have wanted to reliably run 1oz, bird shot for training loads, so after reading up on this forum and others, I decided to purchase the Browning Sporting Clays gas piston. To complicate matters, FN has issued a bulletin, FNH-SLP-131001.v6, indicating that the red and black base pistons have been replaced with two new gold base pistons on the 18" SLP and a single gold base piston for the Mk1. I ordered it the Browning Sporting Clays light piston from Midway and received it today. It does not appear as expected. The bag is labeled: "Piston Assembly 12 Gauge Sporting Clay Light Gold 12-20, #493004". It does not have the printing on the piston that says "1-1/8 oz. and less" as was pictured. It has no printing on it at all. The only markings are some orange paint dots on the spring inside. It also has a gold base, like the new FN gold base pistons. Finally, my questions: Is this just the same as the new gold base FN piston? Is the new FN gold base piston any different than the red base? I don't want to keep it if it wont cycle any lighter than by red base piston that I have. What should the old Browning Sporting Clays Light piston look like? Thanks. r7s
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