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Found 8 results

  1. Charge weights are noted to the hundreths because I drop ten charges on the scale and take an average. Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.0 gr Solo1000 OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 968,946,948,971,944,961,948,967,992,945 Average = 959 fps PF = 124.6 ES = 48 fps SD = 15.68 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.23 gr Solo1000 OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 994,1004,1029,983,996,976,984,994,1013,1024 Average = 999.7 fps PF = 129.9 ES = 53 fps SD = 17.67 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 45 degrees F Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 3.20 gr Clays OAL: 1.110" Primer: Wolf 976,989,992,968,997,976,977,986,967,992 Average = 982 fps PF = 127.6 ES = 48 fps SD = 10.58 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 60 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 3.35 gr Clays OAL: 1.105" Primer: Federal 987,1012,985,998,993,996,984,962,995,996 Average = 990.8 fps PF = 128.8 ES = 28 fps SD = 12.92 (I tested 3.5gr clays in between the 3.2 and 3.35 charges, and it showed pressure signs on the primers that matched the sudden jump from 129PF to 135.5! I'd estimate that 3.35 - 3.40 would be the fastest I'd go with that powder under a 130gr lead or coated. Clays showed very little smoke under a moly-coated bullet, almost as clean as Solo and certainly less smoky than WST.) Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 130 gr BBI Powder: 4.10 gr WST OAL: 1.110" Primer: Winchester 1027,1033,1032,1053,1048,1020,1013,1063,1036,1041 Average = 1036.6 fps PF = 134.75 ES = 36 fps SD = 15.18 (Same load as above. Glock 34 factory barrel, back to back:) 1006,1014,1051,1043,977,1054,1054,1036,1034 Average = 1029.88 fps PF = 133.88 ES = 48 fps SD = 26.11 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 135 gr BBI Powder: 3.60 gr WST OAL: 1.130" Primer: Winchester 928,932,913,921,948,937,935,929,919,949 Average = 931.1 fps PF = 125.7 ES = 36 fps SD = 11.77 Barrel: 5" M&P 9L / Apex SDI fitted barrel Temperature: 65 degrees F (indoors) Bullet: 135 gr BBI Powder: 3.80 gr WST OAL: 1.130" Primer: Winchester 983,974,994,957,1000,993,998,989,966,988,975,976 Average = 982.75 fps PF = 132.67 ES = 26 fps SD = 13.33 I hope that helps a few of you. The 135gr BBI coated RN bullet and 3.8gr of WST is going to be my new match load, once I test it to see if it's accurate through my barrel, and my girl's stock M&P barrel. Now that Solo1000 is scarce and I don't want to burn through my stash of it without very good reason, I'm pretty happy with WST and plan to use it until my 8 pound jug is done. That said... stay tuned for a side-by-side comparison with Ramshot Competition. I have 8 pounds of that which arrived last night. My plan is to work a load up that shoots to the same power factor as the WST load, and compare them side by side for accuracy, felt recoil, and cleanliness (lack of smoke).
  2. The ultimate challenge of competitive shooting ability is back for 2015! The Trijicon Shooting Challenge, (previously the Trijicon World Shooting Championship), assembles shooters from around the world, to include amateurs and professionals alike, representing organized shooting sports worldwide and crown one competitor, the “Trijicon Shooting Challenge Champion.” This year’s event will be held October 21st-24th at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in beautiful Park City, KY. All shooters will compete over the course of 3 days in 12 equally weighted disciplines from various shooting sports. All firearms and ammunition will be provided for each event. Shooters will compete with common firearms and ammunition, thereby leveling the playing field. This will also assist competitors with international and domestic travel. So are you #ReadyForTheRock? What you need to know... • A First Place Prize of $50,000 cash! • Second Place - $25,000 • Third Place - $10,000 • Fourth Place - $5,000 • Lady Champion - $5,000 • Junior Champion - $1,000 • Stage Winners - $2,000 • Side Match Winner - $1,000 • Over $100K in match cash, over $200K in prize table awards. • All guns & ammo for competitors provided. • Features pistol, rifle, shotgun, and combined arm segments. • Three days of shooting in equally weighted shooting disciplines. Go to TrijiconShootingChallenge.com to signup and follow us on social media to get updates and be included into contests pertaining to the event! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trijicon Facebook Event Page: http://on.fb.me/1TRzR2d Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trijicon Instagram: https://instagram.com/trijicon/
  3. I have 6k 147 fp bayous and couple pounds of clays. Does anyone have a working clays load suitable for practice ammo with 147 bayous? thanks, sean
  4. Has anyone seen 8# jugs of Clays available in your area? I know that I'm whining, but a man has to do what a man has to do. PS: I do have some pride, I'll make do with WST if I have to... I guess. That I've got, some anyway.
  5. Im calling on the power of the Enos forum gods to help me make a decision on a new multi-use (trap primarily, but maybe skeet and sporting clays at some point) O/U. Went to GanderMountain to shoulder a bunch of shotguns last night and here's what I determined: I love the rib on the XT trap as it feels good looking down it, but it's a beast at almost 9lbs I love the small receiver, loaded ejectors, gel butt pad and mechanical trigger of the 725 Sporting Here are my main questions: Does anyone out there have any experience with either of these shotguns? Which one holds their value more and why? Is there a huge difference between the XT Trap and 725 XT Trap other than mechanical triggers? Would a 30in model for either gun work well as an all-around (using the extended DS chokes of course) shotgun for busting clays? Thanks in advance guys!
  6. I'm shooting 40 minor for Production and SSP in a Glock 35/KKM barrel. Right now my load of 2.8 gns Clays under 180 Lead cast bullet gives me 144 PF. I get a SD of 8 with an Average 10 shot string of 805 fps. I am wanting to test going lower say maybe .3 grains but I am hesitant to go lower than the mins in the published data. I know my Lee doesn't throw a constant charge (.2 grains ish) all the time but it usually doesn't go lower than 2.7 when I weigh random throws. I'd like to get around 130 PFs just to see what it does. And it will give me something to work on and test around this winter.
  7. Anyone have FRESH loading data for Bayou 160's in .38 Short Colt ? I have the following Powders available at the moment: VVN320, WSF, WST, 700X, Clays, & Universal Clays. I'd like to chrono at 128-130 PF for USPSA Revolver Division. Been shooting 3.2 gn. of 700X for a while and it's blowing the Poppers down just fine, but the gun is filthy after one Match. I'm open for load recommendations using the Powders I currently have on hand. As you know, Powder is a rare commodity these days.
  8. Just ordered a 5.25" 9mm. Going to be for my wife and son if he is ready for handgun. I have 125 gr RNFP lead and 147 gr FP lead. I'll be using Clays (regular) or Tight group. Im looking for some data for the 5.25". My friend told me to load the 147 to 1.130" +/- .005". This seems short compared to other threads I've been searching. What's your OAL for 147 FP in a xdm 5.25 9mm? Have you guys have a light load using stock recoil spring? Im having trouble finding powder. But I do have 4 pounds of clays and 1 pound of Title group. (So those are my options) What would be a lighter soft recoiling load. The 147fp or the 125 gr RNFP? 38 cowboy bullet but sized .356". Got a thousand of each. I don't have the gun yet, its being shipped from grab a gun. So I was going to load some test lots. What's about max OAL on the 147 FP for the gun/mags? About how low on the PF can one go on the stock spring? Or better yet what's most people shoot for 130ish PF for reliability and knock down for steel?? Sorry for a bunch of questions. Just getting started on the 9mm. Got the 650 switched over. Waiting on my case feed plate. Should be here today. Just never seen anyone use a 125 rnfp. I'm assuming similar data to the 124 fmj.but wasn't sure on oal cause of the flat point design. Any help is greatly appreciated. Wasn't sure how light is OK with the 5.25" slide. Hope to have the wife and kid going on this soon. Weird none of my reloading books has the 147 FP listed...
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