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Found 4 results

  1. I have a Dillon case feeder (newish model with the blue case deflector) that I have added Immortobot upgrade motor ( https://immortobot.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=315 ) into to keep up with my roll sizer ( http://www.ipscteam.ch/shop/case-roller/ ). When running the case feeder at faster speeds I was having trouble with cases jamming to the deflector. Friend of mine designed a 3D-part that fixed the jamming with a piece of iron wire. Available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3667370 Please remember to support our local producers of cheap beer by clicking "Tip the designer" in Thingiverse in case you decide to 3D print this and it helps solve issue on your casefeeder. Also note that this has been tested with 9mm brass on "small pistol" casefeeder plate only.
  2. I am planning to get a case feeder (at last) for my Dillon XL650! I load 9mm and .40, and after some research, I can't figure out which size case feeder to get, the one with the large or small pistol plate. I have found a number of people that claim they were told to get both for my exact situation. (intended calibers of use) I am hoping I can get enough responses of which size case feeder to get and your explanation of how well it works for each caliber, that I can make a confident decision on my purchase. My previous post started this discussion, but never really got me to a solid answer, people were claiming both work, but I want to know which works best...
  3. Got my RL550B on Saturday and spent Saturday evening setting it up and doing some loading on it. Showed it to Mrs. Jones last night and her comment was "That is cool - why didn't you buy it sooner?!" (I guess because I'm an idiot?? Questions: 1 - While setting it up I got confused about setting up station 3. The manual says the following "Put a case into the shellplate at Station Three. Raise the platform up and screw the die down until it just touches the shellplate and back it out two turns. Now back your seating stem out." When I did this, using a freshly resized 9mm case, I could not get the die (Lee) to screw down to touch the shellpate as instructed in the manual. I could get it to go down over most of the case but not completely down to touch the shellplate. What I ended up doing was screwing the backing the die out until it touched the case and then set the seating stem. I ran some rounds through (without primers or powder) and then ran them through the crimp die. Afterwards I pulled them and there weren't any cuts in the coating so I'm pretty sure I'm good to go but just wanted to check because the station was not setup exactly per the manual. I did take 25 of the rounds I loaded to the range yesterday and they all went bang so I think I'm good to go. 2 - I currently have my press loaded on a Workmate with extra wood on top to serve as a strong mount. I'm planning to build a shelf to attach to the wall. I have an area that's 24" wide which should find for the width. What I'd like to how is how deep should I make the shelf so that I could mount a casefeeder at some point in the future. 3 - Speaking of casefeeders are you required to use a strong mount with one? I don't think you are but I don't want to mount my shelf and then have to move it when I get the casefeeder.
  4. I want to deprime my 223 brass before wet tumbling so I can get the primer pockets cleaned . Will the dirty brass make too big of a mess in my case feeder? I could use three tool heads ,here is my process 1. Deprime on press w/ Casefeeder. First toolhead 2. Wet tumble with stainless steel media-dry brass 3. Resize and trim on press. Second toolhead 4. Tumble off lube-dry brass 5. Powder charge, seat bullet. Third toolhead
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