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Found 3 results

  1. So I am only interested in plated bullets at the moment for the 45 cal. 230 RN and was curious what you all have found to be the most accurate and consistent? So far I have loaded about 3,000 Berry's 230 RN and have had good luck with them but I haven't tried any of the Rainier or Xtreme bullets in the 230 RN. I know there are plenty of good coated bullets out there but my range does not allow them and I can't buy jacketed in bulk quantities that would make it economical in comparison to plated. So has anyone had any experience or done any testing with all three in the 230 RN? Thank you.
  2. OK guys need some input here to help me diagnose some issues with my STI Edge 40 Cal. I am running an Aftec extractor and a Recoil Master guide rod/spring in the gun. I got the gun used and have put approximately 700 rounds through it but I don't know the total round count on it. I am firing 180gr Berry's over 7.0 gr of HS-6 (all rounds chamber checked). The gun is completely cleaned after each match/practice session with Frog Lube. The problem I am having is, after my 3rd stage of a USPSA match today, the gun started to cycle "slowly". It would eject the spent case but seemed to struggle pushing the next round into battery. The issue occurred with 10-12 rounds fed from two different magazines. It would often stop 1/4 inch or so shy of closed and I would have to push the slide the remaining distance. Thinking that if might be an ammo issue, I switched to some GA Arms factory ammo for my next stage and I also put a few drops of oil on the barrel hood and top of the barrel. While this did improve the situation, it did not eliminate it. The issue occurred twice more in the next two stages. One of the RO's suggested that it may be an extractor tension issue? Would love to hear any thoughts from the group on what the issue may be.
  3. First, good morning, i hope everyone is well! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Berrys Plated for reloading? I made 100 rounds of 9MM using 5.6 gr of unique. My projectile was 115gr berrys plated. Well last night, i was reading another reloading book and it stated that for plated bullets, use hard lead data, or load to half of a FMJ load or 20% less than max. Is 5.6gr of unique to much for that projectile? What would you all consider a decent load for 115gr plated round nose? Thanks in advance, and pardon my ignorance. With all the varying data, i just want to be sure that i have an accurate round without the chance of getting a kaboom. I did search, but there seems to be a ton of different information and none of it is about unique powder.
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