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Found 31 results

  1. Okay guys, so I read through over a dozen forums that mentioned loading 9 Major for open division using CFE pistol. I found everything from starting loads, to burn rates, to people claiming it is the exact same powder as WAC with a copper cleaning additive. What I haven’t found, is anyone discussing the difference in “feel” or dot tracking compared to the popular 9 major powders like Autocomp, HS6, etc. Is there any reason that CFE pistol isn’t more prominent in Open division? Excuse my ignorance, I’ve only loaded minor thus far, but I just bought an open gun and would like to keep as many components the same as possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. Finally got down to the range today to try out some reloads for my Open 9mm. I'm using Percision Delta 124gr JHP bullets. I started at 7.0 and worked up to 7.6 of HS-6 with an OL of 1.150. Seems like the sweet spot is somewhere between 7.2 and 7.4. Overall I was happy with how the gun shot and this was also an opportunity to test out my MagnetoSpeed base on a 1911 style gun. I have an excel spread sheet that does the math for me so I just need to input the shots. Anyone see anything out of the ordinary (other than my velocities are all over the place within each string) in my reloading notes? Percision Delta 9mm (.355) 124 gr JHP - HS-6 OL 1.150" Open 9mm Powder Grains 7.0 Grains 7.2 Grains 7.4 Grains 7.6 Grains Note 1 Outdoor Range Outdoor Range Outdoor Range Outdoor Range Note 2 WSC WSC WSC WSC All cycled and brass ejected. Recoil was managable. All cycled and brass ejected. Recoil was managable. All cycled and brass ejected. Recoil noticable but managable. All cycled and brass ejected. Recoil noticable but managable. Shots: 10 10 10 10 Max: 1312 1339 1380 1399 Min: 1225 1303 1320 1365 ES: Avg: 1266.2 1320.4 1356.8 1384.5 SD: Bullet weight: 124 124 124 124 Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots 1 1225 1307 1339 1388 2 1251 1332 1374 1398 3 1266 1336 1361 1380 4 1286 1311 1361 1379 5 1300 1303 1380 1365 6 1236 1318 1320 1399 7 1266 1339 1348 1384 8 1312 1317 1355 1399 9 1234 1332 1373 1375 10 1286 1309 1357 1378 Major Power Factor: 165 165 165 165 Minor Power Factor: 125 125 125 125 Achived 157.0088 163.7296 168.2432 171.678 Open (Minor): 26% 31% 35% 37% Limited (Minor): 26% 31% 35% 37% Limited 10 (Minor): 26% 31% 35% 37% Revolver Standard (Minor): 26% 31% 35% 37% Production (Minor): 26% 31% 35% 37% Open (Major): -5% -1% 2% 4% Limited (Major): -5% -1% 2% 4% Limited 10 (Major): -5% -1% 2% 4% Revolver Standard (Major): -5% -1% 2% 4%
  3. Hi, before you all go crazy on why using Titegroup. The only reason I use it is because were I live is the one and ONLY powder you can consistently find. If I wanted anything else it will be ordered only when the store current supply runs low. On top of that it cost about twice as what you guys pay for in the states. With that said, is no wonder why I decided to try Titegroup. I'm still waiting for my DVC Open to be at least sent from STI to the local re-seller. In the mean time I shoot with my STI SteelMaster. The SteelMaster comes ready for minor loads, I just replaced the recoil spring with different weights to find the one that works best with my major load. As far as the load, I began my test using about 2 grains over the recommended 9mm max load for a 124g bullet. Then I increased the load about 2-3g and tested again. My test consisted in: check cases for signs of too much pressure (over expanded cases, cracks, base separation, etc.) check the cycling of the slide with the current spring. Was it slamming back to the rear or wasn't opening properly and causing jams? Was it moving forward too strong that will cause the dot to dip? Chrono test switch recoil spring to the best one it worked with. So this are my results, keep in mid were I live is summer like weather year round. 124g JHP, 1.156 OAL, 5.6g Titegroup = 167PF 124g JHP, 1.156 OAL, 5.9g Titegroup = 170PF I guess based on my experience (I'm no expert) that this same loads on a DVC Open which barrel is longer than the SteelMaster will produce higher PF. So maybe dropping a .1g or .2g from the load will produce the same results. I had no issues with the cases, I noticed only 2 cracked but I'm talking after thousands of rounds being shot. The current recoil spring is 11lbs. I think 12lbs is the perfect match but I don't have one to test it out, 11lbs is working great so far so I stick with it until someone let me borrow a 12 for testing.
  4. Hey all. I recently changed from 124gr Montana Gold Round Nose to Jacketed Hollow Point - and I think I'm getting signs of overpressure. But I'm not 100% sure. The mitigating factor is that some of the Everglades ammo brass had very, very tight primer pockets, so I used my Dillon Super Swage to open a couple up. The first picture, as you can see, the primer popped out of the back of the case after firing. My hope is that it's just one of the ones that I put through the super swager, but I'm still concerned. The seating depth and crimp was adjusted when going from RN to JHP - overall length is 1.158" for a loaded round. Powder charge is 7.0 grains of Autocomp. When I was using RN's and 7.0 grains, loaded to 1.160" I was chronographed at 171PF. I've loaded about 2000 of them, so.... if I have to pull them, so be it. https://i.imgur.com/Hde9HUc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TmfiE7h.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0RgMJBm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/aZGR6U2.jpg I'm traveling to florida with about 3500 rounds for practices and competitions, so I'm going to be sad if 2000 of the 4500 that I loaded need to be pulled and I have to start all over again, but by the same token I don't want to damage my gun or blow things up.
  5. Looking for updated information regarding comp effectiveness using higher velocities with 115gr MGB vs 124gr bullets. I have read a few threads here that discussed the ability of higher velocities making the barrel comp work better and keep the dot steady. I am using a STI DVC 9mm Major platform and also have a STI Steelmaster (two port comp) Currently I am working with CFE Pistol powder at 7grs with an average of 1440 fps for a Power factor of 178. Has anyone worked up a load with 115 grain MGBs with CFE or AutoComp? STI DVC 124gr MGB 7.0 Grs. CFE Pistol Avg. 1440 FPS SD: 12.8 ES: 55 fps
  6. Gentlemen, Seeking advice / tips / general knowledge for loading 3N38 in 9 major. I have ran WAC, HS-6, & AA#7 all with 124 & 115 pills. Gun in question is a full length STI lower with an SV upper, no holes. New infinity barrel, Cheley comp. Loading on a 650 XL. Can go out to 1.170 COAL max. Running 115g MG JHP's. Primary question is loading 3N38. As you know when you get @ 9.5g the case is full. I mean full. Which dies do you use? Currently I'm running all Dillon dies. I have a Lee seat/crimp in one die. Is this a better option? Perhaps a U-die in station 1? Having trouble with such full case capacity. Not to be rude, but I don't need load data, just tips and tricks on working with and loading high case volumes such as this in 9mm. Any input is appreciated. I will dance at your wedding, and yes, I will wear my speedo.
  7. Hello everyone, I just got my STI dvc open 9mm major and this is my first time loading major. Any recommendations of what bullet/brand should I use? RN or JHP? does anyone have an experience with this gun and has a good load data info? I searched the form and been reading the 9mm load recommendations and I just want to see if someone has an experience with the specific gun! Thanks
  8. I'm shooting a Glock 34 and eventually want to mod it out with SJC parts to make it an open gun. In the meantime, I want to shoot in Limited division, which I've been told is the best way for people new to the sport. I'm not looking to win any trophies, but it always bothers me that I'm losing points by shooting minor in this division. I don't really want to invest in another gun in 40 S&W just for this purpose. It occurred to me that I will be purchasing a fully supported SJC/KKM barrel for my Glock 34 on my way to making an Open gun out of it. This barrel supports 9mm Major. I can buy 9mm Major ammo at Atlanta Arms, so I'm not dealing with the reloading difficulties of this round for the moment. As I've been researching this idea of shooting 9mm major loads without a comp, I haven't come across any posts addressing this issue. That suggests to me that it probably doesn't make any sense to do this, but I'd like to get some feedback from you guys. Thanks.
  9. I'm an experienced shooter that has many guns and I have been shooting a long time. I've never had any issues with guns breaking. I've had thumb safeties break and that's about it. So I had an Open Gun custom built to my specifications. This is not about trashing the builder and I do not want to name any names. If you figure it out please don't ask or list the name of the builder. My new open gun that is 6 months old with 15k rounds now has a cracked slide. Its an STI frame and slide. 9mm major. Major load of 124 grain JHP 6.7 WAC 1.145. How often does this happen? The gunsmith is fitting a new slide, barrel and comp. I'm paying for the parts and the labor is under warranty. How does this sound to you guys? Is this warranty typical for the industry? I've heard about many cracked Limited and Open slides. What's the deal? Seems like it's happening a lot.
  10. Ok let me start with my specs : - 124gr CMJ Montana Gold - 8grs of Silhouette - Remington 6.5 SRP - 1.175 oal - 0.371 crimp -mixed brass - 1420fps ( because its flatter up here and softens up considerably and no pressure signs at all ) This is out of 5.4" SV Infinity Barrel and 1453fps out of a KKM barrel. - less than 1" groups at 25yrds with the SV but 1.25" out of the KKM ... All loaded on a 1050 ... I get a little bit of specks of brass on the slide right where the chamber is ... Is this normal ???
  11. Good day all, First let me apologize for my mistakes using this forum. This is my first time posting so please bear with me. I am just hoping for a little information / opinions and the vast majority of people here seem very well informed and eager to help. I began shooting USPSA / SC with a Glock 34. It was fun at first but now I am completely addicted. For SC I also built a rim fire open pistol and then a rifle. I enjoyed the pistol so much I decided to move into open with my Glock to get my feet wet before purchasing a 2011 style gun. Have only ran factory loads thus far but as is always, I want more ( major PF ). I have 115g ( for minor ) & 124g MG JHP's, new starline brass ( for major ) & 1 lb each of WAC, 3N37, & 3N38. My plan was to experiment to find a good minor load for steel then see how brave I feel about tackling major. However plans change. The more I look through these forums, the more leery and concerned I grow about loading 9 for major. So, right now Glock 34 9 with Lone Wolf SS barrel, Jäger 4 port comp, 11 lb recoil spring. Currently running Fiocchi 115g FMJ, chronos at AV of 1200 fps. Gun runs 99.5%. Every 200 rds or so 1 FTE. ( Naturally always in the middle of a stage ). VV list one published load I can find that makes major. 147g Hornady HP with 3N38. 6.3 = 1171 fps Max is 6.9 = 1207 While I understand this load would be nowhere near optimal, would it be a decent / safe temporary alternative until I procure my next open gun? My reasoning is that now with the 115 factory ammo the comp is not being utilized enough and even with the 147, the 3N38 would help the compensator work. Also, working with published load data seems like it would make it less nerve wracking to break a shot. Even the low end with the 147 makes 172 PF. Finally, just shopping for opinions now. For a new open gun your recommendation? I am leaning toward a 2011 style pistol and while I am prepared to pay for it, money is still an object. Any opinions on the STI DVC open? Thoughts, ideas; any and all are greatly appreciated. Sorry to ramble on so much and thanks in advance.
  12. So I recently got my LW barrel back from Kneelingatlas who lengthened the throat to accommodate longer loads. I loaded up some test rounds using 124gr plated bullets from RMR and CFE pistol from 5.0 to 7.0gr, and my results are below for the last few data points. I didn't see a single pressure sign throughout 100 total rounds that I loaded for the test today, the only difference that I noticed was that as load got hotter, the dimple made by the firing pin became slightly shallower. No primer flattening around the outside of it, no bulged cases, and no split necks. Is it really possible to be pushing a 124gr pill this fast without seeing a single sign of pressure? 6.5gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1364 Low 1341 Avg 1348 6.6gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1378 Low 1354 Avg 1370 6.7gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1383 Low 1374 Avg 1376 6.8gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1419 Low 1397 Avg 1410 6.9gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1461 Low 1421 Avg 1438 7.0gr CFE Pistol 124gr RMR loaded to 1.15" Mixed brass S&B Primers High- 1483 Low 1445 Avg 1462 Are these velocities and lack of pressure signs typical? I trust the results, but I'm in disbelief that my testing went like this without any hiccups! I have a load that I'm happy with, and I have enough buffer room on either side of it to comfortably throw powders and not have to weigh every last one of them because I feel I'm on the ragged edge.
  13. Ok, I'm in the process of building an open 2011, and will not be reloading myself for this. I originally had planned to shoot factory 38sc and call it a day. So from AA 38sc is $21 a box, and if I can make the gun run properly with Geco 38super at $16 a box I'd use that for practice and AA at matches to help with the costs. Now, I did find a local company will load 9 major for me for $80 per 1000. I supply all components. For $15 extra they will roll size as well. I've not ordered a barrel or extractor yet for this build since I'm now rethinking my route. Was looking at going KKM and either Cheely titanium comp or Bedell titanium Comp cut down. Using another member's load info on here with a KKM barrel and popple holes with 124 MG, 7.gr Win 572 and a PF of 173. Using Mid South Shooter Supply for my pricing with my own collected range brass (I've been smart over the years), 124 MG bullets and winchester SP primers (I will ask around my club to see if someone can work up a few loads for me to do testing on before I settle on a load to drop off with the company.) I used the handloads.com calculator for the below: Component Cost Powder 1 lbs $19.99 (for 1k loads, I probably need 1.3lbs or powder) Powder Charge 7.3gr Primer 1000 $28.99 Bullets 1000 $135.00 Calculate Cost / round $ 0.185 Cost / 50 $ 9.24 Cost / 1000 $ 184.84 ----------------------------- Plus $80 fee to load all components and $15 for roll sizing Which gives me roughly $14 per box of 50. + Shipping estimated $30 + hazmat estimated $25 + gas to drive 40min to drop off/pick up everything ---------------------- $334 total roughly over 1k rounds = $16.7 per box Am I missing anything in my calculations? Are there any cheaper bullet options I should consider or a different primer brand? I know everything is subjective as I've read through pages on pages of load listings and everyone has a slightly different variable (hs6, or a different bullet brand). I do have a Bass Pro across the street from me and a few LGS, so depending on what they carry and if I can use it in Open I can cut some hazmat fees down.
  14. So I recently pick up a CK Arms Hardcore Open gun in 9mm and I'm about to start loading for it and I was wondering what, if any extra steps you take in your reloading process for 9 major? A little back story, I've been reloading 9 and 40 for a few years and my process is fairly quick and simple. For 9 it's sort, tumble, and load. Simple as that. I use a 550 so i just double check the case before I put it into the case. No Biggie. For 40 it's a little more in depth as I sort, tumble, push through size, then load it in my SDB. I also check the 1st, 5th, and every 100th round to make sure my powder bar is still set correctly. I'll be loading on my 550 and most likely I'm going to get a new quick change kit so I can keep my production and open loads separated and won't have to change everything every time. Also is a Redding competition seat die overkill? -Jim
  15. Have seen Shooters World Propellants a couple of times now @ local shops. Decent prices. Anyone tried any? Looking for possible data for 9mm Major. One of their powders fall between HS-6 and Longshot in burn rate.
  16. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my Bedell 9mm major pistol. I loaded up some ammo yesterday so I will be ready for the range when it arrives. Have 125 gr Black Bullets, Win small rifle primers & HS-6. I loaded small batches @ 7.4 gr of powder, 7.7 gr of powder & 8.0 gr of powder. All loaded to 1.170" OAL. Got a fresh battery in the Chrony. Can't wait to collect some data & start blasting!
  17. hey guys I'm looking for some guidance on loading 9mm major. i have a chance to pick up some ram shot silhouette and wanted to see if anyone has any data on silhouette major loads and any what would be the best primers to run? right now i have remington 1 1/2 and cci 500 and federals, i can get my hands on remington 5 1/2 which i think has a thicker wall so i believe this would be a lot better with the 9major. please let me know if i'm heading in the right direction, thank you p.s loading this for my open ck thunder in 9mm major
  18. Question for the reloading gurus (sorry, long post with lots of numbers, but I want to show the results): I finally got to chrony the rounds I cooked up for my new (used) 9mm Open pistol. It's a customized STI Matchmaster. It has the stock 4.15" no-hole barrel and T2 comp. For this reason, I know it's a bit harder to make Major PF with the shorter barrel. I loaded a progressive series using the following: 124gr Precision Delta JHP, Win SPP, Speer Nickel +P Brass, Loaded to COAL of 1.160. Powder is Winchester Auto Comp - I loaded rounds for each powder load: 7.0gr, 7.1gr, 7.2gr, 7.3gr, 7.4gr. Press: Hornady LNL AP (Go red!). I checked the weight of each powder load even though it's a progressive press to verify accurate powder weights. Here are my velocity results (note - 1331 fps needed to make major with the 124gr bullets; actually 1330 since they are 124.3+gr bullets on the scale). I will skip 7.0gr because too many fell below 1330fps. Location: Albuquerque, NM (Elevation ~5300 ft, 92 deg, sunny, clear). Chrony: ProChrono Digital ~10ft from barrel 7.1gr ------- 1375 1364 1352 1332 1394 1355 1332 1317 (only 1 missed major pf) 1340 1349 Avg: 1351fps (167.5 PF) 7.2gr ------ String 1 String 2 1350 1359 1346 1364 1364 1336 1335 1344 1346 1341 1339 1352 1349 1348 1325** 1345 1359 1390 1337 1337 (only 1 missed major PF) Avg: 1345 Avg: 1351 PF 166.8 PF: 167.6 7.3gr ------- String 1 String 2 1342 1353 1337 1350 1348 1366 1342 1357 1432(!) 1352 1330 1349 1361 1349 1345 1332 1330 1363 1349 1352 Avg:1343 Avg:1352 PF:166.5 PF:167.7 I think the 1432 was a misreading (or there must have been something about that round that I didn't catch, so it is left out of calculation) 7.4gr ------ 1345 1356 1355 1364 1325** 1346 1317** 1344 1344 1360 Avg:1346 PF:166.9 (Interesting, 2 rounds didn't make PF even with a tad more powder. I wonder if I hit the plateau) In none of these tests did the brass or primers show signs of increased case pressure. So based off of this, I am planning on loading 7.3gr of WAC. Now, on a couple of these rounds, I JUST made PF with a 1330fps. If I'd like to get a bit more cushion, what are the suggestions? I know because it is a shorter barrel that these same rounds would easily make major PF in a 5" barrel, but this thing transitions so nicely that I really want to shoot it! Options (and I don't know if some of these would actually make any difference) More powder? Change the COAL? Add a bit of crimp? (I am not adding any right now) Something else I haven't thought of? or Just leave it! (the average of 3 should be fine, I am being too picky about this, etc.) Thanks!
  19. OK I am looking for Real world experience with Hodgdon CFE Pistol for use with 9mm Major loads for Open Pistols. I am looking for actual Data in the following fields. Pistol used Barrel Length Comp used Poppel Holes Y/N Powder Throw Projectile Weight Projectile Profile Jacketed or Plated or coated OAL Chrono Data I am Starting to work on this myself and will build my own data set but this this where I plan on starting. Pistol used; STI TruBore Barrel Length; 5in Comp used ; STI TruBore Poppel Holes; N Powder Throw; Starting point based on Attached data from Hodgdon's web page. 6gn to 7.2gn Projectile Weight ; 124 Projectile Profile; HBFP Jacketed or Plated or coated; Heavy Plate Berrys OAL; 1.150-1.160 Chrono Data; So thinking that the test data used by Hodgdon is a 4in non-comped pistol I think Starting at 6gn I should be someplace in the 1370-1400 FPS with the intent to get and keep the FPS around 1450. And then again to repeat when I get my New Limcat Razorcat.
  20. I took my new open gun to the range to do some chrono work this weekend. My results are below, I started low and worked my way up. But the results have me a bit uncertain. I did not expect my starting loads to make major but I did get to major PF with a lot less powder than I expected. My chrono has always been pretty accurate but maybe something is not quite right with it. Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph is the model. Thoughts?
  21. OK, Still working on the Open shooting "Plan". Gun set up... STI TruBore with Cheely Horizontal mount. (No Blast Shield) I have done some experiments with coated projectiles, in this case 124gr Bayou with 8.6gr of HS-6 making 179pf, so it shoots well. But after just 2-3 rounds the glass is completely smeared with carbon blow back. Plan on trying some with CFE and seeing if that is less... But the questions are.... 1. Do Blast Shields work at keeping carbon from glass? Or are they doing something else that I am not aware of because I don't have one on my gun . 2. Does anyone make a Blast Shield for a Horizontal mount?
  22. I need a little help. I want to try the open division but I am torn. I have 4 Tanfoglios for limited and IDPA but I want to play in open. I would like to stay with Tanfoglio but I have been reading that making 9mm major is hit or miss. Seeing that I might buy a Trubor or the new STI DVC but I would like to stay with what I know. Has anyone been able to make 9 major safely and if so, how has the Gold Team been holding up. Also, what is the mag situation for the Gold Team; does anyone sell big sticks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Well, here's a new experience... Working up loads (well, trying to, anyway...keep reading) with Longshot for my Limcat (full-length, V-6 ported, 4-chamber comp). 124g MT Gold JHPs, once-fired Federal cases, WSR primers, 1.165" OAL, Oehler 35P chrono. Everything progressing nicely... 7.0 gr Longshot - 1311fps/34fps SD/162PF 7.2 gr Longshot - 1324fps/28fps SD/164PF 7.4 gr Longshot - 1348fps/18fps SD/167PF So far, so good; velocities increasing reasonably linearly, std dev's tightening, seemingly closing in on good load, would like a little cushion on PF, so, a little bit more should get me there... 7.6 gr Longshot - 1298fps/49fps SD (!) 7.8 gr Longshot - 1299fps/35fps SD (!!) Chrono'd regular load (7.8 Silhouette) as check - spot on @1378 fps... Hmmmm... Back to the bench, calibrate scales (yes, two, as cross-check), load two more test batches @ 7.6 & 7.8, weighing each charge...and... 7.6 gr Longshot - 1299fps/57fps SD (!) 7.8 gr Longshot - 1307fps/35fps SD (!!) Chrono'd regular load (7.8 Silhouette) again as check - spot on @1380 fps... So, if this (counter-intuitive!) data is to be believed, one would have to be well north of 8gr with Longshot to make, oh, say, 170pf in my particular gun, but am guessing, and I think correctly, that at some point not very far above 7.8 things are going to spike dramatically. 7.4gr load too close to 165 for comfort. My search-foo may be lacking, but I can find nothing anywhere noting this phenomena (more powder = LOWER velocities?!) with Longshot in Major 9. Has anyone else experienced this issue? "Recovering" velocities by going higher yet on charge weight? Keen to hear any feedback...
  24. I'm looking for a start recipe for Hodgdon LongShot aka LOUD Shot !!! for a 115gr or 125jhp 9mm Major bullet ... 4 port comp, no pop holes, 5.4" barrel, 5" open gun ...
  25. I just lucked out and got a 4# jug of vv3n38. I'm loading 9mm with #400 SRP and a 124g Xtreme hp Any help on a starting point would be awesome or if I'm waaaay off let me know n I'll save it for my 38 sup build in jan. Only thing vv has is for a 147g on there site. Also loading for a glock so Nothing over 1.15 Thank you
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