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Found 15 results

  1. Anyone using LOVEX (DO37.1 or DO37.2) for 9 maj. or .38 super. and would care to share their results or impressions?
  2. I've used MG JHP's for years and they have proven exceptional accuracy. Would like to eliminate the task of picking corn cob out of the JHP's, so I'm evaluating the accuracy of Montana Gold 115 & 124 CMJ's in my 9 major open guns. First round testing with MG CMJ's is disappointing. Shooting fully supported on bench, 4 out of 10 in a 10" circle at 25 yards disappointing. Same load with a MG JHP, (170PF, AA#7, 115, 1.165OAL), all shots in same ragged hole. Repeated multiple times with same results. Got to thinking about possible differences in freebore between the round node and JHP and setup a plunk test for each profile in my barrel. JHP plunks & spins out to 1.205 OAL (1.205 - 1.165OAL=.04) CMJ plunks & spins out to 1.270 OAL (1.270 - 1.165OAL=.105) Wondering if this big difference in freebore is responsible for the lack of accuracy? I would need to load the CMJ's out to 1.230 in this barrel to have the same freebore as the JHP's and that's not gonna work with 9.
  3. Anyone have experience loading Acmes in 9Maj? If so, were they good? No good? Thoughts? I searched but could only find Minor loads. ...and if you keep up with the Open forum... yes I said that I still shoot 38SC... but I practice exclusively in 9Maj ? Thanks all
  4. Had a 9 Major case rupture last night. Gun is fine, but zeroed a stage. Case cracked in 3 separate spots and was stuck in the chamber. I guess that's why they call it 9 Grenade. Load: 7.5 of WAC Bullet: 124 PD HP OAL: 1.165 Case: Remington Primer: CCI 500 Barrel/Comp: 5.5 Infinity with V6 holes and Akai 2 gill Comp
  5. I started working up some short OAL major loads over the weekend and have been pleasantly surprised with the results so far. No excessive pressure signs with any of my loads, and very consistent velocities around my 170PF target. Curious what experiences others have had loading with this constraint (OAL 1.100 - 1.125) ? barrel= KKM 5.5", 3 holes, CK 3-chamber comp bullet= MG124JHP OAL= 1.120" 6.7 gr WAC 1381 fps, 9 ES (171.2 PF) 8.5 gr 3N38 1379 fps, 8 ES (171.0 PF)
  6. Well, I like to fiddle around, and I like wildcats, so lately Ive been running my nine loaded to 1.208, tested in both matches and practice aprox 4-5000 rounds, and its so smooth,, so far so good, next out is 1.22 and 1.24, neck tension and bullet hold is still good (slightly hollow base 124gr alsa pro), just gotto see how long chamber is reambed. Any of you tried this long? upsides are extended brass life and has no issues in mags, and room for moaaaaar powder and less pressure. We are suddenly talking *within* spec CIP and SAAMI with VV 3n38. ever 0,5mm or 0,02 in theory drops another 1000PSI or so roughly. Brass is sized and expanded so its basicly a straight wall 9, or a short supercomp
  7. So I just upgraded to the new FW17, the difference that I can tell to FW17 is basicly much more sensitive digital clutch, and smoother overall operation. the 2 previous versions has also been good, to me at least, but this bumps it another level. I requested an external stop button some time ago, and they have actually implemented it in this firmware, hardware is ready in july end of month, which is basicly now, definetly getting it, allthough with the recent software and fw upgrades I havent used the stop button on the pad much. I had 5k of brass that needed processing, basicly I load something I call a short supercomp, the brass on hand was pretty much junk brass, so in 5k rounds it has stopped 6 times, 2 due to SS pin beeing stuck the primer hole, (wow never had this before) then 3 times on berdan brass, and one on a ringer in the swage station. Gotto love it! I've had some berdan converted to boxer on previous software versions, so definetly more sensitive Love it mark7 guys! this really is an awesome product, and I feel Im getting my moneys worth with new stuff beeing added, so hey, I feel like giving credit, where credit is due, so hats off to you! Here i a video of throwing berdan brass in, as you can see it runs 2 sizeing dies 1 swager/expander and 1 expander, but its still sensitive to discover it. SW Version 00.00.11 FW Version 17  Calibration torque increased  Index speed slow down adjusted  Remote Stop added  Real time RPH count enabled
  8. Just thought I would post some numbers I came up with today at the range, I know that I was struggling to find much data for 115 grain pills at major with HS6. Tons of stuff for the 124s and stuff, but not a whole lot for the 115s. I am shooting a Gen 4 Glock 17, Lonewolf barrel, SJC 11 port comp, 13 pound spring. I think I am going to put in the 11 pound spring, because even at 170 pf not a single round would eject or feed. Thoughts? Anyway, here are the numbers (all loads are with HS-6, 115 grain Black and Blue bullets coated, at 1.150): 6.8 gr: 142.6 pf 7.0 gr: 142.9 pf 7.2 gr: 149 pf 7.4 gr: 154.9 pf 7.6 gr: 156 pf 7.8 gr: 161.6 pf 8.0 gr: 163.7 pf 8.2 gr: 166.9 pf 8.4 gr: 170.3 pf Anyone have any ideas about the ejection? ::ETA:: Here is a video of the 7.8 grain load, it seems decently flat to me and the 8.4 was definitely even flatter but I didn't get a video of that one because I had to use all 10 rounds for the chrono (got a couple of errors)
  9. Long time reader. First time poster. I owe you guys a lot for helping me figure out my 9mm major loads, accuracy issues at that velocity and training techniques. Here is a bit of a complicated question i am hoping someone has actual experience with.... I run a Glock 17 with Carver comp and at the moment Iron sights in open USPSA division and 3 gun. I run HS6 powder behind 115's to make Major velocity and it blows a dirty mess back and coats the front two inches of the slide. It is about time i put an optic on the pistol. I like the SJC Micro mounts look and size, but it has no gas/blowback plate protecting the optic. Anybody run this combination? Does the blowback residue from the HS6 cloud the optic? Is this an issue? If so i will have to remove the SJC micro mount from my wishlist and figure something else out.
  10. I have a Glock 17 im looking to shoot for open. I was wondering what all I need to change out for the Glock to handle 9 major for a extended period of time.
  11. Ran some test loads through a Gen 3 Glock 17 with KKM Barrel, 11 Port SJC Comp, 11 LBS Spring. AutoComp Bullet OAL Average Speed Power Factor Primer Notes? Notes 6.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 Error Error - Light was not set up properly 6.2 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1260.2 154.264 No Signs 6.4 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1292.0 160.208 No Signs 6.6 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1323.0 164.052 No Signs 6.8 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1371.0 170.035 No Signs Makes Major, Very Nice Load 7.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1373.8 170.351 No Signs Makes Major, Very Nice Load WSF Bullet OAL Average Speed Power Factor Primer Notes? Notes 6.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1241.0 153.977 No Signs 6.2 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1276.6 158.298 No Signs 6.4 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1297.2 160.852 No Signs 6.6 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1319.6 163.630 No Signs 6.8 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1340.0 166.160 No Signs Makes Major, Soft, but dot moves a lot 7.0 124 Gr Plated HP 1.150 1347.4 167.077 No Signs Makes Major, Soft, dot is flatter than 6.8 I will load some more rounds for AC 6.8/7.0 & WSF 7.0 to see which I like best. Anyone else out there with similar data
  12. I have always shot 9 major using 124 JHP at 165 - 170 PF. What difference can I expect between the 124JHP and 115 JHP at the same PF? Behavior of pistol, recoil, control, etc. I vary between MG and Xtreme, would I still be able to use Xtreme plated as they approach 1450 fps Any personal advice/experience would be most helpful. Thanks, Stephen
  13. I just ran some test loads through my Chrono Today And I thought I would pass the info along to anyone interested. I was shooting a M&P Pro with a KKM 5 inch barrel + threading for a Carver 4 Port Comp. Temp was 65 Degrees and sunny at approx 7,000 feet ASL Using a CE Pro Chrono Digital at 15 Feet. I was loading mixed headstamp once fired 9mm brass, Remington SPP, MG 124 CMJ, Loaded to 1.183 OAL. I started at 7.0 Gr working up 0.2 Gr at a time looking for pressure signs on primers, Powder is Ramshot Silhouette 7.0 Gr, 163 PF, 1315 Fps Avg, 8.7 SD 7.2 Gr, 168 PF, 1355 Fps Avg, 15.4 SD 7.4 Gr, 171 PF, 1378 Fps Avg, 11.1 SD 7.6 Gr, 174 PF, 1404 Fps Avg, 11.6 SD 7.8 Gr, 176 PF, 1420 Fps Avg, 7.4 SD 8.0 Gr, 181 PF, 1459 Fps Avg, 5.0 SD I had some 8.2 Gr rounds loaded but didn't see the need to exceed 181 PF. I'm not even seeing flattened primers at 180 but don't see the need to run the gun that hot. It also felt best around 7.6-7.8 Gr
  14. I have been searching, and have read a decent amount about barrel holes. However, it has mostly been posts about supercomp. Obviously I am currious about 9 major. It seems the initial thought on 9 major holes was that it was hard enough to make major already, why make it worse and risk turning a major barrel into a minor only deal. Now there is no issue making major, so what is the consensus now? I can make well over 180 pf if necessary (its not) and barrel holes seem to pull velocity down by 20-30 fps. Akai 9 major 5.4 svi bull 1 hole, shoto comp 7.5 autocomp, 124 mg, wsr/fsr/tsr, 1.170 oal. 178 pf (fast barrel?) I intend to shoot at least 10k through this thing before I really consider drilling another hole, I just want to know what is possible. edit to add, I have shot a similar gun in 38sc with 3 holes that is much flatter, takes similar load to make major.
  15. I have not shot USPSA, so this is a nooby question for sure. I have been following several of the reloading discussions and am just wondering what advantage is there to loading 9 major over 38 super? 9 major seems to really be pushing the limits of that cartridge and so why shoot 9mm when 38 super can make PF with much less hazard? Just wondering, not looking for a battle for one over the other.
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