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Found 10 results

  1. Very few posts but a long-time lurker of these forums. I’ve been reloading long enough to know what I know and know that I don’t know it all. Background: Lee Classic 4-hole turret press Lee Auto Powder Measure Lee dies x-Treme 230gr RN (0.452”) Bullseye 4.6gr OAL 1.245” (+/- .005”) Winchester Large Primer Random range brass tumbled with Lyman stainless media I was reloading 45acp last week and as I was placing the finished rounds into the holder, something seemed off with a few of the rounds. I decided to weigh all of the components separately and then weigh 50 of the finished rounds and noticed that there were a few that were heavier by about 5gr. This was a concern based simply on the basis of my charge weight and the possibility of a double charge was evident. I then charged 50 cases separately to see if the powder measure was off. It wasn’t. I then weighed 50 random bullets and they were all within an acceptable range. Nothing extraordinary in terms of weight variance. I knew the primers were not going to be the cause but I weighed a handful and their weights were insignificant. This led me to the brass and my initial thought was the possibility of stainless media being stuck inside the cases. I checked about 500 recently cleaned cases and that was not the issue. I then randomly pulled the following cases (40) separated by the case’s headstamp and measured their weights (in grains); large primer pocket without a primer: Federal (6) 83.2, 83.3, 83.9, 83.8, 83.3, 83.4 Winchester (6) 84.4, 84.4, 84.2, 82.4, 83.0, 83.3 PMC (6) 87.2, 89.1, 87.7, 88.8, 89.0, 89.9 Speer (6) 89.9, 90.0, 90.2, 90.5, 90.0, 90.4 RP (6) 83.8, 83.4, 84.0, 83.0, 84.0, 83.5 PPU (4) 80.1, 81.4, 80.1, 80.1 SIG (4) 86.0, 87.1, 87.4, 87.3 Perfecta (1) 85.3 HRTRS (1) 84.9 I then reloaded the 40 cases and then weighed the finished round. As I expected, the Speer cases were heavier by about 5 grains, whereas the other re-loads were within a similar weight range. I felt much better in that I didn’t have to pull the bullets but it also made me think about the fact that Federal manufactures Speer brass. Different specs? Different machining? Oh well, my OCD stopped at that point.
  2. So I figured I should start this as a replacement to my scattered notes on shooting, this way they are in one place. Maybe others can help or my experience can help someone else out. I will try my best to organize posts for my own and other's sake. It may very well turn into an actual diary since shooting sports have quickly become a true passion of mine.
  3. I purchased an Apeiro in .45 acp. I wanted to go with a Dawson tool less guide rod. The question I have is what strength of recoil spring should I use with the Apeiro? I will be shooting factory 230 ball ammo to start with and because of the island barrel there is a mass difference. Just looking for some input.
  4. I'll preface this with "I know it's probably not the right tool for the job". My dad has bear on his property and was looking for something larger than his 9mm shield to help defend himself. He decided a 45 shield was the right move, even with me saying it probably isn't the best move. Fully aware that if engaging one could be avoided, would anyone have recommendations on load data for a round that can be as effective as possible against a bear? From what I see, JHP is probably not the right move and velocity is king since there is so much fat/tissue. I know there are a small handful of rounds marketed for this purpose but looking for thoughts/advice. Thanks
  5. Silly me, I thought a 1911 9mm firing pin and 45 ACP firing pins would fit into their respective caliber guns. If you have a Springfield Armory....NO. After 10K rounds through both guns, I thought I better have spare parts around. So, I ordered Wilson 9mm and a 45 ACP firing pins from Midway. To my surprise none of the parts fit into their respective guns. Not thinking clearly I ordered a genuine Springfield 9mm firing pin from Midway next. It didn't fit either. So, I took out my calipers and did what I should have done in the first place, measure the nominal tip diameters of the firing pins. Here is what I found. 9mm Springfield RO 0.062" 45 ACP Springfield TRP 0.070" Wilson 9mm FF from Midway 0.068" Springfield 9mm from Midway 0.066" Wilson 45 ACP from Midway 0.089" Results, only the factory original RO firing pin would fit into the RO. The Wilson 9mm and Springfield 9mm firing pins from Midway will fit into the Springfield 45 ACP TRP. Looks like Springfield uses 9mm firing pins on their products. The Wilson 45 ACP firing pin won't fit either the 9mm RO or the 45 ACP TRP. I called Springfield customer support and asked them how much new firing pins would cost. They asked for my serial numbers, verified my address and said the part will go out FREE of charge! I'm very impressed with the SA customer service. A few years ago they replaced the slide on a XDm for free, even after 20K rounds.
  6. Hello Everyone! First off I would like to say that I am new to the forums and I was directed to post this question here! So here it is: I have a S&W M&P 45acp that I installed an Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit into and I have had issues with double firing. The gun is brand new and nothing else has been done to it and I had no problems up until this point. I think it might be the sear spring but not sure (it was recommended that it might be the sear spring this morning, I have not tried it yet). Anyway, when I initially installed the kit I put the weaker spring in and I really thought the trigger pull was a bit light, but nice none the less. Anyway, I had several "doubles" and I thought that it might have been the combination of the light trigger, the recoil and the fact that I might have been "riding the trigger" a little bit. So I install the heavier trigger return spring (the green spring) and test fired the gun and it did great, as a matter of a fact I ran it 2 complete matches with no issues..then this past Sunday at a match doubled on me 4 times in the first stage. Several fixes have been suggested the one that I am planning to try next is to replace the kit provided sear spring with the factory sear spring and if that does not work then I am planning to reinstall all of the factory parts. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you all in advance. Also, it is very possible that I have something installed incorrectly this is my first trigger job so again any suggestions, comments, recommendations, etc...are greatly appreciated and thank you all again in advance. -smf
  7. Trying to come up with a new load using 200gr RN Xtreame bullets. I have a P14 with a Schuemann ultimatch barrel. With the steep feed ramp on it, it seems to like longer rounds but I can't get it to make major PF without a impressive fireball rolling out the barrel. I have used Tight Group, Ram Shot Competition, CFE pistol and will pickup some solo tomorrow. Ive tried loading OAL from 1.245 to 1.265, using CCI primers and once fired, mixed brass but the fireball remains (@ major pf). Any powder recommendations, loads recipes, etc will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I did a search on the forum and found a little bit of information, but it was sparse. Does anyone have a 255g FP 45acp load using WST? I will be loading Xtreme plated bullets for use in a 625JM. I was going to start with 4.0gns loaded at 1.265." Thanks in advance.
  9. I received an e-mail from The American Marksman (http://www.theamericanmarksman.com) for processed 45ACP brass at a great price but have never heard of them. Anyone buy from them and if so, what was your experience & product quality?
  10. Needing help with dillon 45 ACP crimp die problem. This is my second rl550b loaded on one about 8 years ago 9mm, 45 ACP and 32 win special. After getting machine all set up and running (everything is new) about 1000 + rounds of 9mm decided to set up my other tool head for the 45 ACP. I am having a problem in the crimp die, I started slow on crimp but as I adjusted wasn't seeing any change if any. Finally got it to crimp at .470 but still looks like i need .469 to fall out of barrel on its own. dont want to go any further. This is the problem when the case leaves crimp die it pops like it is hung up also finding little slivers of brass. The shell plate is all correct no slop, other dies set up good, I am belling to about .015 over case mouth size. I tried some other brands of brass all same results. I have only loaded couple dummy rounds of each brass type and decided to not go any further until I can find the problem. I did read in another form that there has been a few 45 ACP crimp dies labeled as 45 ACP but are not. Has anyone else experienced or heard of this. Thanks for any info or help.
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