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Found 9 results

  1. I was curious if anyone else had a recipe to make minor power factor out of a glock 22 or 35 using titegroup, xtreme plated 180gr rnfp, and Winchester small pistol primers? I chrono'd some rounds and had to up the powder charge to 4.9gr of titegroup at 1.125 overall length to get it to make major pf out of a stock glock 22. Lyman's 49th states 4.7gr as the max charge. I inspected the cases afterwards and didn't see any signs of overpressure on the primer. Should I play with the overall length or put a little bit more crimp on the round to lower the powder charge below the recommended max. And if you have a load that uses 180gr xtreme rnfp and titegroup powder, please share if you don't mind. Thanks.
  2. I've been thinking of using BE-86 instead of Bullseye and was wondering how much BE-86 fills the case at normal loadings - say, around 5.5 grains or so. I'd like a powder that fills about half the case but Bullseye, my normal powder, has so little volume that you could almost triple charge a case if you wanted.
  3. Just getting a M&P 40 pro to use in limited. I do my own loading and up to this point have not loaded any 40cal so i am looking for a little help. First bullet weight, I see a bunch of back and forth on this and coming from 9mm I love the heavy 147 over all others. Question, is the recoil effect from the heavier bullets the same in 40 as it is in 9mm? I would like to try the 200gr FP Bayou bullet out but hate to buy things that don't work. Second is powder, currently I have a few selections but really like the way titegroup burns in my 9mm and see there are a lot of people that use it in their 40's as well. Third is OAL, I like to run my reloads as long as is permitted by the gun. Any lengths that the M&P doesn't like?
  4. What is the standard hammer spring weight for an new STI Edge 40S&W? Several old BEnos threads say that a new STI Edge 40 comes with a 21 pound hammer spring. That sounds pretty heavy to me. Do new STI Edge 40's still come with a 21 pound hammer spring? What hammer spring weight do most people use on an Edge that is going to shoot major in USPSA's Limited division? My plan is to shoot 180gr Bayou bullets. I'm more familiar with DA/SA CZ Shadows where the main/hammer spring affects the trigger pull weight of the first double action shot. Seems like the hammer spring functions more closely with the guide rod spring in a single action 1911/2011. I'm eliminating the STI recoil master setup. My plan is to decide on an initial hammer spring weight and then try several different guide rod springs to find a good match.
  5. Just curious to know who shoots the same brass over and over again? I have about 2000 pieces of 9mm brass that I have shot probably 4-5 times each. I am starting to notice my seating depths are becoming very inconsistent. I reload on a RCBS pro2000 and use a redding seating die. Is it the brass being shot so many times that is leading to inconsistent seating depths or is it my die set up? Also, what about 40sw brass, do you all shoot it over and over again? Thanks.
  6. I'm working up a 40 major load and thinking through how to adequately allow for powder temperature sensitivity when doing chrono work in the winter. I'm not going to surf so close to PF 165 that I'm worried about velocity. I just want to make sure I'm getting summer case pressure levels for over pressure evaluation. Sticking to VV powders reduces the issue significantly, but even VV has some temperature sensitivity. Their manual lists a 1% velocity increase and 3% case pressure increase with each 18 degree (f) increase. Using round numbers, a load that produces 1000fps at 20 degrees would develop 5% more velocity (1050fps) and 15% more case pressure at 110 degrees. If I increase the powder charge to give 1050fps at 20 degrees, would I be producing the 15% additional pressure at the lower temperature as well? And would this allow me to evaluate the case pressure signs I would experience at 110 degrees? That being said, I don't plan on trusting those extremes. I'm just wondering if that logic is sound. For now my goal is to produce indoor practice ammo that's close to the what I'll shoot this summer. So I'll be doing chrono work at 30-35 degrees for what I'll initially be shooting around 70 degrees. And obviously once it's being shot indoors it'll get real case pressure evaluation at 70 degrees. Then once outdoor temperatures come up I'll run the same incremental test again. Thanks!
  7. Hey all, I just received my Dillon XL650 a few months ago and have been reloading .380AUTO for my Ruger LCP on it and I love it! I've made about 500 rounds and now I'm ready to add 40S&W for my Glock 22. I've been reading up in the forums about "GLOCKED" brass but I was wondering if someone could tell me what additional items I need to get 40S&W reloading. They are both small pistol primers and the same shell plate, so I am good there. I guess all I need is the 40S&W Dillon dyes? I've read up on the EGW/Lee Undersize dies and the Lee Factory Crimp Die, but I was just planning using the Dillon dies until I ran into a problem, unless you guys think thats a bad idea or if it would be cheaper to just purchase the single dillon die I need for the powder then get the other Lee dies separately? I will also be purchasing a 40S&W case gauge and I was thinking of copying what some other people here do with the "quick caliber change" by buying an extra toolhead and powder dispenser, so I can just pull the toolhead out for the caliber change. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Does anybody have any load data on the 40 using 231 and 175gr cast lead bullets? I just got my first 40 ever and need to see if there is a short cut out there. Looking to make Maj. PF and accuracy.Hep me...
  9. Hey guys I just got a Dillon 550B for Christmas and I plan to start reloading for my Glock 23. However I've read many stories about the "Glock Kaboom" on 40 S&W and it does worry me a bit. I will be using the stock barrel and will be staying away from lead bullets, also I'm not doing any kind of competition I just need my ammo for target practice. Is there any specific load that you guys recommend? Bullet weight? Bullet type? Powder? I've shot thousands of rounds of Federal American Eagle 165 Grain FMJ and some Blazer Brass and have tons of brass saved up all which was shot through my pistol. Have a Happy New Year everyone. Greetings from Colorado!
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