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Found 11 results

  1. I've tried this question in the 9/38 reloading forum with no reply for weeks. So, has anyone tried imr blue for open major and have any data?
  2. I really hate to ask this. but here it goes. I am 100% new to loading 38sc and for an open gun. I have a schuemann hybrid 3 port barrel. with a comp that has 3 ports on top and 2 side ports. I havent seen a whole lot of published load data for 38 super comp that gets major pf. I am wanting to load up 125 grain coated rn bullets. I have no.7, wac, lil gun, power pistol, and shooters world major pistol. can some one give me a few tips on where to start. I got the gun used and the previous owner used 10.2 grains of 3n38. which doesnt shoot too flat in my opinion. the dot seems to dance around instead of going straight up and down. I am used to loading for 300aac and 9mm minor. I dont want to screw up the gun and very hesitant on where to start. (no vv powders in my area) Thanks guys and girls
  3. Its 38sc. Pf 170 in my 2011. 125 head, winch spp, 10.2gr ziira 7 powder. These are my usual load data but for no apparent reason exhibited this signs of primer flow and piercing clearly due to excessive pressures. The only thing i changed in the reloading bench was increase considerably the crimp for feeding reliability issues. But Chronoed again and have same 170pf as previous same loads. In 100 rnds had 6 primers pierced and 4x my big stick mag fell while being shot. What have i missed?
  4. Wanted to know how much HS-6 you use to make major load with 38SC? I have AKAI shogun with 5 pop holes SV barrel and 3port comp. I'll be using PD 124g JHP. thank you in advance. Bryan
  5. Getting some loads worked up for my new open gun. Need a starting place, I'm reading loads that are all over the map I'm using 124MG JHP bullet These are the ranges I am finding OAL 1.225-1.255 9.4-10.4 grains 3N38 PF 165-180 Tell me what you are shooting and what gun setup you have (i.e. popple holes, no holes, etc) I am looking for 38SC data only.
  6. Just a little FYI for you 38SC shooters...When I was shooting 40 S&W I came across the Redding GR-x push through die which resized all my 40 S&W brass to perfect specs for reloading. I have since started shooting open division with an STI Trubor in 38 SC and noticed that after reloading, I would get about 4-6% failure rates when case gauging reloaded rounds. Since 38 SC is a straight wall case, I contacted Redding, who makes the GR-x push-thru dies, and they said the market is not large enough to make a push-thru die for 38 SC. So I searched for alternatives. I looked into the Case-Pro roll sizer, but didn't want to pay $900. A friend of mine turned me onto this. Get the Lee Factory Crimp die in 38 Super and remove the crimper on top. Get the Lee Bulge Buster Base sizing kit and place it in place of the removed crimp. Mount this in a Lee single stage press and waa-laa...a push-thru die for 38 SC. Now I get 100% case gauged 38SC ammo. Oh, be sure to lube the cases and this setup will also cull out the 38 Supers as they won't go thru due to the rim. (hammer and punch to remove the supers) Here are the components you need, less the press: Lee Bulge Buster Base Sizing Kit (380 Auto 40 S&W 45 ACP) $17.99 and Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die 38 Super $19.99
  7. Hello BEnos universe. I have a question for you. I love using AA#7 for 38 sc maj. I like using a 115g plated bullet. I was wondering if anyone has had any succes with #9 and light bullets (115-124) for major. I have a 4 port comp with 2 poppet holes. In a 4 3/4in barrel. I keep missing out on getting VV n105 and I want to get a good case full behind a 115g load going b4 I run out of HS-7. I love the 10.5 3n38 under 115g and I like my AA#7 as well. Looking for load used and comp/ holes set up. Thank you all!
  8. Anyone ever tried this with 38SC? Seeing lots of postings for use with 9major. I'm working up some loads and have a good amount of HS6 and Autocomp. Also 115 or 124g bullet? Remember this is for 38SC not 9 Major
  9. I've loaded tens of thousands of rounds of supercomp over the years, but have problem that has me stumped. I had put up my open gun for 6 months or so, so I pulled the super dies out of the press. When I re-installed the dies recently I'm getting bullets shoved back in the case during feeding. In brand new brass this doesn't happen, but on 2nd loading I get this set back. I'm loading on an old Hornady Pro 7, before the lock and load bushings were around. So the dies screw directly into the press. So, what the heck am I missing? This has happened with 3 brands of bullets, so it shouldn't be undersized bullets.
  10. We have all heard the rumors, 31 rounds in a big stick. WTH. When I started reading a while back, 29 rounds of 9mm major was pushing it. Then it was "30 is doable if you are loading 38sc". Now I have read someones post, next to a gorgeous blaster, touting 31 rounds. WTH. I have a friend that believes 32 is possible, that one has yet to be seen by this guy, but I am willing to try. -why not. So today, I took 32 dummy 38sc rounds and loaded them into a brand new SV big stick, without a spring/follower in the mag, just to see how much room would be left for them. EEEERRRR-none. So i am 99.99% that 32 is a pipe dream without a gauge, CNC machine, and a magicians wand with fairy dust sprinkled on my thumbs. However, 31 left some wiggle room. Now I have to wonder, just what would be necessary to cram that last round in the mag. Now, I realize that this would be a spring waster, maybe a couple of uses before its off to spring steel heaven. But I would like to have a 31 round mag in my bag at the next level 2+ match. Yes, I understand that it may never make a difference. --So here is where I am at now: --STI tube (tuned) with Dawson base pad and grams spring (tuned) with follower and a spacer. 29 +1 9mm. Reliable With the same tube and base pad, 29+1 38sc. Reliable. --SVI tube (tuned) with grams spring (tuned) and follower, SVI base pad, 30+1 in both 9/38. Reliable Same tube and base pad, SVI spring and follower, 29+1 and 30+1 (dependent on the Follower used). Reliable I have tried a couple of spring and follower combos with little to no advancement. I would like to hear opinions on the Bolen and Taran lines of springs/followers/base pads for the STI/SVI tubes. My intention for this thread is to get an idea of what you are using, how you are tuning, and possibly stumble onto the answer that I am looking for. Hopefully there are others who will get something out of it also. -- List equipment used -- List capacity achieved, and if necessary, how to achieve it -- Tell us about reliability
  11. Hi, Just got the EGW U-Die for 38SC. I'm using a Lee single stage press to prep the case before reloading as I'm having a Dillion SDB the universal dies will not fit the thread of the first station. Can anyone tell me how to correctly set it up so it has the best possible sizing for the brass? All I know is screw in the die, and pull the handle so the die is just touching the shell plate/holder of the press. Then what next to adjust to have the optimum sizing? Hope anyone can advise.
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