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Found 5 results

  1. I'm starting to load 300 blackout and looking for the best bullet weight, powder type/grains for sub sonic suppressed. I'm running a 9.5" Rainier barrel and an Octaine 45 suppressor if that makes any difference. Any tips or load data is appreciated.
  2. I have about 15 gal. of .223/5.56 brass that I will be processing to 300 Blackout. Just wanted to walk through the process to make sure I have thought of everything. Equipment: Dillon 1500 Case Trimmer with required short tool head and trimmer/sizer die for 300 Blackout. Case Prep I have a small rifle case feeder wheel for the .223 brass to feed the .223/5.56 decapping/sizing die Next to the Uniquetec swaging station (replace primer seating with swager) Finally to the case trimmer / resizer Once deprimed and resized on to the cleaner, I was going to use a wet tumbler with SS pins to get the primer pockets but have found that is more trouble than it's worth. May just use vibrator with corn husk. Any advise? Reloading Setup I'm told that a small pistol case feeder wheel works with a spacer washer to raise it up. Any idea how much space is needed? Recommendations on dies. I typically use Lee and Redding for pistol however this will be the first rifle loads on the press so not sure what is best.
  3. I'm here looking for answers on a very specific question. My question for anyone who has experience with Vihtavuori Tin Star is, does it burns clean and is ok to use in sealed suppressors? I am interested in using it in to develop a subsonic load for my 45 Raptor Rem 700 SBR, pushing custom made 500gn .452 bullets from Outlaw State. Tin Star was the powder recommended by Arne Brennan, the guy who developed 45 Raptor, as it's quite bulky and will give a good charge density and it'll get a full burn in my 12" barrel. The suppressor I'm going to be using is a Crux ARC, which is an all titanium sealed rifle can. If I was using a user serviceable can, I wouldn't be concerned, but obviously with a sealed unit I want to make sure it's not going to get fouled up by using pistol powders in a rifle can. Tin Stars intended used is for cowboy action shooting, which doesn't really mandate a clean burning powder; VV claims it's a clean burning powder, but "clean burning" is subjective. I have seen on other threads that some guys are using Tin Star for subsonic 300blk loads; which I would assume implies use with a suppressor (because otherwise what's the point?) but that's not always the case. If I'm going to buy Tin Star, I'd also be interested in using it for 300blk reloads (if it can generate enough pressure to cycle the action on an AR) which also goes through a sealed can, a SilencerCo Omega.If you know any other good powders worth considering for this specific application, let me know.
  4. Recently restocked quite a bit of fully processed brass: Lake City 5.56 fully processed and primed brass Primed with CCI #41 military primers, 250 count bags, $55.99 300 Blackout brass, formed from military auction Lake City, fully prepped, annealed, and primed with CCI #41 military primers, 250 count bag, $69.99 We also have the same items unprimed, for a full listing of all brass, visit our listings of all fully processed 5.56 and 300 blackout brass. Our brass sells out often, but we are constantly restocking. Our web site has real time inventory, so if something is out of stock, check back later.
  5. ok so i have finished my batch of brass and i am starting to work on my load data for the 300 BLK. i am using some hornady 150 gr SST and some older spier points that i had laying around. The powder i want to use is LIL GUN, mainly bc i could find it. I have 10 Barnes TXP (i think that is the one) 200 gr bullets that i would like to load for some hunting reasons. i know it would be a subsonic load, but the deer are small and they get really close. Does anyone have an load data on a 200 gr pill. i have searched a little and can find all kinds of data for other weights. While i am asking if you have any 180 gr load data for LIL GUN that would be great also thanks in advance
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