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Found 4 results

  1. Does anybody offer a 40 to 9 conversion barrel for Sig 226?
  2. Folks, Once again a quick part review. The IDP Magazine Release is one of only a handful of aftermarket parts available for the P-Series pistols. As always, Mods-if this needs to be in a different forum, please move accordingly, and always ensure any firearm is unloaded prior to work. Any work you undertake you do at your own risk/liability, this is a part review, not a step by step guide. The IDP extended magazine release unpackaged, unique in that is is the only one to my knowledge that actually provides a larger surface area, neatly machining a small gap underneath to allow it to clear the decocker on the 22X series guns. Fit, finish, and manufacture of the part is excellent-no complaints to say the least, and I scrutinize every part that goes into my firearms. Pictured below, from left to right, are the IDP magazine release, the Sig extended release (found on some X5 series guns) and lastly a standard Sig magazine release. Quick observation reveals that the IDP magazine release is beveled towards the back of the gun, making it very natural. There are no abrasive areas or discomforting screws; it's a solid piece. Below, in the same order, are the IDP, Sig X5, and standard releases, showing the enlarged area of the IDP release. For trial, I installed this on my X5 tactical, realizing afterwards that I should have installed it on one of my DA/SA Sig pistols in order to verify function and clearance of the lever, but given the dimensions and fit I see no issue whatsoever. So-how do I feel about the IDP Magazine Release? It performs as intended and is nicely made, no complaints there. I don't know that this belongs on a defensive gun, since that cutout noted above is one more area that clothing or debris can get caught. For a USPSA Production gun, only the length can be extended, limiting only the Sig factory extended version as the only alternative. That leaves a very small field of applicable uses, mainly USPSA Limited or a range only gun. One minor complaint I have is that the release definitely catches on my support hand, and I have small hands-folks with larger hands or a more forward grip may have some interference. My initial reaction is I prefer the factory X5 extended release (routinely available on gun broker) over the IDP version, but I will use it over the next few weeks to see how I feel about it. Still-a well made and well thought out product. As always, questions, pictures, etc., ask away!
  3. Friends, Wanted to share some of my own findings with you regarding Sig magazine extensions. Right now, the three non-Sig metal extensions that I am aware of are Apex, Taylor Freelance, and TRT, also pictured is the Sig 20 round SWAT German magazine. All of the magazine extensions have been mounted on MecGar 20 round magazines. These are slightly longer and allow proper fitting, especially if using the TRT Maxwell. The Taylor Freelance for sure will not work on a regular Sig magazine; it will not seat.
  4. Folks, I recently decided to install Bruce Gray's spring pack, trigger, and guide rod into my IDPA gun, a Sig 226 Scorpion. First off-Mods, if this belongs in gunsmithing, please move to the appropriate forum. Second-if you attempt this, you assume all liability for work done. Always ensure your firearms are unloaded before attempting any work. This is not meant to be a step by step guide, merely a review with some observations as I conducted the work myself. This gun has an untold number of rounds through it. I had originally anticipated sending it to Bruce Gray, who performed his work on my X5 Allround (which I cannot say enough good things about). Bruce is a gentleman and passionate about the Sig handgun series, and he will shortly be getting my second X5 for work. I decided that for a regular factory gun that I don't use as often, I would attempt to clean it up myself. That said, I HIGHLY recommend getting the OPSPEC DVD on the Sig P-Series that features-you guessed it-Bruce Gray, taking you step by step and piece by piece through every variation of the Sig lineup. It also goes over tools needed or recommended, has an annex on recoil spring weights, and a great number of other useful bits of information. So, with DVD and parts in hand, I began.
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