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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone. I've been experimenting with lighter bullets in .40 trying to make major. My latest test was with some Montana Gold 155 grain FMJs I picked up off the prize table at Battle In the Bluegrass this year. I'm experimenting to see whether I like lighter or heavier bullets better. I've shot plenty of 180s and 200s and I'm currently using 200's at matches, but noticing that the recoil feels slow. When I started using them I had been shooting Single Stack running 230gr bullets in .45 so it felt similar. I'm sharing so my tests can be of some use to others who might be searching for load data. I did notice that the 155's produced a significantly faster recoil impulse, especially when approaching major power factor. It wasn't harsh, which is good, but it did get the slide moving faster which is what I think I'm looking for. All of these were tested in my Brazos Custom Pro Series Limited gun. The barrel is a 5" Bar-Sto. All of these use the same bullet, same powder, mixed brass, CCI SP Primers, and same OAL. The only difference was the amount of powder in the cases. I'm trying to make major with these and I know I can go safely up to 5.9gr of Titegroup loaded to 1.125 per Hodgdon's data for Hornady XTP bullets, so I'm going to load up some more starting at 5.5gr going up to 6.0gr at 1.20 OAL to get more data and see how they feel. I was on the edge of a consistent major power factor load at 5.5gr so 5.6 or 5.7 should make it consistently at 1.20 OAL. I'm also going to load some to 1.80 OAL starting at 5.2gr and up to 6.0gr because the bullets are pretty short and could probably stand to be seated a little deeper. The good news is as the powder charge increased to the point where the load would reach major power factor, the extreme spread and standard deviation lowered. That's promising. I think as long as accuracy is good, this would be a pretty awesome, VERY fast recoiling load to make .40 major. I will post results of the rest of my tests using this bullet once I get out to test them and also some more data with 165gr BBI's which I should be receiving in a day or so. I did not test for accuracy. That will come later and will be based on my abilities. I don't have a realistic rest to truly test for accuracy anyway so testing for accuracy will be subjective... 1. 155gr MG FMJ, 4.9gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 896 Max Velocity: 950 Avg Velocity: 932 Extreme Spread: 54 Standard Deviation: 17 Avg Power Factor: 144 2. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.0gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 907 Max Velocity: 983 Avg Velocity: 958 Extreme Spread: 76 Standard Deviation: 20 Avg Power Factor: 148 3. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.1gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 962 Max Velocity: 1014 Avg Velocity: 982 Extreme Spread: 52 Standard Deviation: 14 Avg Power Factor: 152 4. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.2gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 986 Max Velocity: 1029 Avg Velocity: 1009 Extreme Spread: 43 Standard Deviation: 14 Avg Power Factor: 156 5. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.3gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 996 Max Velocity: 1036 Avg Velocity: 1018 Extreme Spread: 40 Standard Deviation: 15 Avg Power Factor: 157 6. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.4gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 1006 Max Velocity: 1044 Avg Velocity: 1030 Extreme Spread: 38 Standard Deviation: 12 Avg Power Factor: 159 7. 155gr MG FMJ, 5.5gr Titegroup, 1.20 OAL Min Velocity: 1051 Max Velocity: 1091 Avg Velocity: 1061 Extreme Spread: 40 Standard Deviation: 12 Avg Power Factor: 164
  2. Im looking for a major load using 700x with a 200gr bayou bullet. And a minor load for a 155gr bayou with 700x. Out of a CZ tactical sport Thanks for the help.
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