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Found 4 results

  1. I have tried to find the answer but not having much luck. Will the TTI +5 base pads on 17 round P320 X5 Legion mags fit the 140mm USPSA gauge? I realize the mag tubes themselves could vary, causing the OAL to exceed 140mm BUT what is everyone else's experience?
  2. This winter I am going to try and work on building a set of match mags for my 2011 edge in 40sw. I plan on getting the dawson tuning kit to build them. I will use sti tubes, the 4g2 taran basepads, and the taran springs. My current mags are set up with grams guts and one with Taran guts. The taran guts already get 20 reloadable and a VERY tight 21 for a 22rd start. However, I want to use the MBX followers for a couple of reasons. 1.) They are already set up to not allow slide lock, so it will save me some work for only $1 more per follower. 2.) They are cut thinner which means I would have a little more extra tension to work with in the mag. I was planning to do this with a Taran follower, but this saves me the work and the possibility of trashing a follower. My question is how does the MBX follower work in STI tubes? Does it require any/much fitting or is just flat out the wrong dimension for the body? Does it work well with taran springs?
  3. Gooldylocks

    TS Modifications

    Well, like a proud parent I am pleased to announce that I have ordered a Tactical Sport. Hopefully it gets here soon. Now to get to work 140mm Extensions So I have heard mixed comments on the TF baseplates, that they take some modification to work and *might* not work with the CZC large magwell. What light can you all shed on this? The CZC extensions are significantly more expensive, so that makes me wonder if the TF might be another option. After reading the "20 rounds in a TS mag" thread, I am slightly confused what springs are the best choice. Sounds like the Grams 11 coil gets some people 21, and some people are using the CZC springs/followers. What is the easiest one to just plug and play for maximum capacity? Sights I want to stick with the fixed rear, I am led to believe that the 7.5 mm front is the correct height for the stock rear. is this correct? Magwell I don't really like the look of the czechmate magwell (is the TS magwell that is listed on the CZ USA website the same as the czechmate magwell but silver?) on the TS, so I would probably like to stick to the CZC large magwell, but have heard concerns of both the CZC basepads and the TF base pads not wanting to seat. Is this true? Can you use factory base pads, perhaps with a little filing on the front lip of the magazine (would just save me having to buy another basepad if I could leave one magazine stock) Frame Reduction/Grips I am a decently handy guy, if I go slow and take my time is it difficult to take off the waffling? I have pretty small hands (mens size small/medium gloves), but the one Czechmate I have shot felt pretty decent, I think doing a real reduction would make it perfect. What have you guys used to remove the checkering? I shot a CZ accushadow with the CZUSA checkered grips this past weekend, and liked the additional grip provided versus the smooth aluminum with a tiny bit of grip tape. How difficult is filing grips to fit the magwell? Has anyone sanded the factory grips way down, and completely covered them in skate tape? Thank you all for your help, I will have lots of questions I am sure, since this is my very first hammer fired gun! I look forward to learning your ways, CZ masters
  4. Does anybody know of any stores in the Reno/Sparks Nevada rea that sell or STI magazines? Particularrly 9mm 140mm magazines and parts? Thank you.
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