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Found 3 results

  1. So recently I purchased some HST pulled bullets and decided to have a quick stab at getting a practice load figured out to match the factory load. Here's what I came up with. Temperature 45 degrees fahrenheit 124g HST bullet, Titegroup powder, CCI 500 SPP, 1.100" COAL, 3" barrel Sig P938 3.8g Err, 970, 971, 977, 960, 974, 959 4.0g 1005, 998, 987, 998, 1009, 995, 1001 4.3g 1028, 1059, 1059, 1061, 1064, 1058, 1062 Very happy with the results of 4.3g and just barely started to get some primer flattening. 4.3g is listed as max load with a COAL of 1.120" in my Nosler book. DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT CAREFULLY WATCHING FOR PRESSURE SIGNS!!!!! START AT 3.8G OF TITEGROUP AND WORK YOUR WAY UP PLEASE!!!!!
  2. I recently purchased a New S&W M&P FS 9mm 4.25" to replace a 30 year old S&W 459. Due to recent shortages... I picked up... Grabbed what I could find and felt lucky to find anything! Power Pistol CCI 500 pistol primers Rainier Plated 124g Round Nose Mixed brass Got load data from Rainier by calling and e-mail. Confusing because I got two different responces. phone call: PP 5.6 to 6.4 e-mail: PP 4.8 to 5.3 Loaded upsome test rounds starting with what was given to me in phone call. 5.6, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4. At 15 yards no keyholing and no high pressure signs on brass. Groups looked like #0 buckshot. 6" to 8" at 15 yards and all over paper??? Any good advise? Loads? My old wore out S&W 459 got better groups than the new M&P. Not happy so far with new M&P.
  3. Hello, I am an IPSC shooter in Ontario, Canada. I shoot production using a Shadow. I just purchased a Dillon XL 650 and am starting to load 9mm. The used press came with Bullseye powder and winchester primers. I have looked in several loading manuals and the data for 124 fmj rn projectiles using Bullseye is varied. I have loaded approximately 400rds so far using 4.3g of Bullseye coal is 1.12. I fired 20rds out of a 92A1 and they functioned well. I don't own a chronograph. What do you suggest I do next? Play with powder weights vs accuracy? Buy a chronograph? Here is a picture of my setup.
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