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Found 5 results

  1. Gun: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 full-size Range: Indoor Bullet: Bayou Bullet coated lead .356 in 115 gr RN Brass: Blazer Powder: Power Pistol 5.5 gr OAL: 1.161 Shots: 1069 1098 1090 1109 1103 1127 1145 1109 1108 1122 Average: 1108 SD:19.7 ES: 76 PF: 127
  2. Anybody have a load for Power Pistol for 115gr Eggleston Munitions RN coated lead? Eggleston doesn't have anything for Power Pistol, and Allliant has apparently never heard of either lead or coated lead. Nothing fancy, hmm, right at the moment I'm at 123 PF with TiteGroup.
  3. Took my brand-new Caldwell Chronograph to the range for the first time and shot 50 rounds of various loads through it. The Caldwell survived its trial by fire without a scratch, although I am saddened to report it has taken to strong drink to keep the nightmares at bay. I'd like to post all the data in a legible format, but the forum software keeps crushing the formatting, so I will just post the results: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size, 115gr Hornady FMJ, .355, OAL 1.151, TiteGroup 4.1: Avg:1091, SD 20.1, ES 68,PF 125 SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size,Bayou Bullets 115gr coated, .356, OAL 1.161, TiteGroup 3.9 gr: Avg:1037, SD 7.0, ES 23, PF 115 SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size,Bayou Bullets 115gr coated, .356,OAL 1.161, TiteGroup 4,1 gr: Avg:1080, SD 11,2, ES 37, PF 124 Hmm, only Blazer brass was used. Don't really know how to interpret the data, although AFAIK it shows I'm within safe parameters. For comparison purposes I shot some Blazer 115gr FMJ plinking rounds and some Federal Champion 115gr JHP self-defense rounds. I was considerably bemused to discover the JHP's had a detectably greater kick despite having the lowest average velocity. (Increased air resistance caused by air being rammed into the hollow points?) Blazer 115gr FMJ, .355: Avg:1117, SD 33.7, EX 107, PF !28 Federal Champion JHP, .355: Avg:964, SD 7.5 ES 24, PF 111
  4. I'm looking for a start recipe for Hodgdon LongShot aka LOUD Shot !!! for a 115gr or 125jhp 9mm Major bullet ... 4 port comp, no pop holes, 5.4" barrel, 5" open gun ...
  5. First, good morning, i hope everyone is well! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Berrys Plated for reloading? I made 100 rounds of 9MM using 5.6 gr of unique. My projectile was 115gr berrys plated. Well last night, i was reading another reloading book and it stated that for plated bullets, use hard lead data, or load to half of a FMJ load or 20% less than max. Is 5.6gr of unique to much for that projectile? What would you all consider a decent load for 115gr plated round nose? Thanks in advance, and pardon my ignorance. With all the varying data, i just want to be sure that i have an accurate round without the chance of getting a kaboom. I did search, but there seems to be a ton of different information and none of it is about unique powder.
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