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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all you fancy reloaders! Since I'm just getting into reloading, I'm going over some of the stuff I have to get to finish off getting everything I might need. For my first batch of cartridges, I actually purchased once fired mixed .40 brass that was already ready to go (cleaned, deprimed, all that jazz), however, in the future I'm hoping to get some either from ranges and, of course, reload my own from the stuff I shoot. My question is, how often do you have to trim .40 brass? How about chamfering it? Reason I ask is I was coming down with a list of stuff I still need to look at getting and these things ended up on my list so far: Chronograph Data Link for Chronograph (if it doesn't have an app type connection already inside to connect to an iPhone/iPad) Primer Flip Tray Tumbler (Wet? Dry? Ultrasonic?) Media for tumbler (Wet? Dry?) Brass dryer (if I go wet or ultrasonic) Brass/Media separator (wet or dry) Ammo Boxes (to store completed ammo) Primer pocket cleaner Case trimmer Case deburring/chamfering tool I think that was it. Those aren't in any particular order of preference, but I am trying to put them in order, so that is why I'm trying to find out if I truly need a case trimmer right now for .40 cases. Right now I'm only planning on reloading .40 S&W. I may venture into other cartridges I shoot (9mm, .45ACP, .380ACP, 5.56mm, .308WIN, etc...), but for now, it is only .40 for USPSA. I know I'm going to need the chrono because I'll have to test my loads to see if they make major PF or not. So, that is kind of a given at this point, but I'm wondering how "necessary" the rest of it is right away to reload. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, So I had my SVI re-barreled last winter and I upgraded my 5" sight tracker gun with a 5.4" sight tracker barrel. Slide is still 5", frame is still a butler cut for the 5" slide. I had just kept using my 180 gr bayou load after the change and it has worked out pretty well for me, but I am wondering if a lighter bullet would benefit me at all. I know a lot of people that go up to a 6" barrel tend to choose a load with a 165gr bullet, but what do you do with a 5.4? And does it make a difference that mine is a 5" slide and a hybrid (bull) barrel, as opposed to most 6" guns that have bushing barrels? Thanks for your thoughts, Eli
  3. Looking for minor load. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Now just trying to make use of it.
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