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Found 3 results

  1. So I usually get .355 125gr rn from the blue bullets. My barrel slugs at .3555 and accuracy is acceptable. I'd like to try out some .356 since the general consensus is to shoot lead that a thousandth larger than what your barrel slugs at and see if they do any better. As the blue bullets don't offer a .356 (aside from bulk special order profiles) I'm curious as to where you guys & gals get your poly coated bullets at. Hi-tek coatings smoke too much for my liking so I'd like to stay away from them if at all possible. Much appreciated guys
  2. Wanting to try out coated bullets in order to save some $ vs the Montana Golds I've been shooting, I ordered a 500-round package of 124 grain round nose from Acme - I thought that'd be enough to get a good feel for whether I liked them, but not so many that it'd be wasteful if they were workable but not great. Unfortunately, no matter what OAL I seated them to, I couldn't get them to pass the plunk test. I also had what I felt was an inordinately difficult time getting the bell and crimp set such that the coating wasn't getting cut/shaved. After much frustation, I decided to measure the bullets, and it turns out that instead of the .356" that they're advertised at, the bullets were .357" in diameter. (I'm fairly certain that my calipers are accurate, sincy my supply of Montana Gold bullets measure the .355" they're supposed to.) My guess is that that's why I couldn't get them to plunk at any OAL from 1.16 all the way down to significantly below 1.08. (I stopped measuring after a 1.08, but I shortened the OAL several times after that measurement, and they were starting to look like .380 round nose.) I used the contact form on Acme's website and told them my story. Hopefully they'll have something useful to say, but I'm curious whether anyone on the forum has had a similar experience at some point, and if so, what the end result was.
  3. I am shooting COL 1.159 9mm .356' 115 gr Eggleston coated lead with 3.9 gr TiteGroup out of an XDM 3.8 full-size. I check the powder weight with a ten-throw average at the beginning and ending of every reloading run. I have never seen the weight change over a run. The gun wouldn't go into battery. I locked the slide back. A VERY dirty 9mm case fell out. The round had fired but the case hadn't come out. First time I had ever seen that. Upon releasing the slide, the gun wouldn't go into battery. A round would not even load. I locked the slide back again and dropped a pencil down the barrel. Sure enough, there was a bullet jammed in the barrel just in front of the lands. I guess I'm really lucky the bullet hadn't traveled any distance down the barrel. I clean the gun after every range session. It's never gone more than 200 rounds without being clean. It was cleaned before this session. This event has shaken me a little because it looks like an undercharge. An undercharge has been my nightmare from Day One, and I have been doing everything I knew to avoid it. 7500 rounds loaded and fired so far without having this particular problem. The odd thing is the bang didn't feel any different. Felt exactly the same. Questions: 1. Has anybody fired a round down a barrel that had a bullet jammed in it, or know of an occasion where this happened? Did any kind of physical damage result? I'm worried about what the possible consequences might have been. 2. Is is possible the bullet was a little wider than it ought to have been? 3. Assuming it was an undercharge, is there anything I can do to improve my powder-weight quality control? Any gadget I can buy that can check powder charges? I own a 550B.
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