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Found 217 results

  1. I have a Beretta 96 and want to start competing. It it totally stock except for some Hogue grips and a trigger job... oh, and the barrel from a 92. Its perfectly reliable as I've put thousands of rounds through it in this configuration and the failure rate is actually less than with the .40 barrel (extremely rare). I can even use the .40 and 9mm magazines interchangeably, although I'm not as confident shooting .40 from a 9mm magazine (that might be the source of the rare failures when shooting .40) Does this setup exclude me from IDPA SSP and IPSC Production classes? If it does then I'll gladly tart the pistol up for the more liberal divisions... Thanks.
  2. I shot my first USPSA match this month and had a blast. I shot production with my Glock 34 and thought I did decent for my first time out(7 out of 13). I've shot IDPA for the past 5 months and have seen only two times that doubles have been called. What I found out in USPSA doubles are called fairly often. Is this a common thing? Maybe just in local matches? In my squad I heard about 4-5 called for the match, this seems like a crazy amount to me. I know they can happen but the two I saw up close just looked like single shots to me but what do I know..
  3. PHOENIX ROD AND GUN CLUB 1ST SATURDAY MATCH IS ON FOR OCTOBER After a short time off for the Hot Summer. Phoenix Rod & Gun Club will resume the 1st Saturday of the Month USPSA match at the Club. It is currently on the PRGC calendar for October 5th. Now, that’s more than a week away, but I wanted to get the word out right away and reminders will be sent periodically, so none of you can say “I didn't know”. Match starts at 8:00, with sign-ups starting at 7:30 Last sign-ups end at 9:00 so the staff can shoot the match, too. There will be no match in November do to the Range being used for the South Mountain Showdown but regularly scheduled service will begin again in December. Come out and enjoy the match !!!
  4. Texas Single Stack Championship August 24, 2013 $75.00 Match Fee 8 Stages 170 rnd count The Bullet Hole Shooting Complex 2715 Grosenbacher Rd. San Antonio, TX 78245 Pre-register by mail Match Day Registration at 8:30 am Match Start at 10:00 am Cash Prizes and Trophies for High Overall and Classification Winners Match Flyer and Entry Form: http://www.keepandsh...p-pdf-176k?da=y Hosting Club Forum: http://www.bullethol...hp?topic=1295.0
  5. Getting ready to send this question to USPSA and NROI unless someone here can reference me the answer - According to the rule below, I would like to know if the Apex extractor is currently allowed in USPSA Production for Glock pistols. It says "APEX" on the exterior of the extractor although I can see below that an extractor is specifically listed as an external part which can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket products. The entire reason that I am asking about this part being allowed or not allowed is NOT to gain a competitive advantage over other Glock or Production shooters but simply to fix a set of problems with the late generation 3 and all generation 4 pistols. The Apex extractor can be tuned unlike a Glock OEM extractor to fix the problems that many people (including myself) have been experiencing and posting about on the web - erratic ejection patterns, brass being ejected back to the shooter, hitting them in the face, and causing jams in the handgun. In order to maintain safety and prevent hot brass being thrown back at shooters, in their faces, and in my case a perfect landing behind my safety glasses - I am asking that it please be clarified and ruled acceptable to replace the Glock OEM extractor with a tuned Apex extractor on a Production gun even though it says "APEX" on the part. Appendix D, Rule 21.6 21.6 Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, extractors and ejectors MAY be replaced with OEM or aftermarket parts. Any other components which are externally visible may ONLY be replaced with OEM parts which are offered on the specific model of gun or another approved gun from the same manufacturer except as specifically clarified below. Examples of external components which may only be replaced with OEM parts include (but are not limited to): magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties and triggers. Special Notes/Clarifications: • Barrels are considered “external parts” and are subject to specific restrictions in 21.4 and associated rulings. • A factory/OEM magazine release which extends only the length of the magazine release may be used. A magazine release which provides larger surface area (paddles, buttons) may only be used if it is an OEM part available on an approved model of gun. • Externally-visible parts from “custom shop” guns will only be considered “OEM parts” if the customshop gun is on the NROI list of approved Production guns.
  6. Hello Forgive me in advance if my searching abilities on this forum have not met your expectations. I have searched in this forum for reloading data/advice and tips when using Power Pistol for .40 S&W lead with no significant results. I am very experienced in reloading 9mm and .45 and have had great results with my loads. While shopping, all I could find at the reloading store was four pounds of P.P. and decided to buy it since it was all they had left and because there is a loading (very vague) data in the Alliant catalog for .40S&W. Has anybody experienced with this type of powder before? I have an STI Edge and have not yet reloaded any ammo in this caliber before. Considering I would like to meet major power factor for USPSA. Any advice on what could I use if Power Pistol is not considered a good powder for limited? Thank you.
  7. Rayners monthly (USPSA) match this Sunday! 22 rim fire pistol & rifle side matches. Combat shotgun side match.
  8. Been dealing with stage IV colon cancer for over a year now. I still try to compete in IDPA and USPSA. Between multiple surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo, it seems my skills have been stagnant or worsening. Anyone else dealing with something like this? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Things like neuropathy (the killing/numbing of nerves) in the fingers make it harder to safely, accurately, and fastly pull a trigger. Sunburn easily. Easily tired (sometimes I feel like a turd, because I am not johnny on the spot when it comes to pasting targets). Mental clarity is reduced (chemo brain). While I do appreciate "support" (such as "keep fighting, you can do it"), I am not really looking for it here. I am more concerned about hearing from others in similar situations and any practical advice (not interested in hearing conspiracy theories about the oncological industrial complex and how I should be juice cleansing). Anyways, appreciate it in advance. Keep shooting!
  9. Hello All, I’m new to the sport of USPSA and having a lot of fun. Also, this is my first post. I just picked up an Open Class Gun. This is what it has - Caspian HybriComp 38Super top end on Tripp Research 2011 frame. Hard Chromed frame and slide. Second complete top end Nowlin comped barrel in 38Super setup for shooting steel minor. Optima Dot sight mounted to slide, SV modular trigger. Custom grip with Dawson Magwell. Arredondo thumb rest, "PowerPack" sight mount and mag followers. 3X 140mm and 1X 170mm mags. Email me and at djc02848@yahoo.com and I can send a video of the gun. With all that said I need a little advice on changing it over to a 9 – Why you ask? Ammo / brass. I also have about 8k round of 9 brass. I will be shooting USPSA and anything else I have time for. After reading so much about different barrels and there is so many choices and models to choose. It makes your head go in circles. I do under stand that the most important factor is fitting of the barrel, bushing, slide and the frame. If you owned this gun what would you do to it? What do I need? I do re-load so that won't be a problem. I think I will be ok with my mag’s if I load 147g at .1190.
  10. Greetings - I've been lurking a little while here on the forums, reading posts on training and techniques. I thought it was about time to start participating. Background - I grew up shooting with my father back in southwest Ohio. He ran USPSA matches at his local club along with a group of guys that also shot what they called Friday Night Steel. In high school and college (mid-late 90's - early 00's), I traveled with my Dad throughout the region to various matches and shot a few, too. I never was registered with USPSA and just shot unclassified. I think I learned a lot from my father and his shooting friends, but life changes constantly. I moved away from Ohio chasing career options and currently reside on the Western Slope of Colorado. Up until last year, I had not handled a firearm in over a decade. I started shooting at a local club within an hour drive from where I live. The club formerly held sanctioned IDPA matches, but now runs "outlaw" 3-gun and "action pistol" matches monthly. The matches are known for high round counts (30+ per stage) with IDPA-like rules. There is a small group of good people that participate in the club, run the matches, and design the various stages. Currently - Just shooting the matches at the local club in the past year has improved my skills considerably and it feels right to just be back around the culture. I've recently started to get a little more serious about regular training, and I'm seeing marked improvements from my efforts. I've picked up a few books from Stoeger and Enos and am now settled into a regular dry-fire practice routine. I'm also working on my mental game, as for me that is a big part of how I do at the local matches. Lastly, I'm trying to improve my gear set-ups and competition firearms. This forum has been a great asset to my endeavors. Thank you. Lastly, I've become involved in stage design and range officer duties for our local action pistol and 3-gun matches. It's fun to build stages that the shooters appreciate and that build skills I need to work on. The club has a good supply of various steel & paper targets and props that allow for somewhat elaborate stage design. I'm considering approaching the club to affiliate with USPSA. I've yet to really discuss it with anyone at the club, but sense through conversation that it might not be so well received. I'd like to participate more in USPSA. I think it would be rewarding to work my way up the ranks, have all my efforts count for something that sticks with me, rather than simply shooting outlaw matches for fun. Unfortunately, the closest clubs that are USPSA affiliated are 3+ hour drives away. Well, that's about it for an intro. I plan to start a range diary and look forward to participating with the forum. I know that this will add to my learning and development as a shooter. Thanks, again.
  11. On 26-27 April 2013, Pikes Peak Practical Shooters and the Pueblo West Sportsmans Assn will host the Rocky Mountain Regional National Shooting Sports Federation Rimfire Challenge. These matches used to be known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge. The match will be held over both days, but it only takes one day to complete giving you the choice of days. The targets are all steel. The stages are very new shooter friendly and require no movement. You can shoot a second gun on the second day in a different division. The main match will be 11 stages, 5 rifle and 6 pistol requiring a minimum of 220 rounds to complete. There will also be an optional Precision Rifle Side match. Juniors are free. Mil/LE are $20. I am limited on slots, so get those apps in soon. Keep in mind the past 3 Regional Steel Challenge Matches in Pueblo have filled up. NSSF RIMFIRE APP.doc
  12. Well 1/15/2013 worked my loads up and got a pretty good grouping at 15 yards 6 shot sub 1 inch on my STI uspsa 1911 and my S&W 625 Fresh back from Clark custom guns. Need to get more bullets. First part of my practice with my m&p went great. times not the fastest but all Center . faster but not as acurate.Need more dry fire. Yes i know i need to lose weight also. going to get more video so i can really watch my draw and my presentation. More and practice. Hard to do with the temp outside at -10 degrees. I love the idea of being able to log on here whats up. Local IDPA match list Jan 20, 2013, Feb 17, 2013 Mar 17, 2013 and Apr 14, 2013 all indoor matches. Goals: gym 3 days a week Pool 2 times a week shooting at least 2 live fire sessions and 3 dryfire a week.
  13. This will be my first Level 3 match. Who is going to be there?
  14. I am looking for better ideas on my training. I am Police Officer and I shoot IDPA and USPSA on the side to make myself more proficient in my career. I practice the following everyday that I suit up: 1. Draw stroke with my shot timer set to par times between 1.3 seconds down to 0.6 seconds. I start at a 1.3 to make sure my form and grip is perfect, then increase my speed till .6. I can beat .7 and still fighting for the .6. 2. Dry fire on 1/3 scale IDPA targets (3) at between 15 and 30 feet. 3. Transitions between targets will perfect sight picture. 4. Reloads with retention and tactical reloads using snap caps. (every other time) This usually takes me about 15-20 minutes, about 25 when I do reloads. Any ideas on what I am missing or could do better?
  15. Hi All, I am Hank from the Southern California area. Got into competitive shooting in September of 2012 when I shot my first IDPA match. About 5,000 rounds into my shooting career, and will have a lot more to learn. Hope to share knowledge and information with you guys and to learn something from you guys. I will be posting videos of me shooting so you guys can critique and help me improve. And on the rare occasion I do something worth learning from...I hope it helps you in your shooting career.
  16. Does anyone know where i can buy those fancy shirts the pros wear? I dont even care if it has someone elses name on the back lol You know the ones with all the spashy advertisements and shiny colors. :0 I think they are spiffy
  17. I was running the timer during a local USPSA stage and there was an AD during the reload. The AD was sent downrange (it hit the side berm about 20-30' downrange of the shooter), nowhere near the 180* limit, and the firearm was kept under control at all times. He very quickly recovered from the botched reload that caused the AD, and he continued. I decided to let the shooter continue, and he did so safely. After talking to shooters more senior than me, I decided there should be no DQ. Can someone clarify what the "right" decision should have been?
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