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Found 217 results

  1. I recently bit the bullet (and drained the bank account) and purchased a Dillon Super 1050 reloader with a complete Mark7 Autodrive setup for 9mm & .223/5.56mm. I am asking for any and all recipes you folks might have for 9mm to meet Minor PF for USPSA/IPSC Production, IDPA SSP/ESP, as well as Steel matches and general target shooting. Ideally, I would like to use the same basic load for various pistols including Glock 19/17/34, CZ SP01, EAA/Tango, and Sig P320. I am looking for 9mm loads using 124gr projectiles (have plenty on hand already) and either Titegroup, CFE Pistol or AutoComp powders (all on hand). As for .223/5.56mm, I will be using it for local 3Gun and carbine matches with a 55gr projectile and leaning towards Varget or CFE223 powders. Any and all recipes or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
  2. Match Announcement!! The Blue Bullets 2016 North Carolina Section Championship will be held on September 9-11 at Rowan Wildlife Club in Salisbury NC. Registration will April 25th at 8 PM https://practiscore.com/2016-blue-bullets-north-carolina-section-match/register 300+ Shooters 9 stages plus chrono Match fee $130 AridWear shirts will be available This will be a trophy match along with a ton of great prizes from our match sponsors! See you on the range! Jim
  3. Is it just me or is the Pistol Caliber Carbine Classification on the USPSA Personal Profile Page new as of this last update?
  4. I'm sure examples such as these have been written out somewhere before, but a search didn't pull up any immediately applicable results. I wanted to just validate, with examples, my understanding of reading the rules and of what I've read here and been told by others, as there was some discussion about applying penalties at a local match I attended recently and some of what I understood as being correct was challenged by another shooter. Hopefully these examples, once validated by the group, can serve as a solid example for people with similar questions about manually calculating their HF. For the sake of simplicity, let's say the example stage in question is: 3 paper targets, 1 No Shoot (NS). Comstock scoring, best 2 hits, shooter is using minor PF ammunition. For the sake of simplicity, time will be uniform across each example at 5.00 seconds. So we're specifically looking at: " A competitor’s score is calculated by adding the highest value stipulated number of hits per target, minus penalties, divided by the total time..." Control - All Alphas) T1 - 2A T2 - 2A T3 - 2A T1(5+5) + T2(5+5) +T3(5+5) = 30 / 5.00 = 6 HF EX1 - Mixed Hits) T1 - 2A T2 - 1A 1C T3 - 1A, 1C T1(5+5) + T2(5+3) +T3(5+3) = 26 / 5.00 = 5.2 HF EX2 - Mixed Hits with No Shoot) T1 - 2A T2 - 1A 1C T3 - 1A, 1C NS - 1 Hit T1(5+5) + T2(5+3) +T3(5+3) = 26 -10 (NS) = 16 / 5.00 = 3.2 HF EX3 - Mixed Hits with Mike) T1 - 2A T2 - 1A T3 - 1A, 1C T1(5+5) + T2(5+0) +T3(5+3) = 23 -10 (Mike) = 13 / 5.00 = 2.6 HF EX4 - Mixed Hits with No Shoot and with Mike) T1 - 2A T2 - 1A T3 - 1A, 1C NS - 1 Hit T1(5+5) + T2(5+0) +T3(5+3) = 23 -10 (Mike) -10(NS) = 3 / 5.00 = 0.6 HF EX5 - Mixed Hits with Procedural Penalty [2 shot at T1 with foot fault, but fault not deemed to give a significant advantage]) T1 - 2A T2 - 2A T3 - 1A, 1C T1(5+5) + T2(5+5) +T3(5+3) = 28 -10(Procedural, Foot Fault) = 18 / 5.00 = 3.6 HF EX6 - Mixed Hits with Procedural Penalty [2 shot at T1 with foot fault, and fault is deemed to give a significant advantage]) T1 - 2A T2 - 2A T3 - 1A, 1C T1(5+5) + T2(5+5) +T3(5+3) = 28 -20(Procedural, Foot Fault) = 8 / 5.00 = 1.6 HF With examples 5 and 6, I'm looking at: " 10.2.1 A competitor who fires shots while any part of their body is touching the ground or while stepping on an object beyond a Shooting Box or a Fault Line, or who gains support or stability through contact with an object which is wholly beyond and not attached to a Shooting Box or Fault Line, will receive one procedural penalty for each occurrence. However, if the competitor has gained a significant advantage on any target(s) while faulting, the competitor may instead be assessed one procedural penalty for each shot fired at the subject target(s) while faulting..." I'm not an expert in the USPSA rules, so I'm looking as much for validation of my own understanding as I am to help others who might be wondering the same things. If someone sees an inconsistency, I'll happily modify the OP here to reflect the change.
  5. Hi All, I wanted to discuss one of the areas I believe I really need to focus some training time on, which is how I approach targets that are partially obscured/occluded - either by hard cover, no shoots, or another target (overlapped targets). By reviewing scores from local matches and specifically focusing on stages with vs without partially obscured targets, I've found that I typically end up 10-20% higher in the field/standings on stages without these targets compared to those with them - to me, this tells me I'm doing something wrong. More specifically, I believe I've isolated my issue to simply needing to understand where the best point of aim is on such a target. Shooting production, the B and C zone are a scary place to be, but part of me wonders if it's actually worth taking a faster 2 shots with a point of aim on the perf between the exposed A/C zones (whether that be lateral or vertical depending on the obscuring object) and risking dropping 2-4 points, than taking the time to find the perfect sight picture for the reduced size A zone and/or potentially risking the Mike/No Shoot. I know this all comes down to the HF math and true "time value" of the 2-4 points down on the target vs the potential risk for a mike and extended time to secure a clear enough sight picture, etc., etc., etc., but I'd be interested in knowing how other shooters approach these partially obscured targets, from a mental standpoint of acceptable sight picture, as well as how (if at all) you modify your point of aim. Appreciation in advance Guys and Gals!
  6. I can't decide on which RMR to purchase for USPSA carry optics division. I figure there would be no one better to ask then you open guys, which model do you prefer and why? I am thinking the 6.5 adjustable RMR but not sure if that's right. It will be mounted on a Glock 34.
  7. 2016 GTUL Maryland State USPSA Championship 11-13 November 2016 Sanners' Lake Sportsmen's Club, Lexington Park, MD This year’s match will consist of 10 stages plus chronograph. The round count for this match is approximately 260. This year’s match sponsor is GTUL and we have confirmed sponsors from Springfield Armory, Shooters Connection, Montana Gold Bullets, Warren Tactical, Starline Brass, Hornady, Zero Bullet, Safariland, Dawson Precision, and LASR. We have more sponsors signing up so keep checking out the website! We will have amazing food at the match provided by Southern Bobby-Q! You can find the match book and match application on our website http://www.somdpracticalshooters.com...md-state-/cgra The match fee is $125.00. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message, e-mail or reply to this thread and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please share the word with your friends and we hope to see you on the range! Chris “Vet” Viverette and Jared Wood 2016 GTUL Maryland State Championship Match Directors
  8. Hello All, North Tennessee Practical Shooters is hosting a USPSA Level 1 Range Officer Seminar on 12 and 13 November. Details are: Date: 12 and 13 November 2016 Location: Strategic Edge Range, Chapel Hill, TN (just south of Nashville) Instructor: Gary Johnson Cost: $95 Point of contact: John Vlieger at JohnUSPSA@gmail.com Strategic Edge has a great facility to use for this seminar and I am trying to get the Horton State Park to let us use their conference room. We can support up to 30 shooters for this event. I am in the process of trying to coordinate group rates for a hotel 10 minutes from the range. This has been locked in with NROI and is a great way to understand the rules better and become a better, more knowledgeable shooter. If you have questions please feel free to shoot me a PM or email. -John
  9. The Area 3 Championship is a month away and we are up to 356 registered competitors. This is going to be the biggest Area 3 in a long time! Limited – 118 (5 GM) Carry Optics – 7 (0 GM) Limited 10 – 3 (0 GM) Open – 88 (12 GM) Production – 110 (3 GM) Revolver – 6 (1 GM) Single Stack – 31 (1 GM) Do not be left out Register Today! https://practiscore.com/2016-uspsa-hornady-area-3-…/register
  10. Only curious - are full match results uploaded to USPSA? I can see my classifier scores but no match results, even from Level II matches. Is that a feature under development? Yes, I can go look each up in Practiscore if they're there, but I'm wondering why it doesn't show on my USPSA classification page?
  11. Join the Deadwood Boys club on Sunday, August 7th for an "All-Classifer" USPSA match. Whether you are new to USPSA shooting, are looking to improve your classification, or are trying to get your initial classification in a new division, this match will give you the chance to knock out your classification in one day. The match will be six stages and will feature set-squadding and stage ROs to help keep the day moving. Competitiors will also be allowed to register to shoot in up to two divisions (and yes, PCC is available!). Preregistration for the match is now open on Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/deadwood-boys-uspsa-all-classifier-match/registerand is filling fast. Make sure to register separately for each division you want to shoot. Match fees are $30 for range members and $40 for non-members for your first division and $20 for your second division. There will be FOOD! We will have PJ and his family cooking some delicious Filipino BBQ Skewers available for $2 each as well as hot links, water and sodas. So make sure to bring your appetites! Need ammo? We have remanufactured competition-quality ammunition for sale at every match at very reasonable prices. Contact Sam Houston at 714-329-6484 or samhouston@deadwoodboys.org for more info. Pricing is available here: http://dbcartridge.com/. Due to strong demand, all ammo orders must be placed prior to the match. More info and event discussion on our Facebook Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/144225939338807/
  12. I notice that the date listed is consistently wrong by one day on the Practiscore web site for results. Is that something in my settings? If so, I can't find it.
  13. Hello fellow shooters! Registration for the Saturday July 2nd match at Pickaway County Sportsman in Circleville, Ohio is now open. This match is going to be 1 classifier and 4 field stages. Round count will be around 150. The entire match is run by volunteers, including setup. Setup begins at 8 am, with registration and shooting following the completion of setup, generally around 930 or 10. Anyone who wishes to assist with setup is welcome to. We shoot rain or shine. Please register on Practiscore....it makes registration go a lot faster! Here's the link: https://practiscore.com/july-2016-pcsi-uspsa/register -Lonnie pcsi.uspsa@gmail.com
  14. We use an online match signup front end that creates a .csv file for match registration... We used it last month for the first time for our monthly Steel Challenge match... The main problem I had was syncing the division names because the same USPSA division names are different in Android PractiScore USPSA matches than they are in PractiScore Steel Challenge matches... USPSA .................... Steel Challenge Open ...................... OPN Limited ................... LTD Production ............. PROD Revolver ................ nothing Single Stack .......... SS Carry Optics .......... CO If the front end uses the USPSA division names, you have to delete and replace all the division names in PractiScore every time you run a Steel Challenge match... Why aren't the names the same? This seems pretty basic to me...
  15. Having shot competitively for a couple years, having laid down goals, and having met some and not others, now seems like a good time to start writing about it. I shot a small amount when I was a teenager, but didn't give it much thought until I got out of Kansas State. Then, the simple, utilitarian guns I had gotten as sixteenth birthday presents (an old break-top 20 gauge and a 10/22 International) came with me to Colorado Springs. In 2009, I had an epiphany...namely that I was over 21 and this is America, so a handgun of my own seemed in order. I picked up a .22, then a 92FS, and shot both for a few months before hitting an extremely comprehensive basic pistol class, where I was quickly reminded of one key educational principle: "There is always more to learn." About a year and a half after that, I wound up shooting IDPA at monthly matches in Clear Creek, and I quickly branched out into USPSA and Steel Challenge. Last year, I wound up picking up 3-gun and practical rifle on top of that. I don't shoot much IDPA anymore, though I'm still largely attracted to "working" guns. For now, my match schedule contains about a half dozen USPSA matches a month, including one where I'm on the Board of Directors, one where I'm the match director, and one where I'm the match director until Hoser gets back from wherever the hell Uncle Sam sent him. My goal for those is, so far, to not hork them up so badly that people spray-paint Hoser's car for leaving. I get about as much enjoyment putting on a good match as shooting a good match, but what's the point of putting me on the clock if I don't want to be at the top of the list? On top of USPSA, once a month Pueblo runs a very challenging tactical rifle match, with a short and a long field stage involving 25 required engagements at targets between 100 and 400 yards, along with a standards stage. Pueblo also hosts Steel Challenge weekly during the spring and the summer, and there's a few clubs around here who do the full blown 8 stages every so often. For 3-gun, Byers and Weld both run "square range" type setups, and the Johnsons run absolutely excellent club matches in Raton when the weather's not terrible (and they don't have a major match in the way). On top of all this, once or twice a month I get to help teach the very basic pistol class that got me into shooting in the first place. Classifications Production: B Revolver: B SCSA: B (done with my Prod gun) Guns Production: M&P 9 Pro with a .40 as a backup Revolver: S&W 625 4" and S&W 327 5" 3-gun: Remington 1100 TAC-4, Larue 20", and M&P 9 Pro Major match goals for 2014 (I make no promises to remember the titles) Rocky Mountain 3-Gun and HM Nationals (staff) Noveske Area 2 Multigun Pike's Peak Regional Shotgun Challenge At least one level 2 steel challenge match where I don't eat a DNF Rocky Mountain Regional ICORE (schedule permitting) Help run at least a level 2 match, wherever in the state it may be. One Bite at a Time Goals for Winter Shoot A-class with my 625 Use the 625 to refine stage breakdown skills especially as they may apply to remembering bigass RM3G stages Reliably hit a 12" target offhand with slugs at 50 yards Unlock the mysteries of the Larue barrel nut Try not to forget how a semi-auto works Start recording more of my matches so I can figure out what I'm doing Don't forget dry fire Longer Term Goals Shoot A-class with my M&P Break and maintain top 3 finishes in rifle matches and club 3-gun matches in my division Steel Challenge A-class with Iron Sight Revo and Production Incite holy wars on Youtube After all that, let's get things rolling with How I Spent My Summer Vacation Last Weekend and What I Want to Do Next Weekend Sunday was a fun match at Aurora Gun Club, lots of distance work. There was one other revo shooter (who signed up for L10 so he could use his 8-round clips), and the advantage of 8-round on field stages was obvious. I shot 93% of available points, with no penalties. My biggest takeaway was one of our M-class guys asked me why the hell I was standing still so much. That's a very good question. This weekend was one to dust off some of my spinnygun cobwebs, and I need to remember how long it takes me to reload (and how much distance I can cover in that time), and how to reload moving in different directions. Advancing is easy, but going hard right or hard left while weak-hand loading takes practice. Monday I got to play match director. We were one body short from our normal setup crew -- poor guy had to spend his birthday with his wife. Luckily we got 4 pretty fun stages going. We still had a bit of a squad churn issue. With two indoor bays, we have to remember how to balance stages against each other, but also how to effectively convert stages from their Stage 1/Stage 2 configurations into Stage 3/Stage 4. Squad 1 got to start on a fairly quick stage, and converting it to the classifier was pretty quick. I picked a classifier without multiple strings, which probably contributed to them finishing pretty damned quick. That said, it was a good classifier and I think I shot a 77% (Melody Line). I'm still learning a ton about how to run the smoothest possible match, and I haven't had any ludicrous f*#kups yet. Next weekend, Saturday will be at Byers, which is a bit of a trek for me. Aurora may also be running an NRA Action Pistol match, which could be a ton of fun or way over my head, one way or another. I don't know of anyone else who does that around here, so maybe it'll be a nice way to remember my accuracy skills. Sunday is one of my favorite matches, down at Pueblo. They set up excellent stages, often very mobile, and always creative.
  16. So after 1.5 year of competing, I know I am quick on the feet but horrible on movements, entry, exiting and stopping. A friend showed me a great video by Rob Cook on how to move and I think this is a great way for any shooters to learn. Do you have trouble with your movements? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_KorNdYTSQ
  17. Hello! I'm the new match director for USPSA at PCSI this year. Registration for the Saturday May 7th match at Pickaway County Sportsman is now open. This match is going to be 2 classifiers and 2-3 field stages. The entire match is run by volunteers, including setup. Setup begins at 8am, with registration and shooting following the completion of setup. Anyone who wishes to assist with setup is welcome to. We shoot rain or shine. Here's the link: https://practiscore.com/may-2016-pcsi-uspsa/register -Lonnie
  18. Question for the experienced: I was a police officer for ~5 years (mostly as a reserve, some full-time but now "just" a paramedic, I enjoy being on "the other side" better). During that time I carried and qualified with a Glock 21. I know that gun as if it's a part of my body. I'm a C-class Single Stack shooter (less than a year in USPSA) who's about to seek a classification in Production and I had a 9mm handgun I'd been working with to start with. Recently, however, I've found a 45 load that meets minimum power factor but is otherwise 'minor,' which isn't a problem since all production is minor. It's Federal's Gold Medal Match, 185gr, 770fps. Any thoughts on using this for an occasional production match? It's expensive ammo so it's not something I'd be buying but I've got a source to get some as part of a trade deal and it would probably be enough for a match or two. If it worked out well it might be enough to propel me into reloading and working up a similar load at better costs. Thoughts on "45 minor" vs 9mm?
  19. Registration is open for our April match (Saturday April 16th). Registration is here: https://practiscore.com/wsps-april-2016-uspsa/register Stages are here - plus one classifier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_jXb8JBrxQoVk4ybHkzemt6Z3M
  20. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum... in fact, this is my first post! I'm just getting into USPSA so I spectated a local event in Lodi, WI at the Winnaquah Gun Club (Awesome club! Great people!). After speaking to some of the pros there, I ordered some double alpha race master mag pouches. They seem to be very high quality pouches and very popular. However, after looking through the 2014 edition of the regulations, I see that there is a section for production that limits the use of race equipment in the production league. --- I wanted to ask someone knowledgeable if the rule applies to the AA race master mag pouch for production use, or if the rule is more to prevent race type pistol holsters, and less for mag pouches. I honestly don't see how race mag pouches would make a difference compared to non-race mag pouches for production, but then again I am super new at this and have NO IDEA what i'm talking about! I've attached a photo of the section in the rulebook, but the quick version of my question is this: Can I use AA Race Master mag pouches in production? Thank you in advance!!!! Rob
  21. Simple question - should true "amateur" shooters have to compete against "pros"? When I was involved in motor racing there was a pretty clear definition of who was an amateur and who was a pro. There doesn't seem to be that distinction in USPSA. I would have thought the classification system would take care of this, but it seems like pros come in D class to GM these days. Should any "pro" shooter be required to register as "industry" so they don't take prizes away from the "amateurs"?
  22. I am getting ready to make a move on a CK Arms 2011 Open gun in 9mm for USPSA and 3 gun. For $400 extra I can get the Steel grip... Is it worth the coin? I shoot open now and know that the heavier the lower/frame and the lighter the slide the faster the gun cycles. I also prefer 115 grain projectiles for the faster feel... Any reason not to get the steel grip other than cost? I figure I am already spending a pile of money for what i want... might as well get it the way i want it. Just want to get some feedback from you guys who have shot the polymer and steel grips and see if there is a big difference.
  23. Hello all, Recently moved up into the Limited Division from Production and i'm looking for the Manny Bragg holster. I know USA does not carry / produce them anymore. If anyone has one or knows of someone who does and is interested in selling it, please let me know. I'm currently using the Super Ghost Ultimate holster and while it is doing the job thus far, I'm not very fond of the front to back rocking the gun can do even when locked. For what it's worth, I've been looking into the new DAA magnetic holster but have heard several pros and cons with it. Thanks.
  24. So my Fiance and I got into a discussion the other day about USPSA/Shooting Sports in general. I started competing in USPSA back in April 2015 and have come a long way. I quickly went from B to Master Class in production in a matter of months. I shot roughly 5 major matches and I have become very entrenched in the shooting community locally at two different clubs. My fiance was super supportave the entire year, but just recently she told me that she does not want to become a "shooters wife". Now I dont want to give up everything that I have invested in....or renounce all of my new friends in the community so that is out, but I am looking for general advice on how to come out with both parties happy. So, my question is: Who has experienced this, and how did you work through it? If you made a compromise, then how did you do it?
  25. Looking for some information on some matches with in 2 or 3 hours. Myself and a coworker will be in the area for the month of June and looking to shoot some matches. We are going to sign up for the Indiana Section match and hope to catch another one or 2. Thanks
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