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Found 217 results

  1. Going to see my Grandson next Saturday and I am looking for a match on March 3rd or 4th. There is a match on Fort Campbell on the 3rd but I know nothing about it. Willing to travel an hour or 2 if need to. Thanks
  2. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-uspsa/register Match is saturday, September 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID
  3. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-idpa/register Match is Sept 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID, starting at 12:30pm.
  4. * I am posting this here since it covers several topics and I don't want to get booted from one forum to another because of the breadth of topics * A little background first - I started shooting USPSA production about 8 years ago after I turned 18, and fell in love. I shot as many matches as I could fit into a busy college schedule. I switched over to 3 gun during grad school, and had been enjoying that since graduation. However, last July, my apartment was broken into and my 3 gun rifle and shotgun were both stolen (luckily they didn't notice my 3 week old STI DVC Limited 9mm in the range bag they rifled through), and I have only replaced the AR so far. So since then, I haven't been able to shoot 3 gun since funds have been a little tight and I was down a shotgun. Since late last year and all of this year, I have been shooting exclusively PCC in UML and falling steel matches, and have fallen in love with a gun with a red dot and only having to worry about hitting my targets, and not dealing with as much stage planning as typical 3 gun requires. I have really felt like my speeds and splits have improved dramatically, and I won my first overall match just a month ago shooting PCC. So now I have a new itch (well, not new, but reinvigorated itch) to get into USPSA Open. So here in-lies the dilemma - I miss shooting 3 gun, but I am really enjoying the red dot and fast paced world of PCC and potentially Open... So my question, and what I want to hear your opinions and thoughts on - Do I sell my DVC Limited to go towards a new 9mm Open gun, potentially the new Freedom Gunworks/CK Arms "Solution" and only shoot USPSA Open and UML PCC, or do I keep the DVC, and put a little money into a new shotgun to start shooting 3 gun again? I know the typical answer may be to do both, but that really isn't in the cards right now unfortunately, so I feel like I need help making a decision. I would love to hear any opinions, insight, or experiences you may have in this situation or something similar you have gone through. *I do reload my own ammo, so making major in Open won't be an issue. I am close to a range that has 3 gun, UML, USPSA, and steel matches once a month*
  5. We are thinking about building wall bases out of steel. I have seen ones that have a flat piece of steel with pipes welded vertically to hold the 2x2 for a wall. I was wondering if anyone had any info for me on these? Like how thick is the flat base metal, what ID of pipe to use, and how tall the pipes need to be. I have a metal fab shop that is a client, and I can get the steel much cheaper, but I don't know what exactly what I need so I can tell them. Thanks in advance. Matt
  6. Flat-Topped w/Serrations only Flat-Topped w/Serrations and Lightening Holes
  7. I'm trying to find reloaded ammo for sale in .40. I'm looking for something that is tuned down to meed the requirements of powerfactor for that load. I would reload but due to the lack of time and knowledge of how to reload are the things that are holding me back. Does anyone know of any place to buy?
  8. Hi all, just a quick post to introduce myself. I'm new to this forum and USPSA but in and around guns for many years. Started with my dads shot gun and now I'm up to race guns! Far cry from shooting cans on an island in the middle of Lough Ree Ireland...but I'm really enjoying the ride. Did my bit in the Irish version of the Reserves, emigrated across the big pond way back in 86 and didn't see a gun for 20 years. Then I got back into it and went thought Bulls Eyes, punched many a hole in paper, build a parts kit into back to its former Bren Gun glory, got an FFL as I live in MA and really wanted to enjoy my "Rights". However, I'm done with static shooting, don't get me wrong its great fun, but moving with a gun and shooting is a lot more fun! I tried an STI DVC Limited for a bit and got hooked. Thanks in no part to my failing eyes I decided to step up to Open as I simply cannot see the front sight and whats beyond. Its optics or I'll take up painting, or perhaps needlepoint. I probable should have gone to the Optic Division but I'm done going backward....onward and upward. Having said that I really like the look of an X5 with a reflex. Trust me I'm not shooting for prizes just for fun. After all if you are not happy and having fun what's the point. Cheers all and see you online.
  9. Just4FunLP

    Accu Shadow 2

    I've got an Accu Shadow with quite a few miles on it, and have planned to replace it at the end of the year. I really wanted to get another identical Accu, but now that they've come out with the Shadow 2 I think I should make the switch. I just looked on the CZ Custom website and they're selling the Accu Shadow 2 now. That's the one I want. Any idea when it could be approved? How does it work? Seemed like the Shadow 2 made the list pretty fast. Thanks
  10. I will be driving to Denver area right after Berry's at St. George so will have all my gear. I will be there through the following weekend April 14,15. Any matches in the area? None show up in Practiscore for whatever reason.
  11. JJ Racaza Two Day Pistol Course Location Richmond Rod & Gun Club near San Francicso on May 21 & 22, tuition is $660 Class Size: maximum of 10 students + 1 complimentary host spot (so 11 students total) How to Register: email bogienugget@gmail.com for class reservations and a Reg form Course Topic: In this two day course you will learn: 1. trigger control 2. visual patience 3. transitions 4. body positioning 5. movement 6. mindset 7. stimulus vs. response 8. speed 9. accuracy 10. drills to target specific skills Prerequisites: Basic shooting knowledge and range experience. Shooting experience of at least one year. Understanding of gun safety and range rules. You must supply your own handgun. Ammo requirements are approximately 500 rounds per day, for a total of 1,000 rounds. Please bring the following to the course: 1. Firearm 2. 1,000 rounds minimum of ammo 3. Proper clothing for the weather 4. Snacks and plenty of water 5. Eye and ear protection 6. Belt, weapon, magazine holster Please let me know if there are any additional questions that I did not address
  12. Background:I want to get into competition shooting with USPSA and IDPA (both are local for me). I am a little overwhelmed by the gun categories nuances--especially IDPA. Currently, I have a S/A XDS in 9mm (my carry gun) and an EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Full Size in 10mm. I absolutely LOVE shooting my Witness, but I think competition shooting in 10mm would get really expensive, really quickly.Question:Can anyone tell me if the Witness P Match and P Match Pro are legal for USPSA or IDPA, and in which categories? I think they are really sexy and would love to give one a try. However, I do not see either on the USPSA production gun list, and it appears from the specs on EAA's site that they would BARELY fit into the IDPA box. Links:http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-tanfoglio-404http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-pro-tanfoglio-410Thanks in advance!
  13. Good day all - Being a decent shooter in Production and Limited 10 Divisions, I've recently ventured into the Carry Optics Division...sort of. I had a Trijicon RM07 (6.5 MOA) fall into my lap (good deal), so picked it up. No pistol to put it on yet, so backwards to start off (maybe?). Thoughts on a pistol to mount the optic on are: FNS-9L - would have to mill the slide, get the mount plate, etc...Top half of the FNS slide isn't as wide as the RMR, so may be "funny looking" and odd to shoot (don't know). Unsure if the FN slide can even be milled, based on how it's made and the internals of the slide... M&P 40L CORE version - Like it, regularly shoot the M&P 40 Pro Series (4.25" barrel) in Prod/L10 divisions, have the mags and set-up (unless different holster is needed due to the 5" barrel of the CORE version. M&P 9 CORE - minor PF only (so far), new to me 9mm vice the .40SW for USPSA, would require all new set-up and extra mags, etc. Anything else... Looking for advice from the experienced CO shooters and anyone else's thoughts on it, as am not set one way or another. And have time to decide, not in a huge rush to run out and get something "tomorrow". Thanks in advance all! Cheers!
  14. Wasssup guys. Just scored a sweet deal on an STI Steel Master. I was looking to get one for the local club non uspsa matches and steel matches and also for 3 gun open division. A local guy contacted me and offered me one for 1200$ that has only 3k rounds and has been tuned by the illustrious Eddie Garcia. Also came sporting an RTS2 and with one 140mag with grahams guts and dawson follower. so i am pretty happy with it. My question is this, i have am extra PT grip laying around from when I upgraded to the PT EVO and was thinking about putting on this gun. I am not shooting steel challenge with it, it will only be for 3 gun and uspsa style and tuesday night steel matches. What is everyones thoughts on doing this? thanks for any and all input Jon
  15. Hi - I'm new to the forum and fairly new to competitive shooting. I started USPSA last June and finally got classified in December. I'm currently D class, but I've started daily dry fire so I'm hoping to improve and move up soon. My wife shoots as well, so it makes for happy times. Looking forward to getting to know some of the people in these forums...
  16. I have been shooting competition for 2 years. i am IDPA SSP expert and production B in USPSA. It's crazy that I just heard about Brian Enos through a shooting buddy but it sounds like his Zen approach is totally my philosophy. So I am joining this forum to find like minded shooters! Please reach out and I would love to talk Zen shooting:)
  17. 2018 Area 6 Championship is at OK corral this year in FL 4/12 - 4/15. You can register on matchsignup.org
  18. Hello, all. New to this forum, but have been mining it for information for years. Recent transplant to the Richmond VA area by way of south west Missouri. B class Limited Minor shooter who came to his senses and switched to Production. Looking forward to what I can learn from here.
  19. Howdy, I have spent the last 21 years as a forensic scientist specializing in firearms (long before anyone ever heard about CSI!). Anyway, I have owned a number of handguns over the years (Glock, Colt, Sig, Ruger) and have enjoyed all of them. I’m finally getting interested in shooting USPSA and really like all that I have read and watched about STI firearms (particularly the Edge and Tactical). I hope to purchase one of these in 9mm Luger. I’m here to learn from others in this great community and hope to contribute meaningfully as well. Thanks! Darrell
  20. I just finished my black badge. I'm starting IPSC/USPSA and looking forward to it. I choose miss-fire as a play off the words for miss as in female and fire as in pew pew pew! Happy New Years! This is my introduction to myself.
  21. As a part of my ongoing divisional tour of USPSA, I'm in the process of setting up a carry optics gun. Before I set up a Glock 17 gen 5 with one of my trusty RMRs, or join the dark side and use a 320, I thought I would solicit a few opinions on the best red dot for carry optics. I like and am relatively familiar with the RMR platform, and would use this for self defense, but the lack of dot clarity, blue lens tint, and small field of view is a bit off-putting. I'm seeing a lot of Leupold delta point pros showing up in competition lately, I like the glass quality, and lack of blue lens tint, but have concerns on battery life. Max Michel is having a great deal of success with the Sig optics Romeo 01 (but he's Max Michel), and I like the field of view, but not the biggest fan of the blue tint. Vortex optics has a great reputation and I run a lot of their optics on my more practical rifles. Their warranty is second to none, quality is always good, and I like the Razor I have as a side mount on one of my rifles. All that said I have very little hands on time with the venom, or viper. Any feedback anyone has on what you choose to use and why, or notable issues on the others would be appreciated. Thanks for your time all.
  22. Hey all, I want this really to help myself see how I (hopefully) grow and get better as time goes on. I've been shooting for a lot of my life, growing up plinking an old 22, and when I got my "big boy job" out of college I essentially started collecting guns with the intent to some day compete. Never been much of an athletic type, but figured this could be my sport. I eventually settled on the M&P platform, so I use my Pro 9mm in production. I am currently unclassified in everything. I've shot Steel Challenge, 3 gun and NSSF Rimfire. I should be classified in Steel Challenge, but somehow my scores didn't get sent in right when other shooters from the same match got classified. If anyone knows how to get that fixed, that'd be an awesome side effect of this post. Point is, I'm likely a C shooter. However, due to an injury that will keep me from 2 handed shooting for 3+ months, I bought a Ruger Mark II to use for anything that I can find that has a rimfire division so I can keep shooting. As of now, I try to dry fire at least once a week and live fire once a week, and shot at least 2 matches a month, with classes thrown in as available. I've learned from Steve Anderson (books and podcast, not yet lucky enough to take a class and meet him) the importance of dry fire and a training schedule. I need to up my training schedule to get better results, and in about 2 months I'll have time to do that. I really am subscribed to the mental game aspect and try to work on that all the time, as I see benefits from that in everything. Also prior to this injury I was working on physical fitness, because I can't think of a situation where it would hurt to be in better shape. My training right now is learning how the hell to use a dot on that 22. I've never used one before the NSSF match I just shot on Sunday. The rifle I borrowed from a friend didn't like any ammo I used and I was clearing jams one handed the whole day. My pistol had few enough issues that it was a non factor in my poor performance, I'm typically a decent pistol shooter. I was 3rd to last, granted I was the only one shooting with one hand. I was having no issue picking up the dot on the rifle, since I had a dot on my 3g AR until recently, so it was mostly second nature. The pistol, I just couldn't do it. It seemed like I was bringing the gun up as if it were my M&P (17° grip angle) when it was a Mark II (55°). I think the angle was throwing my presentation way off. Not making excuses, just an analysis. My practice (exceeding my training schedule this week) has just been consistently finding that dot and then speeding it up. I'll be doing a SC match Saturday (again, one handed) and see how it goes. The last few matches I've been 3rd of 12+ production shooters, but I'm not going there to hit that pace, just shoot the best match I can. You need to set goals so you can attain them. My initial goals (deadline: October 2018): -A Class in at least one division (preferably production, but contingency of rimfire pistol if necessary due to injury not healing up) by end of October 2018. I'll be happy in USPSA or Steel Challenge, but ideally both. This should be doable with my anticipated level of participation. -I want to be top two consistently in my division in local matches. -I need to learn better AR shooting for 3g. Harder for me to qualify, but this is by miles my weakest aspect of the game. I'd say 65% first shot hits on steel out to 400 is reasonable, with over 80% hit in two shots or less. -Keep level of participation high. 2 matches (can substitute classes) per month, 8 months of the year. Allows for off season and contingency for work and the likes. Also keep regular training schedule. -Continue enjoying myself while doing it. That's why I shoot, it's fun. It is a big difference from my two jobs. Both jobs are stressful. I keep doing it to relax, get my competitive nature running and enjoy myself. I want to be the best shooter I can, but not at the cost of why I shoot. I hope to continue updating this with my notes from matches, and likely a bit lesser extent my dry fire and live fire. I will achieve the goals set forth, and once I do that, I will set the next ones. I think feedback is critical to success, so if you made it this far and stay with me, I'll take all I can get. -DJ
  23. Is there a discount code anyone has for the shop or ghost directly. I'm needing to pick up new mag pouches and belt for my second production set up. Thanks
  24. https://practiscore.com/2017-indiana-section-championship/register If you sign up before 8/31/17, you get a chance win an AR15
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