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Found 118 results

  1. I am looking at buying a new 650. In going through Brian's site, I couldn't see where / whether I can get the Dillon instructional DVD. Did I miss it? Is it included?
  2. Hi everyone... Was searching the internet for loads using Winchester Super Lite (WSL) powder for 44 Mag reloads. Supposedly there is someone over here with a lot of info on various uses for WSL. I'm looking for a 245gr SWC Cast bullet load and a Sierra 240gr JHC load. Stuff burns nice and clean in a 40 S&W and a 45ACP. Nice clean burning, low pressure powder! Anything in the archives? Thanks. Still working on a catchy tag line for my closing. germannator
  3. I am really new to the reloading aspect of shooting and need some help. small rifle and pistol primers? are there any available?? Bullets? 45 acp 223 9mm 308.. all my "normal" sites are sold out... any insite? also what press should i buy? I usually shoot atleast 200rnds a week. thanks in advance and be easy on me, like i said im new.
  4. I put in an order to blackoutbrass.com on December 14th of 2012 for 2k pieces of brass. It is now March 22, 2013 and I have still not recieved my brass. I have 2 different emails from them about a month a part which are now over a month old and 2 months old respectively. These emals both state they have the materials and are making my brass and it should be out to me in the next 5 business days. I still don't have my brass. Have any of you ordered from them before and have you gotten your brass? I put this in the multigun technical section since it seems there are many people using the blackout for multigun now. Mods if this needs to be moved somewhere else i understand.
  5. OK, I used to reload 12 gauge shotgun back when I was a kid but now I'm seriously thinking about reloading 10mm (and hopefully others soon) pistol ammo. What do I need? How much will it cost me? What should I stay away from? You get the idea. I'm not into super hot loads, more of accuracy, especially at longer distances (I sight in at 50 yds). Pistol is a Tanfoglio Match Witness that will soon have a compensator and has a halo sight. Thanks for any help you can provide
  6. I just picked up my XL650 today from a company in Miami called Pantera Guns. He has several presses and most of the other Dillon necessities. I got the: XL650 press in 9mm, powder check sensor, Case Feeder, Roller Handle, strong mount and pick up tubes. It was worth the 2 hour drive to finally have the xl650 in my possession. Shawn is who I dealt with. the contact info is Pantera guns 305-629-9980 or panteraguns.com
  7. My dad gave me all of his reloading equipment all kinds of stuff in bags and Boxes. He got it from my uncle who used to reload everything but quit a few years ago. My dad reloaded me some 9mm but it never worked right. It would not rack the Slide and barely made it out of the barrel! So he pretty much loaded his .357 and gave me everything he had. I have all kinds of stuff just don't know where to start. I have never reloaded But I want to start. My main loads will be 9mm for a stock glock 17 I want to basically learn to load basic bullets then go from there as far as Custom loads as in changing my springs in my gun etc. I will post some pics of what I have if someone can tell me what they are And what they do so I can set everything up. I have all kinds of dies for all kinds of calibers but just want to do 9mm For now. Thanks
  8. I have a question for anyone. I am new to reloading and just am curious. I understand that one of the main differences is head pressure on the different rounds. I also understand that a gun has to be 5.56 to shoot both and that a .223 can only shoot the .223, but what is the difference when reloading rounds. What has to be done or how does it have to be reloaded to to be a 5.56? I am very new reloading and just am asking this as a question for my information. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Billy
  9. Just finished sorting my first 1500 9mm cases (first timer) and it wasn't as bad as I feared. Along the way I found some "extras": 42 .380s 2 Tokarevs 1 Makarovs 1 .357 SIG 3 22 LRs (hiding in cases) 2 Steel cases One case however is giving me pause because, even though I found it, I could easily see myself missing it, and it's the most concerning of all: Does anyone have a suggestion on how best I should look for this sort of problem? The only thing I can think of is rolling every one of them between my fingers "one revolution" to see the whole of the case, but hopefully there's an easier way? Just I'm doubtful just upending them and inspecting would have found this...
  10. I wanted to try a new weight bullet I've heard so much about for my 9mm reloads... the 121 gr IFP. I've had much success with reloading 115 gr FMJs in my .380 ACP. Has anyone successfully tried using the 121 gr IFP for a .380 ACP load? Going from the standard 85 gr to 121 gr seems like quite a jump for a smallish caliber.
  11. Well after my first I realized that I had posted in the wrong category. OOPS! As we all are having the same issues with regards to reloading, I am having a hard time finding reloading components to even get to shoot the 2 38 Supers I had bought a month ago. I currently have a Dillon 650 on order. I went to a shoot today and talked to the guy that I bought the pistols from and he told me that he had wished that I had told him that I was coming to the cowboy shoot today since he found a bag of ammo for the pistols he sold me that he had left over. At least I have a starting point, when setting up my OAL and such. After a phone call to Nowlin, I am still unsure of what diameter bullet I will need to order. .355 or .356? Maybe it souunds like I am paranoid, but I dont want any issues as far as reloading with the wrong bullet diameter and causing myself or my 14 year old son harm. I have witnessed 2 pistols coming apart with bad loads/cracked cases and do not wish that to happen, especially with my one in my son's hands. With the situation today with the ability of getting supplies, I do not want to order the wrong bullet diameter and have to wait that much longer to get the right ones. I did manage to get 3000 Starline Super Comp brass ordered and delivered within a couple of weeks. Heads up, at the time I placed the order, Starline had a prelimniary ship date of 8MAR13 on their website, but I received them on 6MAR13. I want to use Small Rifle Primers, which I have a source for locally. I cant get the quantity that I want but at least its a start. I used to reload with VV N350 solely 12 years ago. As we all know N350 is hard to come by. I have read prior posts and noticed that there are several powders that I can substiute. VV N105, VV 3N37, VV 3N38. ANy recommendations as to which might work the best for the pistols I have? I am not saying that I have to stay with VV. It is just the manufacturer that I always loaded the 38 supers with. Also, can someone give me some guidance as far as building up a load to get the comps to work the best? Since I will have a few rounds that were loaded by the previous owner for guidance, I will have a good starting point After reading prior posts about reloading, I have learned that you can also adjust the overall length of the rounuds to get the comp to work best along with amount of powder. What is the guidelines for this? How do you know when to do one and not the other? I know it is lot of questions. Thanks, Matt
  12. Hello all, I shot in USPSA back in the late 90's to early 2000's. I had a SV in 38 super that I used in open class. I ended up having to sell it all due to health reasons. I have recently been getting back into the shooting sports, and recently contacted a local club member that I used to shoot with. He had told me that he had switched to all cowboy shooting and had not shot ans USPSA in many years. He also told me that since he didnt shoot them anymore, he would offer both of his STI 38 super open guns to me for sale, including all of the equipment to go along with them, since they were only taking up space in his gun cabinet. Well, to make a long story short, I fell into a really good deal. I ended up with no hesitation buying btoh of them, all 11 mags, and the belt, holster and mag pouches. Last week, I ordered a Dillon 650 like I had back when I was shooting. I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place. I remember when I was shooting in this club, that the one member had also built the 2 guns for the guy that I purchased. The guy I purchased them from made sure to give me this guys number and told me that if I had any questions, on the guns , reloading or anything like that I could call him or the guy that built them for him. Well the guy that sold them to me cant remember what components he used when he was reloading, and I cant get the other guy to answer his phone. I do know the guy that built them is retired and may be out on vacation. With the weather going to turn good here in a few weeks, I am trying to get all of the reloading components bought so that when I get my 650 from Dillon, I can immediately get busy with working up a load for the open guns. I do remember when I had my complete factory SV 38 super, I was using the following components(correct me if this does not sound right, I am going by memory from 12 years ago) Starline 38 Super Comp brass(IF I remember right, we had to work with the extractor to get it to extract the rimless cases)\ 9.2 grains of VV N350 powder(If I remember right, I was told at the Area 5, Y2K match in 2001 at Barry, Illlinois that these were pretty hot) Winchester Small Rifle Primers (was told to use small rifle since they were toguher to handle the extreme pressures of a 38 Super Open load)\ Montana Gold 124 Grain CMJ(round nose or flat??) 1.245 Overall Length Feel free to put in your 2 cents on this list of components. The STI 38 Super Open guns I just bought were built by a local gun builder that did it as a hobby, he is well known in the area, so I have no doubts that he built them right. Frame - Standard STI 2011 frame(Hard Chrome) Slides - Standard STI slides 5"(Hard Chrome) Barrels - both are Nowlin 38 Super Bushing barrels Cmore Serendipity Red Dots I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions on the reloading components. One thing I have noticed, I have seen .355" diameter bullets which are basically 9mm, but I have also seen .356 diameter bullets offered.\ I need the .355" diameter bullets correct? Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi Everyone, I just joined this forum on the advice of Brian. I live in the tiny village of Long Point, located in Central Illinois and would like to get some thoughts on a project I have been considering for some time now. I am planning to build an indoor range in a small room (6' x 16') in my basement. First of all, let me be clear that this will be a pistol range for use with frangible ammunition which I would like to reload myself. I have a Ruger LCR .38 Special +P and recently ordered a Dillon 550B re-loader from Brian. Here are some of my thoughts: - I don't want to be using anything with lead in the house, because there are contamination issues--not just from the lead that settles, but from the lead in the air. Without a really super ventilation system, that could be a problem. - I think frangible ammunition might be the way to go. I would still use my +P jacketed hollow points for self-defense, but I think the frangibles might be ideal for indoor practice. - I was thinking that I would line the walls and ceiling of my room first with Armstrong High Acoustics Model #1811 tile for sound deadening, and then use 1/8" steel on the end of the room I was firing toward. My understanding is that steel is the best material to use because the frangible projectile turns completely to dust without doing any damage to the steel. I wouldn't have to worry about errant shots because the floors in my house are 1-3/4" solid wood (7/8" sub-floor and 7/8" finish floor). The walls in that room are all stone except for the solid wooden door and a window, the latter of which I would cover with the tile and steel. At the end of the room I was firing from, I would build a shooting booth to stand in, thereby further minimizing my exposure. - I would install an exhaust fan in the shooting booth to remove any fumes created by shooting. That's it, so far.... I would sure appreciate any input on 1) my ideas for building the range, and 2) thoughts about reloading frangible ammunition. Feel free to critique my ideas and offer more of your own. Thanks! Tony
  14. Salaam Alaikum, I finally convinced the boss that I can shoot more, spend less and still not blow up the neighborhood so I had Brian fix me up with a 550B. Where has it been all my life? I've been picking up brass for 40+ years; now it's worthwhile. Forums have already saved my butt a couple times. Thanks to all who share your knowledge and experience. Semper fi, boski
  15. Hi, I'm a new handgun owner from Seattle. Once upon a time I hunted semi-regularly and have long since ignored my firearms. Then all of a sudden the news media went crazy and guns guns guns was all they could talk about. I started thinking about my little arsenal of family weapons and decided to start shooting once again. I purchased a Sig Sauer P250 in .45 ACP and am getting used to that. I have an assortment of long guns including shotguns and hunting rifles. I have some vintage guns fromt the Civil War era but I don't imagine I'll be shooting those. I'm waiting for Brian to ship me a Dillon RL 550B and a metric sh@t-ton of accessories to make all of this more affordable. Cheers, ~Doug
  16. Hello all...thanks for allowing me to join the club. I'm here to read, participate and expand my knowledge of guns and reloading. -Jason
  17. I'm going to start reloading a few weeks with my son-in-law. We're getting a Dillion Press so it's all new to us. Looking forward to learning the reloading craft and getting assistance from those that know.
  18. Hello, I guess Santa is giving me a 5 hole progressive press for this year, Hornady LNL. I've never reloaded before, but it will be primarily 9mm, with some 45 later on. I shoot a weekly Defensive/Combat course, plus monthly IDPA's, and I buy all new ammo and save my brass. I'm a little confused on what goes where, I don't have any of the components yet, they're coming. I did buy a Hornady bullet feeder, and I will get someone's case feeder. I have ordered two books on reloading, one by Lyman, the other Hornady. My question is the number of dies, position and where everything goes. Most guys prefer to keep the bullet seat and case crimp separate, and I agree with the logic myself. It appears to me that it's supposed to go like this: 1. Case feed 2. Case deprime, size, and prime on the upstroke. 3. Powder load and case neck expand. 4. Bullet feed and seat 5. Case crimp. Have I got this right? Something doesn't seem quite right here to me. That uses all 5 holes. Thanks for your help.
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