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Found 113 results

  1. Looking for load data to make Major PF with my STI Edge using BBI 180gr and Titegroup. Thanks.
  2. Just loaded some dummy rounds, no powder, no primer, bullet only, as I am switching to load to 9mm major. In my storm lake barrel they feed and extract fine. In my two lone wolf barrels they get stuck and the bullet comes out of the brass. The bullets are 124gr tc bayou bullets. Loaded out to 1.5. Never had this issue before, I loaded some dummy 135 gr rn and did not see this. I don't want to over crimp. Any help would be appreciated, before I ship the barrels to be reamed out.
  3. I've just started reloading for my S&W 929 revolver using W231, Federal primers, 125 grain RN bullets from BBI, and range brass. Rounds with 3.8 grains of powder chrono'ed ~980 fps, rounds with 4.0 grains of powder chrono'ed ~1020 fps. This recipe has been relatively succesful for my M&P. However, 15-20% of the primers are backing out when used in the 929. Does anybody have any thoughts about why that is happening?
  4. I am new to the forum and I just have two pressing questions to ask anyone familiar with the installation of the Dillon XL 650 Strong Mounts (before I order the equipment and the chosen set-up from Brian): 1. How far back from the front edge of the table can I install the Strong Mount without interfering with the full movement of the handle? 2. If I'd like to install the Strong Mount for the XL650 as far away from the edge of the table, am I better off with the taller Strong Mount (for the 550/650)? Thanks.
  5. New to the forum, new to the Dillon 550 (Which I bought through Brian's website), and 2 years experience reloading. Looking forward to lots of information sharing and learning about tips and tricks you folks have developed over the years for reloading. Thanks
  6. I read today that the average new shooter is 33 years old, and 67% of the time, male. So, I suppose in that case, I'm a fairly typical new shooter. I was unfortunate enough to really get into firearms during the Great Gun Craze of 2013, of which I'm sure I'll share stories with my grandkids of how the pricing were as high as the eye could see. Not counting the Browning 12ga autoloader I bought ten years ago, my first handgun was an HK P30 .40S&W, and I've been quite busy branching out from there in the handgun, subgun, and occasional long gun categories. Fast forward to today; I've met up with some local USPSA clubs in the last three months (haven't really made a connection with any IDPA shooters as of yet), and have several weeknight and a weekend competition or two under my belt. I usually fall middle of the pack, but considering my relative newness, I've been pretty thrilled when occasionally placing in the upper quartile of the combined results. Mostly luck at this point, but I'm hoping to convert that luck into skill. I am extremely fortunate that I've stumbled into several local resources that have competed and won on national stages, and can gain from their experience and expert tutelage as I advance my own shooting abilities. With some assistance, I've got my Dillion XL650 setup last week, and have been cranking through the rounds. I agree with some here that say that reloading is sometime just as fun (or more appropriately, therapeutic) as shooting itself. Set up in 9mm now, but will likely branch out to .40 and (ugh) 5.56 in the near future. Looking forward to spending some time here, reading up, and getting a whole new perspective on all things shooting. Thanks all for reading!
  7. Hey guys, I have a somewhat complicated issue to explain and try fix. The gun i am having trouble with is the BUL M5 Government 9mm. The barrel has 2 ports on the end (not strictly a compensator). In shooting IPSC obviously it is considered an open class gun because of such ports. I am continually getting jams in the gun, specifically failure to feed (out of battery) and failure to extract. I have eliminated certain elements that could cause the jams and these are: 1) I DON'T limp wrist. I know it is the first thing everyone asks when dealing with jams, dont ask me because i dont limp wrist. 2) My rounds do factor through a chrono for minor power factor. 3) my brass is thoroughly checked cleaned and i plunk test all the rounds. 4) according to every gun smith i have spoken to, my magazine springs, followers, base pads etc are all good. I also make sure they are clean. 5) gun is always clean and lubricated correctly. 6) My OAL is correct for the gun and all rounds cycle smoothly. I am reloading using s121 powder (fast burning) with a 124gr bullet. I have found a possible cause of the jams. This could be loading the rounds too hot? and causing the gun to cycle too fast. I found this out by shooting my reloads vs bought reloads. the bought reloads grouped extremely well where as my reloads were all over the place. This i figured out was because of too much pressure exiting the ports on the barrel causing the gun to move too much. I went back to my reloading data and found that i factored at 4.4 gr but i was actually putting in 4.7 gr due to increasing the length. what i have done is bring the powder down to 4.3gr and i will be shooting the rounds this weekend hopefully with no jams. What my question is, is it possible that a gun can jam when running too hot a load through it? i.e. the action closing too fast therefore causing a failure to feed and the action opening too fast that the extractor, in lay mans terms, looses grip of the brass casing to extract it?
  8. Just curious to know who shoots the same brass over and over again? I have about 2000 pieces of 9mm brass that I have shot probably 4-5 times each. I am starting to notice my seating depths are becoming very inconsistent. I reload on a RCBS pro2000 and use a redding seating die. Is it the brass being shot so many times that is leading to inconsistent seating depths or is it my die set up? Also, what about 40sw brass, do you all shoot it over and over again? Thanks.
  9. Im looking for a major load using 700x with a 200gr bayou bullet. And a minor load for a 155gr bayou with 700x. Out of a CZ tactical sport Thanks for the help.
  10. I've been watching prices for .223/5.56 ammo fall for a while now. I took up reloading for 3 gun rifle last Fall due to ammo availability, but now for close range hoser loads, I can buy 'em cheaper that I can load 'em. For the long range "accuracy" loads the difference per shell cost between "new" versus "reloads" is still significant. But in my case that don't matter. I'm way too happy with the results I've had with my home grown 77 gr loads. Either way, it means more shooting for less dollars. Bill
  11. Hello I believe this is my 2nd post. I acquired an XDM .45 and was wondering if anyone has found a bullet that doesn't feed well with this gun? I have some plated 230 RN and Hornady Hp's but no other more conical shaped bullets. I'd prefer to not waste money. Thanks in advance for reading.
  12. Looking for recipes. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Somebody said that it can be used for loading pistol ammo. Just trying to use what I have. Have different grains of bullets. Anything would help.
  13. Hello from BrassDepot.com Once fire Military Brass Specialist for 5.56, 300 AAC Blackout Brass and much more. We hold a class 7 FFL and always have price match and money back guarantee with all your brass needs. Thank you from BrassDepot.com
  14. Does anyone have any experience with the swager attachment for the 650 and has it caused any damage to your press? I'm thinking single stage will take forever and want to get some feedback on quality and risk/reward of possibly voiding warranty. why does this void the warranty?
  15. Just wondering if any one reloaded 45 ACP with Pyrodex P? How good is Pyrodex P with semi-automatic pistol?
  16. OK, so I did a good deed last Monday and took some new shooters out to explore different pistol options and get some hands on experience. I load all the ammo I use, because quite honestly who can afford not to? For a long while, to save money I loaded with cast lead and it worked great. Well, now I have a Glock in the mix which I use as my competition gun, which ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT like lead at all. So I wanted to have my M&P's and other stuff out to burn all the old lead loads up so I could then just load everything up plated from there on out, plus to have more guns on the table so everyone could be shooting something and have lots of variety. I purposefully made separate stacks of 9x19 ammo and mags to keep supplies from mixing... But somehow that didn't work. I think maybe even I might have been the culprit, swapping out ammo that wasn't hot enough to be reliable in one gun and putting in my competition loads for the G34, and somehow mixing them. Or my wife and her friends might have unloaded mags at the end of the day and put them in. Or both. Whoever did it I didn't remember to check before putting it up then loading up my mags and ammo can Friday night. So around comes Saturday, got all my mags full, shoot one stage and do pretty well, more Alphas than not, then since I'm shooting production have to top off every mag. Moving on to to stage 2, looks pretty simple. So back to the line, BEEP! Blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam. Scoring...Charlie, Mike, Delta, Delta, Alpha, Charlie, Delta....enough Deltas I ask if I can get frequent flier mile credit for them. What the **** ? One of the guys pasting tells me my rounds are keyholing. Uhm...WHAT??! Does that even happen with a pistol??? Something's not right here. WAY not right. So off to the safe table I go to see if my barrel got a chunk taken out of it. Inspection shows nothing amiss so far as I could tell. Back to the stage table, I start topping off my mags...and then I saw the problem. I had 3 or 4 rounds in my hand and one was cast lead flat nose. Lead rounds got mixed in between my plated 124's. 2 or 3 in a row, then 10 plated, then another lead or two, then 5 in a row...all through the box I was loading out of. I emptied all of my mags and found lead intermingled in 3 of them. I picked every single one of them out and left them on the table. I didn't ask for a reshoot, but maybe I could have. Shot MUCH better the rest of the day, but that put a dent in my score that hurt. Oh well...not like I was anywhere close to the top anyway.
  17. I am starting to reload again after many year off. I am purchasing a dillion 550b and am wondering about dies. What is the difference between the $65 dies and the ones half that price? Both descriptions read the same.
  18. Looking for recipes. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Somebody said that it can be used for loading pistol ammo. Just trying to use what I have. Have different grains of bullets. Anything would help.
  19. Looking for minor load. Purchased Winchester Super Handicap by mistake. Now just trying to make use of it.
  20. Hey guys. I've had my 550 I purchased through enos now for a couple of months. For the first couple of thousand rounds I have been using my already federal match primed 9mm cases. These were pulled due to a bad load. Long story. So a few days ago I re-insert the decap pin and start loading up. Very soon there after I noticed a common occurrence. I am talking like 20% of the time I am either getting no primer in the primer cup or the primer is upside down when in the cup. I read up online. Watched some videos. I thought it was the thin bar that goes from the primer tube down through the 2 wheel tracks. I ever so slightly bent it so that it would apply more force on the bar to make sure it was going back all the way. Things got a little better after that. However I am still having the problem quite frequently. I could expect this like once every couple hundred of rounds but not 10 or 20 out of 100. It seems to work perfectly if there is no brass in station 1 ( only did this for testing purposes ). When brass is in station one it seems like the force of the case being resized and decapped is causing the primer cup to be little higher which is causing it to run into the primer that is getting ready to drop. I have taken the bar of multiple times and made sure that the primer cup was compressed as low as it could go. I am not sure what else to do. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone this is my first post. I have been reloading around a year and have a thumblers tumbler and stainless media to clean my brass along with dish soap and lemishine. I find that if I wait too long(2 weeks) to inspect my brass I have a hard time inspecting it due to the oxidation/hard water spots that develop on the surface. I see lots of people use Nu Finish with dry medias but was wondering if anyone has tried it with wet tumbling as a final rinse cycle. Highly polished brass is nice to look at, but my main concern is having the brass clean and shiny to inspect, and not have the oxidation block any defects. I may just give it a try and see what happens.
  22. I currently shoot a lot of USPSA in limited 40 major. My load is 180 grn with titegroup and I'm looking to try out some new loads using 165 and 200 to see what I like the best. Gun is a 40 custom from predator tactical with an sti frame and briley barrel. Anybody have load data I can try out?
  23. I have 2000 60 Gr. VMAX and an 8 pounder of H335. Is anybody using these components for their 3-gunning? I'm looking for a good load in a 16" AR. I'm running 23.2 grains right now but it is only doing 2650 in my gun. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! -Shaky
  24. Mostly due to availablility I have been reloading my 9mm, 40 and 45 acp pistol ammo with IMR 4756. The powder flakes coat the inside of the powder measure as the powder level drops down. Is this common? A problem? Doesn't seem to affect the charges being dropped which are pretty consistent.
  25. Anyone have any recommendations on a load for Hodgon Hi-Skor 800-X and 124gr RN (Rainier Ballistics)? Hodgon only has one recipe (seen below).
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