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Found 94 results

  1. I need a little help. I want to try the open division but I am torn. I have 4 Tanfoglios for limited and IDPA but I want to play in open. I would like to stay with Tanfoglio but I have been reading that making 9mm major is hit or miss. Seeing that I might buy a Trubor or the new STI DVC but I would like to stay with what I know. Has anyone been able to make 9 major safely and if so, how has the Gold Team been holding up. Also, what is the mag situation for the Gold Team; does anyone sell big sticks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to the open division and I've stumbled across what I think is a good deal. Tell me what you guys think: C-More Sight Caspian Slide Schuemann ultimatch .38 super barrel with compensator SV 2011 Frame 3-140mm magazines with arredondo basepads 1-170mm magazine with dawson basepad Comes with 250 rounds of .38 super comp, Bianchi inner/outer belt with 3 magazine holders and speed holster. Gun and gear look to be in very good condition. All this for $1200, would you buy this set-up? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  3. Hey everyone! First, let me say I wasn't sure exactly where the right place to put this topic is, so to the moderators if this is in the wrong section of the forum please move it wherever it should be. Now, the reason I'm posting this thread is to discuss an idea that I've had for a while now. For years I've loved the idea of a race gun - lightweight, fast, powerful, accurate. Tuned machines that combine form and function to produce masterpieces of engineering and art. In addition, for nearly as long I've had a passion for AR-type and similar platforms, but in particular I really honestly am enthralled with the relatively recent trend of manufacturers releasing pistol versions of their well-known rifles and carbines. I recently acquired a new Sig Sauer P516 AR pistol, chambered in 5.56 with 7.5" barrel, and it has quickly and without question established itself as my current favorite gun. The reason I'm explaining all of this is because I only recently had a laughably strange thought, that has snowballed into a serious curiosity... Would it be possible to build an Open division race gun out of a pistol-caliber carbine-based pistol? I have one specific in mind - The new Sig MPX-P, a new proprietary platform developed by Sig, modular in design and available in a pistol variant. Here are some of the most important specs of the platform, if you're interested in reading about it more thoroughly please head over to Sig's product page (I would post a link but can't yet); - Chambered in 9mm, .40S&W or .357SIG - 8 inch barrel - 10, 20, and 30 round mags available - Side-folding stock with AR buffer tube and pistol stabilizing brace is removable (and would be removed for my purposes) Now, a quick disclaimer before I get laughed off the forum - I'm not insane. I am in NO WAY expecting a giant six or seven pound rifle-pistol to be competitive with and stand a chance of beating a highly-tuned, featherweight 2011. If winning was my goal, I'd be thinking about an STI or similar, a traditional more compact handgun. All I want to accomplish with this build would be to simply have some fun, do something differently than everyone else, and end up with a unique, enjoyable oddball of a pistol for my collection. As for more specifically which competitions set of Open Division regulations I wanted to frame my build within, another long-time favorite came to mind - Action Pistol/The Bianchi Cup. Much to my delight, after reading through the official rulebook for AP, I found there are nearly no limitations set on Open Division pistols. In fact the gist of my understanding of regulations for AP Open is "If it's safe, and it shoots at least a 9mm or bigger, you're good to go.". Not only that but I've always loved the brute, raw functionality of the open division guns - with raw blocks of metal on either side of the barrel shroud as barricade wings, tubular red dots, compensators, grip tape plastered all over the gun. That's the style in which I would like to modify an MPX. So, with everything I've just said, I'd like to hear from the experienced AP Open division shooters about this idea. When commenting, PLEASE keep in mind that I am NOT thinking I can slap a red dot and a couple wings on the the rails of this massive "pistol" and have even the slimmest chance at beating a race gun that's been designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up, three times over, to win an Open Division title in AP. All I really need to know is if I've missed anything that would specifically bar the use of such a pistol-caliber carbine-pistol as the MPX-P? Everything I was able to get my hands on regarding the rules of the various divisions in AP/Bianchi would seem to imply that in the Open Division, truly anything that's safe is allowed to run. Is that a correct understanding? Lastly, before anyone says it, I know I'd have significant problems with finding a workable holster for the platform, just set aside that concern for now. Please post comments, thoughts, questions, etc. - Constructive criticism is always welcome, as long as it is constructive. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Hey again, Looking to mount a red dot on the slide of my BUL M5. It comes standard with a ported barrel therefore i have to shoot it in open division. What i need is a decent red dot sight. Any advice? Thanks
  5. Anyone ever tried this with 38SC? Seeing lots of postings for use with 9major. I'm working up some loads and have a good amount of HS6 and Autocomp. Also 115 or 124g bullet? Remember this is for 38SC not 9 Major
  6. I know it has been asked but I'm looking to build a 1911 open gun. I'm currently having a tanfoglio limited pro being built and it will have a 4.75 inch with a v-6 port and comp in 38 super. I'm looking to build a 1911 next. Im almost tempted to build in 9mm soi have an open gun in each but if Im at a match and my main gun fails I would have to carry 2 diff calibers of ammo. I guess if my 1911 was 38sc I wouldnt have to carry two calibers and I'm guessing I could run the same ammo and be pretty close to the same PF within a +- 5 So if I could get some input here that would be great! Thank you all.
  7. I am just looking for some advice/opinions on this topic. My son is a Junior shooter currently in Production. He is looking to move to open, but doesn't want to use a 2011 style. He wants to stay with Glock. Has anyone had any experience with Glock Open Guns?
  8. Sent an email to Beven on a Sat, He called me on Monday to finish out the order for springs I needed for the following weekend... but life is crazy and my bank card was hacked and I just got off with the back to shut it down (damn), Beven took all this is stride and sent the required springs in time with me having to call him back once I have the new card. Top Notch, Great Springs and followers for SV/STI Mags, if you are running one of these guns give these a try and you will never go back, I know I wont.
  9. Still trying how best to aim with the open gun. For those who have read BE's book, you know about the different shooting focal points. These all make perfect sense for guns with iron sights. Should this change when shooting open with a red dot? Take 'Type 3' focus for example, where the idea is to focus on your sight and not your target. When using a red dot, is it better to focus on your dot, or should you always focus on your target and the dot just "appear" on the target?
  10. I've seen this comment made a few times in non-related threads, but I wanted to ask - to train yourself for 'target focus,' do you ever put a piece of tape over the lens of your optic? Seems to work in dry-fire. I'll try it live fire next time I'm at the range.
  11. Has anyone ever tried adding 4 +2 Nordic tubes to each of the tubes on an Xrail? That would give you 29 +1 in a benelli. In theory it should work, but has anyone tried it? Weight is already an issue, so whats another 8 shells?
  12. Kraj

    Thumb Rest

    What are you thoughts on thumb Rests? Im new to open and was looking at the SJC thumb rest. Ive never shot an open gun with one so I was planning on shooting a season without one and see how it goes. Is it that big of an advantage?
  13. So I had a thought, that doesn't directly affect me but might help someone else. So we have all seen the 22 round Glock 40 caliber magazines. And from what I have read on here, people get 26 rounds of .40 cal in them with the Taylor Freelance Supercap mag extensions, which is more than the 24 that most people get with the TF +8 basepads. With those same basepads, people seem to be getting 28 rounds of 9mm. Now, the real question: I have seen people modify/tune/adjust other companies .40 caliber magazines to run 9mm reliably by bending in the feed lips in to the same spacing as 9mm. Could you do this with a .40 Glock magazine set up with a Supercap and a 9mm follower and feasibly get 30 rounds of 9mm in a 170mm magazine? Or am I talking crazy talk? I have heard mixed reviews of the SJC big sticks that are chop shop 33 rounders. This would be a way to get similar capacity for less money and potentially better reliability. If I am talking crazy talk feel free to tell me so. ::ETA:: If anyone has one of the 22 round .40 cal mags, have you (or can you now for the sake of argument) seen how many rounds of 9mm it will take? Even better would be if you have the Supercap!
  14. Just a comment - I've read on other threads here (BE) and on other forums to expect HS6 to be really dirty. After a detailed cleaning of the gun (including brass brush dremel cleaning of the comp) I shot a couple hundred rounds (maybe more) of 10gr VV 3n38 behind 124 MG JHP. Detailed cleaned again - including dremel brass brush cleaning the comp. Then shot a couple hundred more rounds of 9gr HS6 behind 124gr MG. I didn't have the foresight to take comparison pictures this time, but the HS6 was definitely cleaner than 3n38. HS6 left a lot less 'burn residue' on the comp in comparison to 3n38. I'll do this again in the coming weeks, and add pictures.
  15. Hello All, I am getting the open gun hankering. I have a bone stock 9mm tactical sport I would like to turn into an open gun. I do not want to build a czechmate clone, I want to do a few things different and I need some advice from all of you: I am going to list things number here that I intend to do to the pistol so If you are listing something you would do different just type the number (eg: 3: I would do this) 1: Grip reduction. I have a Shay Akai grip reduction on another 40 cal TS I bought from a member here and it is decent. Anyone else to try? 2: Slide/Barrel Shortening. It has a 5.4 inch barrel now and after you add and inch at least of comp to this this pistol starts to get pretty long. I would like to shorten the barrel and slide, if there is a smith who can do this and if it is cost feasible. Shorten slide and barrel to 4.5" barrel, threaded for comp. 3: Along with the slide shortening scallop all extra metal off slide and port it. 4: The frame will more than likely have to be cut away at the front alone the frame rails to clear the comp and shorter barrel. 5: Large Magwell (no clue on a good on) 6: Drill and tap for mount. Any recomendations on the best mount or optic setup to use here? 7: Big safeties, mag catches, etc for my medium sized hands. 8: Flat grips with tape of course. Add in anything else you guys think I might need or like. Thanks for the help, the biggest hurdle is if its even possible to shorten the slide as I would like, If not maybe I should just give up and buy a new czechmate, but they are so long... Thanks alot! -Matt
  16. I was at my local club this weekend, helping demo a USPSA stage. The next bay over was hosting the IDPA demo. I borrowed a vest and made it all the way to "make ready" concealed....... RO: "Thats not Legal! How many rounds do you have in that magazine?". Me: "18 -30, what is the limit?". Him: "18". Me: I have enough. Him: I guess you do, Standby" The RO was really cool about my ideas for a new division, the lady who had just shown me "how its done" was unable to hide her distaste for my way of shooting her stage. Most fun I have ever had at IDPA.
  17. Not sure I've ever posted over in this corner of the Forum before. I am anxious enough about different match rules to get some confirmation from others who haev been at more tches and different matches than I have. I've looked at 3 Gun Nation Club rules, Rockcastle ProAm rules, FNH3G rules, SMM3G rules, Ironman rules, Texas Multigun rules, RM3G rules, and one or two more. I was initially looking at all the subtle differences for Heavy Metal. But I was also looking up in the "Open" sections since I currently shoot that locally. I saw almost identical rule statements. Functionally, they appeared to reach identical end results for Open division. Is this the thinking that the more experienced in the crowd have? I'm thinking "One set of sticks for Open and I can go virtually anywhere" without having to suddenly get a different gun (I'm looking at you "1911 or nothing rules" in some Heavy Metal games, because I have a M&P 45 not a 1911). I'm using that just as an example. I'm not confused by the divisions. I only want to get some "Yeah you're reading it right. I shoot Open and I don't really have to change anything no matter where I go." Or, "Well kinda, except at this place.....<whatever story inserted here>" I'm doing Open currently in what I call "mostly assed" mode. I need to clean up some of my configurations and then get *much* better. It's more than half assed, but not up to full speed. I've got a few other guns but never compete with them. Thinking how to simplify things to possibly one set of competitions guns (just three) and then focus hard on improving my skills with only them. I don't shoot enough or often enough to build good skills in two divisions. Keeps ammo supplies/logistics more manageable as well. Anyway, thanks in advance for your quick comments below and either confirming or refuting my conclusion that Open rules are "open enough" to be valid almost anywhere.
  18. When I was looking for a thumb rest to put on my Limited gun, I stumbled across one for an airsoft gun; it looked nicer than the offerings for 2011s and was $16 shipped, so I said "what the hell, aluminum is aluminum right?" I did some modifications to make it fit my hole pattern and it worked out great: With my little Tanfo Open project I've been having a hell of a time finding a good comp, since the small frame has a smaller diameter barrel than a 2011 I'm stuck with the offerings from Numrich (the three port aluminum 9mm comp they sell is actually for .40 and the two port leaves something to be desired). One day, surfing the web I came across a compensator for an airsoft gun?!? I figured for $13 shipped I would check it out: The exit hole was already just about right for 9mm (~0.38") so I drilled out the threads and threaded female M14X.75 threads and here it is: I went to the range, shot it today and I'll be damned: it worked pretty well! With major loads it was very flat, but it doesn't have a lot of baffle area, it was pretty hard on the hand. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
  19. Hello all, My name is jeff I'm very new to this wonderful sport. I just got started last Aug in the sport here in canada and i love it. It has been a long winter awaiting the opportunity to get back out side again and train, the anticipation of spring is building. I joined the bullseye league here this winter to keep shooting and work on shot placment and seeing/calling my shots. This site has been a great help in information. I have a couple videos from two of the stages i shot last fall which i would like your critique on. This was my first USPSA match and i borrowed a gun from a fellow shooter, actually the gun owner is the RO (thus the encouragement during the bigger stage). He is also my mentor along with another gentleman. They are a wealth of knowledge. Please tell me what you think and things you see i should to focus on for this year coming. I have a strong desire to become good at this sport and all ur help is greatly appreciated. second stage of the day was also the biggest one of match. had some issues mid go with now seating a mag fully: stage 2 This was probably the 5TH Stage i shot: stage 4
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