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Found 46 results

  1. As I did research on what open division gun I wanted, and looked for every photo of a Czechmate I could find on the internet, I noticed that the forums here were lacking a thread specifically dedicated to images of the CZ Czechmate. If you are a Czechmate owner, let's see them photos. I'll start with my newly purchased CM I just picked up today:
  2. Firstly thank you in advance for any answers to my questions. I'm a IPSC shooter from New Zealand and I have managed to get on a work jaunt to Las Vegas from the 31st Jan to 7th Feb 2016. My question to those in the know is are there any competitions, clubs or other pistol shooting events on in the area at that time that I can be a spectator at? If not what would the locals recommend in the way of ranges or gun stores to visit? My other question is I'm struggling to work out the export restrictions from the US back to NZ. I would like to purchase a few parts and accessories while I'm there but I am confused as to if the $100 value restriction applies to personal purchases taken back in my luggage or is it just for stores exporting? I will have all the appropriate NZ import permits so the problems will not be at this end. Any help on the above would be appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, I am looking to purchase one of their competition belts and am trying to understand how it works, to start i have a ghost race holster and i was wondering how i would mount it to this belt? do i need the clips or do i just mount it directly? then the holsters etc how are those mounted, i know about the els clips im just not really sure i understand how they mount to the pouches. also can anyone give me an idea about the model 014, is it better than the ghost holster?
  4. Hi, I am stage designer of matches LIII ( Extreme Euro Open, GP Challenge) here in CZ. I designed a lot stages, feel free to download it in my new www. There is published 50+ stages and file include : .vsd original template ( MS Visio software) .jpg .pdf Jakub http://www.speedslide.com/
  5. Hey again, Looking to mount a red dot on the slide of my BUL M5. It comes standard with a ported barrel therefore i have to shoot it in open division. What i need is a decent red dot sight. Any advice? Thanks
  6. Hello all, I recently got into ipsc and signed up for my first small local competition this coming Aaturday, the problem is i had a lot of things get in the way of the past few training sessions (sick, work, range fully booked). This has left me with a month prior to this competition with no trigger time, any advice besides dry firing at home for this week to get into better form for the competition?
  7. Hey, New on the forum and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a Swedish competition shooter in IPSC handgun, rifle and shotgun… but mainly a rifle shooter. I am a very active competitor both in Sweden and internationally (over 50 matches in my two active years) and put a lot of time into my guns… building and tweaking for optimal results. I work as a tattoo artist since 20 years back and also do a lot of design work. Looking forward to a lot of interesting topics and posts. //Mikael "St.Michael" Schelén instagram.com/st.michael facebook.com/platinum.ink.tattoo.co
  8. I've been watching a lot of videos from liveshots.net from the worlds the last few days. Its hard to tell by watching videos what makes Grauffel so good but it seems lately that if he is shooting, everybody else is playing chase. He doesn't look like he's moving faster than the other shooters and obviously we can't see hits on video. It would be nice to see a breakdown of the stages with times and hits per shooter, that would probably help me compare him to other shooters a little better. I know he shoots a tangfo but is it a stock II?
  9. Dear shooting friends, We will be organize 7th EEO. Our organisation team will prepare for you 30 challenging situations. We look forward to have you all at the match and hope that all participants will enjoy this event again. Regards DVC Lubor Novák Match director EXTREME EURO OPEN Date: June 4.- 6. 2015 ( 3 days - mainmatch ), Level: III. Stages: 30, Rounds: 550 Main match – capacity: 600 competitors, Prematch – capacity: 150 competitors Registration fee: 200,- Euro / 5200CZK ; ( Juniors 100,- Euro ) Registration fee teams: 100,- Euro / 2500CZK Divisions: Open, Standard, Production, Revolver, Classic Categories: Regular, Lady, Junior, Senior, Supersenior http://2015.extremeeuroopen.eu
  10. Hello to all, We have concluded our planning meeting for the September match to be held on 09-28-2014 at WCRHC in Romulus MI. We will be hosting 9 stages including 1 classifier. The round count is around 235. After this month, only the October match remains for our club this year. We are in discussions for what we will want to do in October and it may be an interesting final match for the year. Details will be posted here as well as our site - IPSC66.org I hope to see everyone there next weekend. Thanks for your support, Geoff Siembor and the WCRHC Crew
  11. This is my first post to the forum, which I've been reading for some time, but haven't yet contributed to. Let me start by saying that this has been a fantastic source of information for me in terms of IPSC shooting and equipment. I spend roughly 50% of my time in Germany and the remaining time split between Ohio (where I'm originally from) and Texas (where my company has its US headquarters). I compete mostly in European IPSC matches, but have started becoming more engaged in USPSA during my Ohio/Houston time. I have a first 3-gun match coming up in August and am currently going through and expanding my equipment checklist in preparation (firearms: Sig 516, Versa Max Tactical, G34), so I've been frequently coming back to the forum lately. Look forward to reading more great tips, learning from the experience of others here and contributing wherever I can!
  12. In case you have not seen it yet, the picture was released of Predator Tactical's brand new magwell design, the vision of Matt Burkett himself brought to life for use on the 2011 platform(s). The brand new Predator Tactical 2011 Burkett Compwell is currently scheduled for shipping on March 1, 2014. I understand there are also plans for an IDPA legal version as well. Looks absolutely amazing to me and IMHO, will be a very popular add-on for many for use in USPSA/IPSC and IDPA. I hope to have a couple myself! You've done it again, Matt!
  13. Greeting, This should have been my first post years ago. I manage a gunsmithing shop with 5 workers; 2 machinists and 3 bench workers. I don't own the shop, but I did help start it in 1995. We specialize in IPSC pistols that are used worldwide. One of my proudest achievements was pistols used in the 1996 IPSC World Shoot in Brazil with 0 malfunctions. Our shop is different from others as we believe in three guiding principles. 1. Reliability 2. Durability 3. Accuracy Other shops specialize mostly in aesthetics. We have several machine tools including a surface grinder, which we use primarily to match the compensator to the slide. We are planning to acquire a CNC mill in order to keep up with demand. I was fortunate enough to work for a firearm manufacturing company which supplies various law enforcement departments and the U.S. military. I was a Quality Engineer and oversaw the testing of pistols. I also worked with design engineers when developing new products. I'm single and hope someday to work for a large corporation.
  14. Hey everyone, I just started this thread to ask for some tips, and anything that you might see from watching the video. I know that POV footage isn't as helpful for instruction as 3rd person, but I haven't yet figured out how to get that on here. I have so far just shot two local matches at the Albany Rifle and Pistol club, and at this match (the December 14 match) I placed 32 out of 56 overall (11 out of 16 in Limited) with a HF of 51.11%. Stage by stage my place and hit factor were: Stage 1 Turtles From Hell: 41/56 36.02% Stage 2 Tuned Out: 16/56 63.03% Stage 3 Dancing Elves: 20/56 62,41% Stage 4 Can You Count: 51/56 25.24% (yea yea I know that was terrible, I completely forgot about the reload during the second string....) Stage 5 Cornered: 27/56 53.11% Stage 6 Jungle Bells: 22/56 63.49% In order of appearance in the video: Stage 4, 5, 6, 1, 2. I forgot to film our first stage, which was Stage 3. Any tips, advice, criticism, anything else that you can think of, I hope I can hear from you guys. I love the help I've been getting so far on this forum. Thanks so much in advance!
  15. CUSTOM GUN CLASSIC (South Florida Sectional) Registration is open for the Custom Gun Classic held at the Hansen Range November 9th and 10th. This level II USPSA trophy match will recognize Open, Limited, and Limited 10 divisions. It will feature 8 stages shot either Saturday or Sunday. Approximate round count is 200. The match fee is $100 with a $20 discount if registered before 10/31/13. There will be raffles both days and lunch and match shirt are included in the match price Sign up at match signup .org Fort Myers Practical Shooters
  16. I have a Beretta 96 and want to start competing. It it totally stock except for some Hogue grips and a trigger job... oh, and the barrel from a 92. Its perfectly reliable as I've put thousands of rounds through it in this configuration and the failure rate is actually less than with the .40 barrel (extremely rare). I can even use the .40 and 9mm magazines interchangeably, although I'm not as confident shooting .40 from a 9mm magazine (that might be the source of the rare failures when shooting .40) Does this setup exclude me from IDPA SSP and IPSC Production classes? If it does then I'll gladly tart the pistol up for the more liberal divisions... Thanks.
  17. Using Win 231powder with Berry 115 plated bullets- how much powder? Using 231 Win powder with Montana Gold 124 JHP- how much powder? Using for IPSC in a Glock 17. I also have a pound of HS-6 to try also......... Thanks from the nooooobie..........
  18. Hello Forgive me in advance if my searching abilities on this forum have not met your expectations. I have searched in this forum for reloading data/advice and tips when using Power Pistol for .40 S&W lead with no significant results. I am very experienced in reloading 9mm and .45 and have had great results with my loads. While shopping, all I could find at the reloading store was four pounds of P.P. and decided to buy it since it was all they had left and because there is a loading (very vague) data in the Alliant catalog for .40S&W. Has anybody experienced with this type of powder before? I have an STI Edge and have not yet reloaded any ammo in this caliber before. Considering I would like to meet major power factor for USPSA. Any advice on what could I use if Power Pistol is not considered a good powder for limited? Thank you.
  19. On 26-27 April 2013, Pikes Peak Practical Shooters and the Pueblo West Sportsmans Assn will host the Rocky Mountain Regional National Shooting Sports Federation Rimfire Challenge. These matches used to be known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge. The match will be held over both days, but it only takes one day to complete giving you the choice of days. The targets are all steel. The stages are very new shooter friendly and require no movement. You can shoot a second gun on the second day in a different division. The main match will be 11 stages, 5 rifle and 6 pistol requiring a minimum of 220 rounds to complete. There will also be an optional Precision Rifle Side match. Juniors are free. Mil/LE are $20. I am limited on slots, so get those apps in soon. Keep in mind the past 3 Regional Steel Challenge Matches in Pueblo have filled up. NSSF RIMFIRE APP.doc
  20. Hello all, My name is jeff I'm very new to this wonderful sport. I just got started last Aug in the sport here in canada and i love it. It has been a long winter awaiting the opportunity to get back out side again and train, the anticipation of spring is building. I joined the bullseye league here this winter to keep shooting and work on shot placment and seeing/calling my shots. This site has been a great help in information. I have a couple videos from two of the stages i shot last fall which i would like your critique on. This was my first USPSA match and i borrowed a gun from a fellow shooter, actually the gun owner is the RO (thus the encouragement during the bigger stage). He is also my mentor along with another gentleman. They are a wealth of knowledge. Please tell me what you think and things you see i should to focus on for this year coming. I have a strong desire to become good at this sport and all ur help is greatly appreciated. second stage of the day was also the biggest one of match. had some issues mid go with now seating a mag fully: stage 2 This was probably the 5TH Stage i shot: stage 4
  21. Does anyone know where i can buy those fancy shirts the pros wear? I dont even care if it has someone elses name on the back lol You know the ones with all the spashy advertisements and shiny colors. :0 I think they are spiffy
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