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Found 2 results

  1. Well after owning my XL650 for a year I finally loaded 6 batches of 10 rounds each working up in powder grains to get a sense of the differences. Prior to this week I had never shot a reloaded pistol round (9mm). I've got to say I friggin' loved it. My first ten rounds were 3.6gr of Titegroup with 1.125ish OAL. Shooting a 124gr Hornady FMJ-RN out of my Glock 34 I use for USPSA CO. I worked up .1gr on each of the next 5 batches. I shot all through my chronograph and documented the fps of each round. But I have a question about process for working up loads and getting consistency with OAL... Like I mentioned I only worked up 10 rounds in a variety of powder grain amount. I have been reading on here (after the fact) and found some suggestions for consistent OAL such as making sure the shellplate isn't too wobbly and making sure each station of the shellplate has a case on it. Both make sense except how do I work up small, consistent batches that way? Am I thinking too small? Should my test batches be more rounds (like 100 or so)? Do I just put the beginning and end rounds aside and shoot them for practice? Or should I recycle the materials for later use? Would love to hear your best practices in this process. My OAL was all over the place not consistent at all. How consistent should it be? For example if my target is 1.125 what is an acceptable range? What is a preferred? I'm a little OCD when it comes to consistency but I wonder if I'm not being realistic. Hopefully longer runs with a full shellplate will help matters. I think my bell may be too large now as well now that I re-read the manual. I attached my data in case anyone wants to take a look. Just know that the OAL documented is approximate since it wandered... Thanks in advance! Load-Data-Record-Book.pdf
  2. 3 years ago I had 12 guns stolen. Frederick police have found one. It is an STI frame I bought years ago from someone in Texas. I can't find my form on the transfer to get it back. I built it into a super nice open pistol and really would like it back. If Frederick police contacted you please let me know. I don't know where else to put this. Please mods don't close. Posting sticky on the board would be most helpful.
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